Best Apps for Learning Spanish Free

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If you want to learn Spanish, or if you've taken some Spanish in high school or college and want to continue developing your skills but are too busy to take more lessons, you may want to consider using the app. 

Best Apps for Learning Spanish FreeBest Apps for Learning Spanish Free

There are many language-learning apps that can help you learn or brush up on your Spanish. So how do you choose? Consider which learning style is best for you and which method will be more interesting and useful for your language goals. Here we have a curated list of the best apps for learning Spanish, where we highlight the specific strengths of the apps, so you can decide which one is best for you. The best Spanish learning app is often a matter of debate, but in this article we'll share some of the most popular choices and why thousands of language learners use them. If you want to learn Spanish, you need to commit to continuous practice over a long period of time. It strengthens your "language muscles" so that speaking Spanish becomes a habit that requires little effort. Fortunately, mobile app technology has your back. 

Smartphone and tablet apps make language practice convenient and affordable. Spanish apps are a great way to learn Spanish by providing Spanish classes or private lessons.So what is the best app for learning Spanish? There are over 100 apps that claim to teach Spanish quickly, here are the top five. 

Best Apps for Learning Spanish Free 

1. Duolingo - Learn Languages for Free 

Duolingo is a popular gamified language learning app that helps you learn vocabulary and pronunciation in a fun and easy way.Duolingo is a game-like app that progresses through different themes and teaches you basic vocabulary. Practice includes translation, matching, multiple-choice questions, pronunciation tests, rearranging words into sentences, and more. 

2. Lingopie 

LingoPie is an immersive way to learn Spanish as you watch TV shows and documentaries to learn your target language. Each video has subtitles so you can click on a word to see the translation.

You can also create your own custom flashcard set for each show. When you click on a word to view a translation, LingoPie automatically adds it to your list. There is a lot of content available so there is always something new to see.

3. Babbel – Learn Spanish  

There's a reason why Babbel is one of the most popular adult language-learning apps. It's easy to use and incredibly fast to help you start your Spanish-language journey. With Babbel, you learn through repetition and real-world conversational practice. 

4. Learn Spanish: Language Course  

Mondly is a fun, easy way to learn and practice Spanish regardless of your level. Mondly focuses on using basic sentences and conversations to help you learn Spanish online with free daily lessons. Using rapid learning techniques, Mondly will teach you Spanish quickly, effectively and in a fun way. This Spanish language learning app will help you explore the Spanish language through common sentences rather than individual words. You can easily master Spanish by listening to native speakers with flawless pronunciation and pronunciation. This Spanish app allows you to explore reading, listening, writing and speaking exercises enhanced by an extensive Spanish dictionary, verb conjugation. It provides instant feedback at every step until you get it right. By following this approach, you'll be ready for real-life Spanish conversations in no time. This is an incredibly effective way to learn Spanish for free. 

5. ConjuGato – Spanish Verbs 

As a native English speaker, one of the most challenging aspects of learning many Western languages is verb endings. Finally, verbs can sometimes catch out even experienced speakers, so it's wise to have a verb app on your phone.

The Spanish verb offers 18 different verb forms. It is based on the work of famous Spanish professor Fred Jehle. Learning verb forms is helpful when you want to speak Spanish properly and feel like it's a native language. This makes Spanish Verbs one of the best apps for learning Spanish

6. Learn Spanish with!  

Busuu promises to teach you Spanish in 10 minutes a day. With a variety of courses, exercises and subjects to choose from, it is suitable for all levels. It also includes an interesting social element in its approach, allowing you to connect with native Spanish speakers and other users. It fosters a sense of community and collaboration by allowing you to correct other people's exercises and receive corrections. It's an ambitious proposition, but Busu seems to include what the other apps on this list do in a single platform: general curriculum, specialized curriculum, a social tool, and vocabulary/grammar practice.  

7. Memrise: Learn Languages Free 

Memrise is a language vocabulary app. Each lesson helps you learn about 15 words and with consistency, you can build a huge vocabulary. Memrise helps learning games similar to Duolingo. Instead of learning in monotone, you see words as part of complete sentences which makes it more interactive. Memorize's uniqueness as a Spanish learning app lies in the variety of courses, as you can even create your own course. Clips with native speakers in different contexts and fun situations are very useful for viewing vocabulary in context. The app allows you to sharpen your comprehension skills and familiarize yourself with different varieties of Spanish.  

8. LingQ - Language Learning 

With LingQ, you'll learn through interesting and easy-to-understand content. This language app is worth using because it helps you listen to audio and read text in Spanish. A variety of Spanish learning materials are available to you through the program, including articles, interviews, podcasts, audiobooks, and real-life conversations.This online learning app has transcripts, flashcards and vocabulary tools to help you become more knowledgeable about the subject.You can choose different hobbies and topics, which LingQ will turn into interactive programs. 

After knowing your current abilities, you can check out their content library to take your Spanish to the next level. 

Price: Basic features and lessons are in the free version. There are two types of paid membership Premium and Premium Plus.

9. Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone 

Rosetta Stone's app is an excellent app for learning Spanish. It has been around for years and for a good reason. It offers users a balanced approach to language learning with beneficial exercises for speaking, writing and different levels.

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