Best Table Lamp for Study in India

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Desk lamps provide task lighting for answering emails, reading important documents, taking notes and more. If you choose a lamp based solely on its aesthetics, you may be missing out on other important features that can help reduce eye strain or fatigue. When choosing your perfect lamp, consider light type, light temperature and brightness and range of motion. 

Best Table Lamp for Study in India
Best Table Lamp for Study in India


To find the best desk lamp, I consulted with ophthalmologists, ergonomists and engineers and used their insights to narrow my search down to seven top-rated products. We researched each for several consecutive days, evaluating their design, performance, ease of use, and additional features. You'll find out how we checked, what to look for in a desk lamp and more at the end of our guide.

Best Table Lamp for Study in India

1. Deeplite LED Desk Lamp  

This touch-sensitive table lamp is one of the best LED study lamps for easy handling. It offers 3 levels of brightness adjustment, which works for various purposes like reading, working, camping or even an emergency bedside lamp. It operates at 5 watts and 400 lumens to emit a bright, flicker-free, bright LED glow with no dark spots. 

This LED table lamp is energy-saving and eye-care- reason enough for you to invest in this useful device. 


dark Rechargeable 

Battery operated 360° flexibility

 Fees can be charged in several ways 


Some may find battery backup ineffective.

2. ESN 999 Electric Table Lamp with Attached Pen Stand  

Available in solid black, the ESN study lamp uses a two-pin plug to operate. This lamp has a classic look in its design and is made of high quality, durable metal. The premium-grade metal ensures that the lamp does not overheat with the bulb during prolonged use. 

Its flexible gooseneck is designed to withstand numerous swings at various angles to enhance your reading experience Made of good quality plastic, the table lamp has a polished finish It is equipped with two paper holders and a pen case which makes it a versatile device 


 Built-in pen stand

Flexible head 

Two paper holders

Ergonomic design  


Packaging could be improved  

3. Helicon Table Lamp 

 The Helicon lamp is a beautiful, minimalist, feature lighting solution. It can be used as a lamp or night light, supporting all the light control you want. It's mesmerizing when you can just flip a switch to turn it on and off when you need it. 

This warm light study lamp is an ideal setting to combat the daily stresses of your life. It can be placed in the living room or bedroom, unlike other lamps that are meant to light the way to the dressing table or bathroom. This type of lighting enhances the ambiance of your room and makes it look very luxurious.

4. iGear Business Desk Lamp  

This product is available on Amazon under the brand name I GEAR. It is a 5 volt table lamp made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and weighs 535 grams. This lamp has a 3 grade adjustable brightness control, so you can set the brightness as low, medium or high as per your convenience with just a simple touch. You need a corded electric source to power the lamp. A table lamp, power cable and user manual are included in the box.

5. Sale on Touch Switch Desktop Lamp 

SaleOn's Touch Desk Lamp is the perfect way to add a touch of style to your home office or workspace. The sleek, modern design complements any decor, and touch-sensitive controls make it easy to adjust the light to the right level. 

With three brightness settings and a built-in timer, it's perfect for any task, whether you're working at your desk or enjoying a good book. And because it's USB-powered, you can easily keep your laptop or tablet charged while you work. So why not upgrade your workspace with the SaleOn Touch Desk Lamp? You'll be glad you did.  

6. BillieJean Reading & Study Lamp 

The Billijean Reading and Study Lamp is a multi-functional furniture piece that can be used in different settings. Brighten up your study and study more effectively with this elegant desk lamp! 

According to those who have tried this product, it is surprisingly a sleek and handy lamp that helps you study more efficiently. Designed with a multi-way power switch, it's easy to switch the light emitted from the matin to a reading light. It is also the best night lamp for bedroom.

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