Best Electric Toothbrush

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The best electric toothbrushes help you maintain good dental hygiene and develop good brushing habits. They have good cleaning power and are superior in plaque removal over manual brushes. Manual toothbrushes are becoming increasingly obsolete, especially now that we know electric tools are proven to improve your oral health habits. 


Best Electric Toothbrush
Best Electric Toothbrush

Several peer-reviewed studies like this one have found that electric brushes are more effective than regular brushes at removing sticky plaque and preventing gum disease. You'll also benefit from electric toothbrush features like an in-built timer to make sure you're brushing for enough time, or a companion app to make sure you're brushing more thoroughly by hitting all the right 'zones' in your mouth.  

How to buy an electric toothbrush 

With input from dental experts, we've put together a buying guide for electric toothbrushes. Important factors to consider when choosing an electric toothbrush are:  

Bristle stiffness: 

The ADA recommends soft-bristle brushes that are gentle on the enamel and root surfaces.  


A large toothbrush can make cleaning hard-to-reach areas difficult.  


Electric toothbrushes can come with settings like self-timer, pressure sensor that lets you know if you're brushing too much, different cleaning mode options and more. 

Oscillatory motion: 

Do the bristles move back and forth to break the plaque? It's different than just vibrating.  

ADA Seal of Acceptance: 

This is a seal that recognizes the product's safety and effectiveness in removing plaque and reducing gingivitis.  


Its price for value.  

Best Electric Toothbrush  

AGARO COSMIC PLUS Sonic Electric Tooth Brush 

Agro Cosmic Lite Sonic Electric Toothbrush is perfect for keeping your teeth and gums healthy. This toothbrush has 6 different modes, from gentle to deep cleaning, so you can customize your brushing experience. It comes with 3 different brush heads, 1 interdental head and a rechargeable battery with a 3.5-hour charge that lasts up to 25 days. This toothbrush is perfect for deep cleaning and keeping your mouth fresh and healthy.  

Oral B Pro 600 Rechargeable Toothbrush 

Oral B is already a reputable brand producing reliable products. This product is a rechargeable option that will help with dynamic movements. With a 2-year warranty, you can replace it in case of any defects.  

Caresmith SPARK Electric Toothbrush 

This electric toothbrush from Caresmith comes with three brush heads and has an attractive design. The brush has ultra-soft bristles and delivers 41,800 strokes per minute for deep cleaning. It has five operation modes to meet different needs of people. 

The brush comes with a USB charging port and offers a long-lasting use of up to 30 days after 1 hour of charging. This electric toothbrush is a good option to consider as it also comes with a brush cover and a travel case for easy carrying.  

HealthSense Clean-Care Electric Toothbrush 

The HealthSense Electric Toothbrush is a brush that will clean properly and meet your dental needs. This brush head is completely metal free. However, its density is definitely high enough to cover teeth.  

Lifelong LLDC45 Ultra Care Battery Operated Toothbrush With Replacement Head 

This lifetime electric toothbrush has many exciting features. First, a button to control 6 modes of operation. These are based on intensity—high, medium, low. and on Function-Gum Care, Sensitive Care and Deep Clean. Secondly, 2 brush heads-soft and medium. 

It works for 20 days on a 4 hour charge. We found that the Lifelong electric toothbrush has the slimmest design. And we think this skill can be a boon for people with hand problems/injuries. The makers believe that even children can use this toothbrush as it is lightweight. 

We also found that this lifetime electric toothbrush comes in a combo. You can also buy this brush with a table-top flosser and a 600 ml tank. Thus, this can be the best electric toothbrush with flosser.

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