Which is Best Induction Cooktop

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An induction cooktop cooks food without the type of heat generation required from electric or gas ranges. Heat is generated magnetically and is confined to almost all cookware and the food in it. These cooktops can cost several times more than electric and gas models. 


Which is Best Induction Cooktop
Which is Best Induction Cooktop

These cooktops come in a variety of sizes, so it's important to know the size you need before purchasing and determine any additional features you prefer, such as component wattage, pan detectors, and number of components. If you are replacing a freestanding range, an induction cooktop and oven combination may be your best choice.

Which is Best Induction Cooktop

Best main points of induction cooktop 

Are you looking for "Which is Best Induction Cooktop"? Below we list some important points that you need to consider while choosing an induction cooktop.  

Electricity tariff of cooktop 

The first thing you need to consider when looking for a good induction cooktop is the power rating. A higher power rate ensures faster cooking, although it may cost more. Most induction cooktops are rated between 1000-2000W. So, if you want something that helps you cook faster, you need to opt for an induction cooktop with a higher power rate.  

Portability of the cooktop 

Depending on the preference of users, they can choose from portable or fixed cooktops. A portable induction cooktop makes it convenient for the user to carry the appliance anywhere. Whether you plan to cook on your rooftop or patio, a portable cooktop makes it easy to take the appliance anywhere. 

Pre-set cooking menu 

Pre-set menus are integrated into induction cooktops for the convenience of users. You will find 4-6 menu options like boil milk, deep fry, cooker, saute, idli and many more. Best if you use a cooktop with these options. Once you select the right mode, the device will adjust the temperature according to the needs of the dish. This optimal temperature control gives perfectly cooked dishes with just one dish.  

Cooktop pan size 

Every induction cooktop comes with a minimum and maximum pan size. If the cookware is smaller than the supported pan size, the cooktop will not detect the pan and start heating the pot. The size of the cookware should match the size of the induction cooktop's coil for maximum efficiency. 

Wattage/Power Rate 

The most important thing you should consider is the power rate. The higher the electricity rate, the faster the cooking. For Indian cooking, 1500 to 2000 watt induction cookers are ideal.

Auto switch off 

Another safety feature is auto switch-off. It automatically turns the element down or off in the event of overheating or when the cookware is removed. Many inductions have this safety feature. If unsuitable cookware is used, a symbol indicates this and the cooking zone switches itself off after a short period of time. In some models, a beep sound is heard and the flash turns on and off in some displays. One has to press the switch off to turn it off completely. 

Portable Vs. Non portable 

Portable induction can be taken anywhere and only requires an electrical socket making it a favorite among people who don't want to follow procedures. Also, it is ideal for working men/women and those staying away from home as hostels/paying guests, as it is very comfortable, requires no fuss and cooks quickly.

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