Which is Best Fitness Band

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Fitness bands and trackers are available in price ranges. For beginners, who want to stick with simple exercises, consider basic fitness bands that help you get off the couch and boost your confidence. There are fitness bands like Fitbit Flex, Amzer FitZer Ka, Hug Fit ID115HR and Xiaomi Band 2, all sold under Rs. 5,000. 


Which is Best Fitness Band
Which is Best Fitness Band

If you are a fitness freak, you might want to consider some of the advanced offerings that you can find here. It offers a wide range of tracking features like multi-sport tracking, monitor sleep stage, GPS support, etc.

Which is Best Fitness Band

Choosing a fitness tracker is a very personal choice. Unlike most gadgets, you have to wear this all the time. And while many of us share similar health goals, our bodies and needs are highly individual. The fitness tracker that everyone else raves about might not work for you and vice versa.  

What do I want to track? 

Before you buy a fitness band, consider all the activities you do. Most older models only cover steps and distances. Some of the newer, more advanced fitness trackers include GPS, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and more. If you do basic activities like running and walking, almost any basic fitness band will do. 

If you do activities like swimming, cycling or mountain climbing, you should ideally look for a band that tracks activity more accurately. Beyond this, many other fitness trackers record your heart rate to determine a comfortable breathing rate. They also teach you to breathe at the right pace. 

In addition to just monitoring activity and capturing breathing sessions, the most advanced fitness bands use heart rate to provide details about sleep quality. It automatically tracks your sleep duration and lets you review them in stages such as light, deep and REM sleep stages.  

Do I need a GPS feature on a fitness band? 

Many fitness bands have a built-in GPS feature. If you're out jogging or cycling, building GPS into a fitness band can be useful. It is also useful for tracking movement, checking weather changes, getting statistics of speed and distance covered, etc. 

Some popular fitness bands with GPS are Fitbit Surge FB501BKS and Garmin Fenix 5S. Other devices like the Fitbit Charge 2 use the GPS on your phone. This means, you need to pair the fitness band with your phone to get real-time information about the speed and distance you travelled. You need to carry your phone with you to use this feature.  

Do I need a specific design? 

Fitness bands come in different sizes and styles. Although, this may not be a very serious factor for many of us. With the growing demand for fitness bands, wearable manufacturers are making them more functional and attractive. When choosing one, keep in mind that the fitness band will be worn most of the time. Make sure you choose a design that is comfortable on your wrist. 

Fitness bands usually come with a rubberized band. They are simple in design. Some devices come with sports bands with vibrant colors and fancy designs. They can be a good choice for someone with a sporty lifestyle. Some bands look like smartwatches;

Can I install apps? 

Fitness bands and trackers are good for monitoring your daily activities but they don't support any third-party apps. If you are someone who likes to try out different apps, then you can consider a smartwatch. These can be Android Wear powered devices like the Samsung Gear S3. A more premium model is the latest Apple Watch Series 3. 

Also, don't forget to check out our expert recommendations on what to look for when buying a smartwatch. Hopefully, these pointers will help when choosing a fitness band. For more information on offers and new launches, visit one of our Reliance Digital stores. Our experts there will guide you and help you choose the right device for you.  

Display or no display - what to choose? 

Whether to choose a band with a display or not, can again be a subjective matter. Many fitness bands have an LED display, while others only have LED lights. Some of us want to make fitness bands with a display on them, because we want to keep track of activities. 

You can also find fitness bands with color and touchscreen displays. They look more attractive and you can control them with the swipe of your finger. If you still want a fitness band without a display, it lets you sync your phone to it and check progress. There's not much you can do directly on a fitness band  

What battery capacity should I look for? 

All fitness bands require charging. Battery life of fitness bands varies. With most Garmin and Fitbit bands, you can expect 4 to 7 days of battery life. Some fitness bands do not require much charging. These are equipped with replaceable batteries that can last up to 6 months, like the Misfit Shine 2 MIS2005. 

 Do I need to choose a water-resistant band? 

As we said earlier, fitness bands should be worn constantly. But should you wear them while showering or going swimming? There are fitness bands marked as water-resistant. These bands are resistant to sweat, rain and water splashes. If you are looking for a water resistant fitness band, check before you buy.  

Types of resistance bands 

Most resistance band workouts will include popular latex or fabric loops (aka mini bands) that you place around your wrists, ankles, or thighs. But there are other styles of bands available that are useful for different types of workouts or movements. Here is an overview of the primary types of resistance bands. 

Tube bands with handles

These bands are great for any exercise you use dumbbells for, such as bicep curls, shoulder extensions, or shoulder presses.

Power Resistance Bands: 

These oversized loops are typically more than 40 inches long, making them essential for bodyweight support (such as pull-ups), resistance (such as bear crawls or box jumps), and exercises (such as rows). Anchor point.

Figure 8 Bands

Although these bands can be used just like loop bands, the figure 8 design comes with a soft handle grip that makes it easier to perform certain exercises. 

Ankle Resistance Band

Designed to loop around each ankle, this band is great for adding resistance to exercises like side steps and leg lifts.

Therapy Bands

These bands generally have less resistance to allow for deeper stretch and mobility training.

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