Best Football For Hard Ground in India

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If you are looking for the best football in India under Rs.500, Rs.1000 or Rs.2000 then you have come to the right post. This Guide will definitely help you find the best football in India within your budget. Playing football is the best way to keep yourself active and fit. Owning a football is a fun experience for kids and adults alike. 

Things to consider when buying football 

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best football ball. Although there are many options for football on the market, the best footballs are often considered to be hand-sewn leather soccer balls. These are the most popular types of football because they offer the best control and durability. These balls are available in different colors, so you will get balls that match your team or the field you are playing. Footballs are also available in different sizes and materials. The size and equipment of football basically depends on the age of the player and the field. Soccer sizes can range from 12-14 inches to 18-20 inches. 

Best Football For Hard Ground in India


1. Nivia Trainer Football

Nivea Trainer is Nivea's best-selling football of all time and not without reason. Its price is quite reasonable. 500 and packs the essential features you find while playing football in India. It is extremely durable and lasts a long time even when used on rough clay soils and concrete roads. 

One good thing is that even though it is made of rubber, it has a smooth finish that makes it suitable for playing barefoot. Heading the ball is also easier and less painful.

2. Nivia Storm Football

This football has a colorful design to enhance the visibility in the game. One of the top picks for the best football, this football has a 32-panel universal design. It comes in 5 sizes - ideal for everyone over 11 years old. It is built on hard ground, on artificial grass, and even on wet and grassy surfaces with suitable rubberized molds. 

Butyl bladder offers high bounce and lasting air to maintain shape until the game lasts. The abrasion-resistant top rubber layer and the reinforced fabric layer in the mold make the football extremely durable.

3.Nivia Shining Star Football

Nivea Shining Star Football is a 32 panel built ball with medium bounce and speed. Suitable option for rough and extreme playing conditions. The ball is made of high-quality synthetic material that gives a good grip and feel. The 32 panels are evenly spaced together to maintain a good shape and give a consistent bounce. The ball is designed for outdoor use and is suitable for rough surfaces. 

All weather-resistant construction ensures that the ball can be used in all weather conditions. Overall, Nivea Shining Star Football is a well-crafted ball that gives good bounce, grip and experience. It is suitable for outdoor use on rough surfaces and can be used in all weather conditions.

4. Cosco Milano Football

Cosco is one of the best but lowest quality ball manufacturers in India. The company has done a great job with Cosco Mundial which is old in design and looks like a ball used in the 20th century. A great feature of this easy on pocket ball is its butyl bladder which prevents air from escaping, eliminating the need for regular refills. If you want a reliable, trustworthy ball, go for it.

5. Nivia Street Rubber Football

Nivea Street Football is made of rubber material. It responds well to kicking. This ball is known for its good performance. It is completely molded with rubber. Nivea is also a great brand of athletics material and the footballs they make are also very convenient to play. It is not expensive for anyone to afford.

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