Best Authenticator Apps [Updated 2022]

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Recently, hacking and leaking of information, currency and other credentials has become very common. You don't have to be a celebrity or a politician in particular. Instead, many people in general business nowadays are facing the problems of hacking. 

Best Authenticator Apps
Best Authenticator Apps


Therefore, many honest people are concerned about this issue and are very curious to know about the security tools for smart devices. Well, today we are going to introduce a different kind of security tool, authentication apps. 

Let us first know what is this authentication process. With the increasing leakage and hacking of social media accounts and online bank accounts, it has become important to find ways to add an extra layer of protection. Here come two-factor authentication apps to play. 

Authenticator apps like Authy, Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator enable one of the more secure forms of 2FA. Using one of these apps can protect you from covert attacks. 

Best Authenticator Apps 

1. Authy

Authy is one of the best two-component authentication apps that comes with cross-platform support, multi-device synchronization and backup features. And these three features make Authy different from other popular 2FA apps. In addition to Android and iOS apps, Authy is also available as an extension for Windows, Mac and Chrome. Unlike other 2FA apps, the Authy account prevents lockout when you lose your phone because the backup feature only allows users to log in to a new device and regain access to secure code. And multi-device support also helps you install Authy on another device like PC or other smartphone as a backup in addition to your main device. 

2. Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator is currently the most popular authentication app in the online world! Google has developed this to implement 2-step verification for its users. Millions of people are using Google Authenticator, thanks to its simplicity and ease of use. Although the Google Authenticator app is well-designed, and supports all major websites, it lacks some important features. We will see in detail.


MYKI is an interesting authentication app and is primarily a password manager. It provides a great user interface and stores your data locally. Yes, it does not store anything in the cloud - however, it does use end-to-end encryption if you want to sync your data across multiple devices. Using Biometric Protection you can protect all your passwords and 2FA tokens. It may not be the most popular two-component authentication option out there, but it is a wonderful option with a great user experience while allowing you to store your 2FA codes and passwords in one secure place.

4. Microsoft Authenticator

Many people looking for an alternative to Google Authenticator turn to Microsoft Authenticator, which is based entirely on the developer's reputation. They are partly justified: the Microsoft app includes some useful additions to the basic set of features. For example, it can hide on-screen code and store tokens in the cloud, and both iOS and Android versions protect app login. Microsoft Authenticator will also be useful if you work regularly with Microsoft accounts, in which case you don't need to enter a code, just tap the button in the app to confirm the login. However, this app also has disadvantages. First, Android and iOS apps use completely incompatible cloud backup systems, and you can't transfer tokens in any other way. For users of devices with different operating systems, it will be a deal breaker. Second, Microsoft Authenticator requires 10 times the storage space of Google Authenticator compared to 15MB - 20MB, 150MB - 200MB.

5. LastPass Authenticator

LastPass Authenticator is different from the LastPass Password Manager app, although it does offer some coordination with the password manager. Installing LastPass Authenticator is a snap, and if you already have a LastPass account with MFA enabled, you can easily authorize LastPass by tapping push notifications. Also, once the app is set up with your LastPass account, it's easy to create a backup of your authentication accounts in your LastPass vault, which eliminates some of the pain when you have to transfer your data to a new phone.

6. andOTP

andOTP is a free and open source app for creating TOTP and HOTPs. Unlike our other options, it does not require an internet connection and supports any service that supports TOTP. Although andOTP does not differ much from the other options on this list, it is open-source and is usually a good sign. On Google Authenticator, in particular, and supports OTP encrypted backup. The app backs up your data on your device and encrypts it with the password you set. If you need to restore your account, you can decrypt your data using the tool via the andOTP community or OpenPGP. In addition, OTP has a number of internal security features, including a tap-to-reveal and a panic button. The panic button is an interesting addition, allowing you to wipe everything on your device with one tap. andOTP is a great 2FA app, but it only supports Android. Thankfully, it supports all versions of Android as well as rooted devices.

7. Individual authenticator apps

Some apps and services use their own two-factor authentication methods. These usually come in the form of separate apps for that app or service. Some notable examples include LastPass Authenticator for LastPass users, Blizzard Authenticator for Blizzard Accounts (linked to the button below) and a really unique system like Yahoo. Basically, for Yahoo accounts, each Yahoo app acts as a 2-factor authentication app as long as you're signed in. I have personally used Yahoo Fantasy Sports on many occasions to log into my account on my computer. In any case, these are not normal but they are good.

8. 2FA Authenticator

2FA Authenticator is a simple and free app for 2FA. It generates a time-based one-time password (TOTP) and pushes authentication. This app only supports six-digit TOTP factor. It works very well with the basic UI and you can manually add your secret key or use a QR code. This app doesn't have many features, but it works great without any problems.

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