10 Best Typing Software For Pc Free Download [2021]

Increasing your productivity is more than just planning your day and managing your time well. Of course, that's important. But when you can type with speed and accuracy, you will get even better results. That way you can zoom in on your to-do list and achieve more than you ever thought possible - or at least do things faster and with better accuracy. 


Best Typing Software For Pc Free Download
 Best Typing Software For Pc Free Download

But anyone who has ever tried to increase their productivity can tell you that it is not easy. Sometimes you need an effective and simple tool to help you on your way. So here are 10 highly effective typing speed test tools that can quickly-track your path to ridiculous levels of productivity. Check out our own typing test tool for free.

Best Typing Software For Pc Free Download

1. Typesy 

We've listed Typesy as our Best Total Typing Software 2021 and it's not hard to see why. Typesy has the largest range of lessons you'll find in this list - there are hundreds of activities, videos and games available - and they cover a wide range of topics, from touch typing to management skills. 

With Typesy you will be able to truly diversify your computer skills. The interface is clean, child-friendly and expertly designed, so if you are teaching you will feel safe that the information is collected by those who know. All typing progress is saved and your next class suggests how well you are doing, based on your experience. 

The subscription price starting at less than 700 per month will not break the bank, and each download can be shared up to five people, you get the best rates for a comprehensive and shareable platform. Users on the program consistently appreciate its ease of use, including the ability to access the platform from any Internet-connected computer. Some users cite minor issues with customer service related to their overall experience. 

2. UltraKey 6.0 Keyboarding Tutor 

We'll start with the best English typing test software for beginners. UltraKey 6 is one of the best typing speed testing software for Windows PC. Even when you are a beginner, when it comes to typing, this tool helps you reach your maximum potential. It simplifies typing lessons and allows you to learn typing skills quickly. 

Typing lessons focus on different aspects such as individual finger training, proper posture and hand placement. UltraKey 6 helps you learn from scratch, speeding up your typing without compromising your accuracy. First, start with a typing skills assessment that helps the software analyze your typing skills. 

Based on the results, it provides you with different assessments that allow you to improve your current typing skills. This tool includes 700 typing exercises for 8 different users, audio dictation mode, and access to different computers, etc. to save the effect of cloud management system. 

3. Typing Instructor Platinum 

One of the best and premium typing applications available for learning touch typing is Typing Instructor Platinum. In fact, it is one of the best typing tutors in the typing industry. It allows a variety of fun games and educational exercises to teach typing. 

Plus, there are more than 20 typing courses with high quality exercises and games for your typing exercises. In addition, there is a great feature of the tracking system, which makes it easy to get the best out of the lessons offered. Also, when trying to improve your skills, it is considered whether you are a beginner or a professional. 

Typing Instructor Platinum Lessons vary according to your performance. In addition, it identifies your weaknesses and suggests training programs to overcome your weaknesses. So, you can improve your typing skills faster and faster. One of the great benefits of this software is that it gives you real-time feedback after each lesson or training. 

There are other interactive games like multi-player that allow you to play with confidence and complete some challenges with other players. Also, if you complete the training with good results, this software can give you a certificate course. Keystroke method is one of the best learning methods in Typing Instructor Platinum software. 

In this technique, you have to press a key; You have a tendency to use only one finger. Therefore, this method is based on repetition of actions through various exercises. Also, this software adds new interfaces and is the best way to keep children interested in learning typing skills. 

4. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Software 

Mavis Beacon is powered by UltraKey technology and has partnered with Broderbund to deliver a detailed package that, designed for everyone from working individuals to eight-year-olds, depending on the type of software purchased. 

How Mavis Beacon teaches typing is a little different than other products in this area; You set goals before you start the learning process and you work your way in that direction. As a user you can add your own content, allowing you to learn and cover your daily reading at the same time. You can also control how fast you learn. 

Whether you want a sequential process or immediate results, Mavis Beacon is the best typing software here to meet your needs. Unlike other software available, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing comes in three different formats: personal, family and toddler versions. Everyone has unique exercises, teaching techniques and advice to help you get the most out of the product. 

5. Rapid Typing 

Rapid typing software has an interface that works best for adults and children. This is great for home when you want everyone to learn how to type. There are many games that teach you to type in a fun way. There are also many sessions to practice what you learn.  

Keyboard layout is not limited to English only. And its lessons are organized around different keyboards. There are other languages like Spanish, German, French, Dutch, English etc. It has three levels for typing practice. For a beginner who has about 5 words per minute. 

Advanced level for those who are already fluent, but want more. Experts (aka Grand Masters) who do not need any training but want to be perfect in this !!! 

6. KeyBlaze 

Key Blaze is one of the best typing software for Windows (Key Blaze). If you are a beginner in typing and you want to improve your typing speed, then Key Blaze is the best software that has a straightforward user interface for a good experience. 

You can become a professional from the very first step of typing, the software has great lessons for beginners and professionals. With each of your typing reports, you can see and improve your typing skills, and if you are bored, you can play a typing game to enhance your typing skills. 

Provides approximate typing for software improvements and your finger movements to cover the entire keyboard. It's readily available from Windows XP's 32-bit computer system to Windows 10's 64-bit computer system, and will definitely make you the best touch typer if you are a beginner in typing. 

7. Master Key 

Master Key is an efficient typing tutor that supports all major platforms. You can practice on different keyboards like QWERTY, Dvorak, QWERTZ and AZERTY. It comes with a typing game called Paratyper which improves the interaction in the learning process. The master key also provides history and statistics and allows multiple users and groups whose work can be saved in a shared folder. 

8. GS Typing Tutor 

GS Typing Tutor software is designed for one-handed touch typing. Users can train and memorize the keyboard using standard QWERTY or Dvorak left and Dvorak right keyboard options. It is recommended for all ages and children and adults alike can learn to type, memorize keyboards or develop their typing speed. 

9. Typing.com 

Learn how to type with the help of interesting tips and tricks from Typing.com. Typing.com is a free typing program that helps you increase your job progress on a regular basis. Multiple typing tests, lasting one, two or five minutes each, can help you measure your performance level and speed up your typing accordingly. These tests allow you to evaluate your typing speed and accuracy. 

10. Goodtyping.com 

Good Typing.com is the fastest way to learn to type. The typing course will guide you step by step from the beginning. It comes with 27 guided lessons and 20 different keyboard layouts. It supports many languages and keyboard formats. This requires registration so that you can track your progress. You can download it from here. 

Conclusion of Best Typing Software for Free 

Here are the best typing tutors we hope will suit your needs. Some of them are for the fast, speedy typewriters. While others are much more gentle. They take the time to teach you what you need to learn. Whether you are a speedy or a gentle learner, there are options here for you. Select the best teacher and you will get the best results!

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