7 Best Toilet Paper in India

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Whether it is bathroom, office or home, we want good quality toilet paper. On the market, you will find plenty of options for toilet tissue. Many brands offer good quality in an affordable budget. Some toilet paper also comes with extra softness and fragrant scent. 

Best Toilet Paper in India
Best Toilet Paper in India


These documents offer 3-ply thickness cushions with fast decomposition technology which makes them environmentally friendly. The best toilet paper in India comes with perfect softness, itchy texture and excellent absorbent quality. Toilet paper or bath tissue is one of the most used items in every washroom. Even though Indians are not very fond of toilet paper, for busy life schedules, it is always better to use bog paper. 

Moreover, they are cost-effective and easy to use. Bathroom papers are the easiest to find, but they are also beneficial. Currently, a lot of science and technology is used to make toilet tissue for the comfort of the users. In addition, manufacturers emphasize making paper lightweight, soft, economical, and environmentally friendly. India has a lower number of toilet paper users than Western countries. Still, in 2021 consumption is slowly increasing.

Best Toilet Paper in India

1. Solimo 3 Ply Toilet Paper/Tissue Roll 

This best toilet paper in India is made from 100% natural virgin paper. These are 4 toilet roll packs and each roll contains 300 sheets of 3 ply layers. This toilet paper roll is safe to use for the skin as it does not contain optical brightening agent and is its ultimate safe and healthy choice for your toilet. 

It gives you a smooth and soft feeling and that highly absorbent tissue absorbs water fast and flushes easily. It is soft and effective to the touch of the best toilet paper in India and helps in effective cleaning. Its size is standard and fits in the toilet paper holder without any fuss. 

This best toilet paper in India is highly recommended as a toilet roll because it is clean and safe for all skin types and this toilet paper roll is free from OBA, annoying odors or colors that can cause acne or irritation on the skin. This toilet roll is made from premium quality material which is very valuable. It belongs to a remarkable brand that is famous for offering exceptional quality products by taking care of the basics. 

This material goes through several steps from inspection to detailed quality inspection and is thoughtfully modified if necessary. This best toilet paper in India is carefully crafted for the convenience and safety of the users with exceptional quality check.

2. Selpak Imported Paper Towel Kitchen Roll 3 Ply

Selpack provides extra soft tissue with an ultra-thick cushion design. These papers are completely biodegradable and made from 100% cellulose. The 3-ply sheet is strong and durable. Each thin roll of paper is light, weighing about 105 grams. 

Selpack toilet paper is environmentally friendly, easy to dissolve after flushing and will not clog the drain. This product is an ideal choice for people looking for luxury quality and functionality.

3. Beco Toilet Tissue Paper Rolls Beco Toilet Tissue Paper 

Rolls are another great choice for you on this list. This is a 3-ply tissue paper roll for your toilet. In this pack you will get a pack of four rolls. This is always good for large toilet tissue papers and large combo packs. You don’t have to keep changing it or go to the supermarket when the toilet runs out. 

Combo packs will last a long time. Each roll in this pack comes with 220 bridges. It is an eco-friendly tissue paper as it is made using 100 percent organic bamboo. These tissue paper rolls contain chemicals, parabens or BPA. They are also very safe and healthy. They are biodegradable paper and therefore do no harm to the environment.

4. Renova Green Toilet Paper 

 This is good for those who do not want to compromise comfortably. It has smaller rolls that cause more changes. The product is not for discount hunters. The best value deal is with the high price tag and not so affordable for everyone.

5. Origami So Soft Toilet Tissue 

Origami is the best toilet paper available in India and therefore ranks No. 1 in our list. It is a well-known brand in the field of health and hygiene that sells toilet paper. They have a combination of friendly roll, softness, comfort and easy absorbency. It is defined as a multipurpose product that can be used in homes, hotels, party clubs and more. Remember they do not cause any obstructions and therefore dispenser free.

6. Claret Soft and Hygienic, White 2 Ply Bathroom Toilet Paper 

Claret toilet paper is an ideal hygiene product. They are thick and they absorb water well. It does not dissolve in your hands when wet, it only dissolves after flushing. This toilet paper is a perfect blend of softness, strength and absorbency to provide you with the best comfort and cleanliness. These toilet paper fits easily on a standard toilet paper holder without any special attachments.

7. ORIGAMI Luxuria 3 Ply Toilet Roll 

Origami toilet tissue rolls are soft and convenient to use. You can use it at home, office, party or travel. Virgin fiber is used to make these tissues to ensure good quality as well as cleanliness. They are eco-friendly.

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