8 Best Comic Reader Apps [2021]

For you, life becomes fantastic when you add something exciting and exciting to it. In this case, comics may be the right choice for you. Are you waiting to read the thrilling adventure of a superhero? In the literary landscape, these comics play a major role. 


Best Comic Reader Apps
Best Comic Reader Apps

It has the power to change your mindset and you can be creative at times. But have you ever considered how to get a quick read for online comics? There can be no other option than comic book reader. Comics are not regular books because they contain good quality images and graphics. So you need a specific reader. But which is the best? Here are the 8 Best Comic Reader Apps presented below.

Best Comic Reader Apps

1. EBookDroid 

EBookDroid is a very simple and free, designed to read a wide variety of files, including typical comic files CBR and CBZ. The application can read data directly from files in the device memory, so it will be our job to choose the best way to organize them. 

Display options are very limited, but sufficient. While it involves a lot of animation to transition between pages, reading files is reduced to full screen in a page viewer and the page is likely to zoom in, if it's a small screen, something as important as a smartphone. Even for graphic pages the page loading time is very fast. 

On its side, in terms of technicalities, we can say that, although it is not a light reader (1.6 MB.) It allows installation on an SD card and is available for all versions of Android from 1.5 onwards. So it is recommended for a simple and efficient phone and tablet low-end.

2. Shonen Jump Manga & Comics 

Looking for authoritative and reliable sources to read your favorite comics and popular manga? Then, Shonen Jump is your solution where you can download manga for offline reading, bookmark your favorite comics and get current hits. By downloading this app, you can get the most popular manga in the world at your fingertips.

3. Perfect Viewer 

Although Perfect Viewer is only available for Android devices, it is one of the fastest comic book readers on the market. There is very little delay in loading new pages so rotating pages in the app is faster than having a physical book in your hand. 

Perfect Viewer also comes with an almost overwhelming list of features with five view modes: pinch and zoom functionality, bookmarking, caching of front and back pages and more. 

However, such a feature-rich app has one disadvantage: it takes a little learning curve to get used to, and most users will seldom use every feature that is rarely available. However, the Perfect Viewer is still aptly named because of the features that make it perfect.

4. Comixology 

Founded in 2007, Comixology is digital comics services - and you may have an account even if you don't know it. After being acquired by Amazon in 2014, anyone using the online retail giant can also use the Comic Book Specialist service. 

The most extensive library of titles near each publisher and the ability to set up a "pull list" (automatically buy each issue of your favorite titles so you never miss a problem), this is practically a comic store in your pocket. 

Regular sales, a free content slate, special original titles for the platform, and an optional subscription service called Comicsology Unlimited offer a wider range of comics for 5.99 / month and your choice will be spoiled. 

As an app for reading comics, Comicsology has remained a pioneer with its guided view - close-up transitions allow you to read one panel of comics at a time, proving it is worth reading on your phone, as well as allowing creators new digital storytelling possibilities. - Unique titles. Unfortunately, you cannot import comics purchased elsewhere in your library, and iOS users cannot purchase comics through the original app. For that, you have to go to the comixology store.

5. Amazon Kindle 

The Amazon Kindle is one of the largest digital bookstores in the world. This means it will be one of the best comic book apps. The app itself isn't amazing for comic book reading. However, you can definitely use it. The service has a bunch of comics to buy. You can sync your comics to devices and your Kindle. Their choices range from old comics to new comics. This is a great, basic resource for comic books. It's also great for casual fans who want a platform that sells other types of books as well.

6. Astonishing Comic Reader  

Astonishing Comic Reader is one of the youngest comic book reader apps you can find on the Play Store, but it is also the best. The developers of this charming app decided to create a modern comic book reader that would run on many platforms and support a long list of useful features and it was successful in every way. 

With Amazing Comic Reader, you can read all CBZ, CBR as well as PDF comics, manage them in archive, download comic books directly from your favorite cloud storage provider and synchronize your reading progress so you always know where you left off.

7. ComicRack 

ComicRack is a very popular alternative to reading comics, but it lacks some of the key features compared to many other readers on the market. Initially, it could not handle image files. So, if you have a bunch of Sunday comic strips saved directly from the scan, you'll need to convert them to CBR or CBZ files before you can actually read them. 

There are no fast-looking libraries, and books are not automatically sorted into their own series folders. You have a library, but if you have a lot of comics in your collection, it is easily overwhelmed. Fortunately, ComicCrack has some advantages that make it the right choice for the right type of person. It is one of the available comic readers that allows you to read more than one comic at a time, each in its own tab. 

So if for some reason you want to compare two versions, ComicRack makes it a lot easier. You can edit the meta information of each comic while reading, so it is possible to fine-tune your entire collection. There is also a magnifying glass if you want to get a closer look at the details of the artwork. The last useful thing is that ComicRack is compatible with tablet controls. So if you use a touchscreen, you can drag up and down to read comics. You can also use it to organize your comic collection on Android.

8. ComicScreen 

ComicScreen is one of the best comic book reader apps for Android. It supports various formats like ZIP, JPEG, PNG, GIF, RAR, CNZ, CBR and BMP. You can easily import books and read in the app with supported formats. It also comes in two different view modes: horizontal view mode and vertical view mode. So, if you are looking for a simple comic book reader app, comicscreen is a great option for you.

Conclusion : 

These are some of the Best Comic Reader Apps for Android. If you are looking for a free comic book app, then Perfect Viewer or CDisplayEx is a great app. If you want to take care of something beautiful and upgraded, ComicRack is an amazing looking app with all the features you can ask for. If you want to get a subscription, Comics by ComiXology is an ideal option. You also get access to some of the biggest names in the comics world.

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