7 Best Budgeting Apps for Android [2022]

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When your parents sit at the kitchen table with a stack of bills on one side and a chequebook on the other? Paper envelopes opened and receipts saved. Finance was a full-fledged research project at the time, and sometimes it was hard to know where you really stood. Not now. In this modern age - when there is literally an app for everything - it has never been easier to keep track of your money and stay within budget. 


Best Budgeting Apps for Android
Best Budgeting Apps for Android

This is a snap for automating payments. Financial goals are easy to set and track. You should never miss a bill payment. Imagine sitting in your easy chair watching every transaction in all your accounts, with all your balances. Yes, your true net worth is known by month, by week, by day, heck, by someone else.  

Best Budgeting Apps for Android 

1. Mint

Want to increase your credit score? Mint is a budgeting app for you. With your Mint subscription you will not only get free credit score monitoring, but you will also have cost and investment tracking. Just link your bank, credit, loan and investment accounts and start shopping. 

As you prepare your monthly budget, Mint will begin to learn about your financial habits and personalize its recommendations. Category notifications are automated in Mint which I especially appreciate, so make sure you don't have to manually assign costs. The app also gives you something called "MintSights" that provides insights based on your budget, expenses and total net worth. 

It can be easy to lose track of your expenses, especially if you have recurring subscriptions. Mint monitors your bills and alerts you to changes in the price of one of your recurring bills. Mint also seeks a fee to help you take action when you are paying too much. After signing up, Mint can start immediately. The app imports several months of activity from each of your accounts so that it can get headstart to help you save and budget.

2. Walnut

Best Expense Tracker App India manages money efficiently and easily by keeping track of your income and expenses. It personalizes your material design layout. Walnut is a great money manager app for Android as it is free, supports a wide range of Indian banks. With this Expense Tracker app you can track expenses (categorized into food, entertainment, health, shopping, etc.), credit monitoring and bills.

3.Good budget

GoodBudget is an envelope-based budgeting app that lets you share your budget with others. You will create virtual envelopes for personal spending categories, then use them to manage your money. Once you run out of money in one envelope, you can't spend money in that area unless you take money from another envelope. 

It works just like a zero-based budget, even if you don't need a budget for every Rupees you earn. One of the big differences between GoodBudget and other top budgeting apps is that you can't connect your financial accounts and import transactions directly. Instead, you'll need to manually update your transactions from each account. If your financial situation is relatively simple and you only have a few financial accounts, this approach may be worth considering. 

But the more accounts you have, the longer it will take for the transactions between them to be manually updated. Goodbudget has a free version with 20 envelopes, but you'll only get one year's budget history and you can only share one account on two devices. If you upgrade to Goodbudget Plus, you'll get unlimited envelopes, unlimited accounts up to five devices, and a seven-year history.

4. Money Manager Expense & Budget

The Money Manager app on Android keeps track of your personal and business financial transactions by depositing money into your account when your income is coming in and withdrawing money from your account when your expenses come up.

5. Prism

Prism is a free app that helps you stay on top of your spending. Bringing all your bills together in one place by syncing account balances in the Prism app. Then you can pay everything properly in Prism app. This handy feature helps you avoid late charges and get a picture of where your money is being spent each month.

6. Wallet

You can also plan your budget and keep track of your monthly expenses through a wallet which balances your transactions with your spending bank. It's also free to download.

7. Spendee

Spendees a popular money-management app among young people, especially travelers. It has a simple user interface, ease of use and infographic data that references revenue-expense records. Many also see it as an abbreviated version of the wallet. It allows the addition of bank accounts, e-wallets and crypto-wallets, providing a comprehensive account-management experience. 

A wide range of intuitive financial tools. The graphical interface shows comparisons between monthly cost data. The budget breaks down to the daily allowance. Helps maintain personal finances. Multiple user-linking is allowed. Helps to keep track of shared costs. Multi-currency support. Dedicated customer support service.


If you are serious about budgeting apps, Walnut is a top choice due to its detailed budgeting strategy, excellent support and useful features. However, if you are looking for a free alternative, competing mint is a solid option. Here is a review of the most important features of the best budgeting apps for android.

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