6 Best Hand Wash in India [Buying Guide 2021]

With all the extra hand washing we’ve been doing over the past year, a good soap has become more noticeable than ever. Although most soaps on the market will be free from harmful germs and bacteria 1 As long as you use warm water and a 20 second scrub, there are some products on the market that are less dry, have less synthetic ingredients and have a more attractive fragrance. 


Best Hand Wash in India

With this in mind, we have researched various soaps and brands to help you find the best option to meet your needs. We use hands to perform a wide range of activities that require contact with a variety of equipment, individuals and the people around us. In the process, hands become contaminated and should be washed several times a day using hand wash liquid or soap. 

If you are looking for the best hand wash that keeps viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms away from your hands then this post will help you. We all know the importance of washing our hands regularly and it is especially important to keep them sterile before meals. But when we looked outside, we found that there are many different types of hand washing available in the market. You may be confused as there are many options available. 

 Factors to Consider when Buying a Hand Wash 

Hand wash packaging

Some products come in bottle packaging and some also come in refill packs. Also, some bottle hand wash liquids are reusable while some are for one time use only. So, if you are buying hand wash liquid for the first time, you can buy a reusable hand wash liquid bottle and then refill it when it becomes empty. Make sure you choose a good refill pack otherwise the hand washing liquid will come out and create a mess for you. 

Chemical concentration 
Always wash hands that are free of parabens or chemicals. Some brands that claim that their hand washing is very effective in killing germs are made from harmful chemical ingredients that cause skin irritation and discomfort. Choose one with natural, soft ingredients like glycerin, with natural oils with antibacterial properties. 

Handwashes are available in a variety of fragrances that can be pleasant to some and annoying to others. Check before you buy if the product has a pleasant aroma. Various forms
You have different hand washing options such as dry skin, sensitive skin, organic and natural, herbal and most importantly antibacterial hand wash, so choose the one that suits your needs. 

Most liquid handwash comes in the direction of use printed on the back of the packaging. Read the guidelines to know how often you need to use liquid soap to keep your hands sterile. Some handwashes contain fast-acting ingredients that kill germs within 10 seconds of application. At the same time, some handwashing requires frequent use to disinfect. 

Best Hand Wash in India 

1. Dettol Liquid Hand wash

This is a liquid handwash prescribed by a doctor with a microbial protection formula for hand hygiene. Dermatologists have found that it is ten times more effective in protecting against germs than any other handwash available on the market. It is packaged in pouches in two fragrances - root and skin care. Handwash is recommended by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) and is suitable for children over the age of three. Its ingredients include citric acid, aqua, ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium chloride, sodium lauryl sulfate and more.

2. Lifebuoy Total 10 Active Natural Hand Wash

Lifebuoy is another brand of hand washing that is very popular in India. This is one of the best hand washes for kids and adults. It comes in an active natural shield that gives you 99.9% germ protection in just 10 seconds. Lifebuoy soap and hand wash is the best-selling product in the world to get rid of germs and diseases. It has a nice refreshing smell that is nice and feels cool when you wash your hands with it.

3. Godrej Protekt Liquid Handwash

Godrej Protect Master Blaster handwash fights germs with Saner Active. It is rich in essential oils, coconut and glycerin. It is a biodegradable hand wash without triclosan (a chemical ingredient added to many consumer products to reduce or prevent bacterial contamination). It is an odorless hand wash and does not leave behind a sticky effect.

4. Palmolive Hydrating Foaming Hand Wash

Palmolive foaming hand wash is made with antiseptic ingredients like cocamidopropyl betaine, lactic acid seed, water, sodium lauryl sulfate, cocamide, citric id seed, sodium salicylate, glycerin and more. Natural ingredients like lime and mint keep your hands fresh and clean longer. The foaming property makes it more economical because just one drop is enough to make a lot of soap. It is available in good quality packaging with refill bottle and many other fragrances.

5. Santoor Mild Gentle Hand Wash

This is a premium product offered by Johnson & Johnson. It provides protection against germs and harmful bacteria that cause disease. It disinfects your hands and provides fragrance to the hands. It offers a useful range of products that are becoming very popular in the market.

6. Savlon Moisture Shield Hand wash

Savlon handwash liquid is known to destroy bacteria and viruses, which cause colds and flu. Its handwashing agent softens the skin, leaving a soft, supple and clean hand with moisturizing benefits. This handwash liquid does not contain triclosan which is zero to aquatic and has zero parabens. Available in different sizes from 80ml to 1500ml and in different types: deep cleansing and herbal sensitive.

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