12 Best Chromecast Apps [2022]

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Google Chromecast is a dongle type device developed by Google. This allows you to spend good streaming time accessing interesting media content from the small screen of your mobile phone to the big screen without any subscription fee. The Chromecast is plugged into the TV's HDMI port and connected via a USB cable. 


Best Chromecast Apps
Best Chromecast Apps

It is an online platform where users can stream videos, available TV shows and movies. Belonging to the Chromecast family, Google TV Chromecast comes with a remote and Android TV interface. The pair now give you more access than ever before, using the same basics they've been using since the first versions of the Chromecast family.

Best Chromecast Apps 

1. BubbleUPnP 

BubbleUPnp app allows you to transcoding media outside the local network. You can also use this app to optimize transcoding to Chromecast for playing non natively supported formats. 

It provides Secure and bandwidth-friendly Internet access to your home Ability to make your Chromecast a UPnP/DLNA renderer for broad compatibility. Helps you to some issues in UPnP/DLNA Media Servers by creating proxies.

2. Plex

Plex has consistently been one of the best Chromecast apps available. Plex streams video content from your computer to almost anywhere. The app lets you stream it from your computer to your phone and then directly to the Chromecast. It takes a bit of time to set up because you need a home server on your computer, but it works great once you do. 

You’ll be able to use most of the features with the free version. However, you will need to fork out a small, one-time fee to use the Android app. You can also get Plex Pass for 300 per month. That adds more services and features on top of what you can already do. It’s powerful and the best way to get video from your computer to your TV without a bunch of cables.

3. MediaMonkey

An appreciable Chromecast app indeed, MediaMonkey allows the user to record and download and stream the videos and podcasts that they desire. With an easily syncable wifi internet connection, the software is broadly compatible with Windows, Android and iOS platforms. 

Not being limited to the terms of deployment of services of entertaining content merely, MediaMonkey provides an eloquent space for managing the vast library it grants you permission to create. The platform further spreads its wings in the form of various plug-ins in order to get the full potential of its functionality.

4 Netflix

Well, Netflix is an app I don’t think I need to introduce you with any more. Even finding a young person who doesn’t use Netflix nowadays. This app took a very short time to be such a popular app that is even nearly to beat YouTube and Facebook. 

However, Netflix is well-known for another reason besides a great source of movies and TV shows. It is one of the most interactive Chromecast apps. You can cast an hour’s phone to the big screen very easy to enjoy favorite movies and TV shows. The procedure is easy, and anyone can take care of it with no time. Let’s see more about it.

5. Google Home

Google Home is the mother app to manage and configure your Chromecast devices and other smart home devices. You can add multiple Chromecast devices in different rooms around the house and control them from one app.

Google Home also acts as an excellent screen mirroring app to cast your phone’s or tablet’s display to the TV. You can cast the audio output from your phone to the TV’s speaker.

6. Twitch

It's OK to admit that you too love watching other people play video games — as Twitch streams are more popular than ever. And the service isn't just for viewing the best of the best gamers, as Twitch serves up everything from laid-back Animal Crossing sessions, spirited home-remodeling in The Sims 4 and rambunctious blasts in Call of Duty: Warzone. All in real time, all with hosts that are looking to share the fun they're having. 

Whether you want to watch PC or console games, or just stream someone building a mechanical keyboard, there's a channel for you. Follow well-known streaming personalities, watch your friends or just dive in and see if someone's discovered a great new game that you could be playing. 

You might think of the live-streaming service Twitch as something for your laptop or phone, but Twitch's Chromecast support means you can watch gamers and variety streamers alike on the best screen in your house. And it's why Twitch is one of the best Google Chromecast apps for watching gaming today.

7. Tidal

With Spotify Connect being included in an increasing amount of speakers, Tidal users were starting to feel slightly left out when it came to getting their music streaming to speakers around the house. 

Thankfully a recent update to the service now means that Tidal users can enjoy lossless CD-quality music around the house, which continues to leave Spotify in the dust in terms of pure music quality.

8. Pocket Casts

PocketCast is an app for listening and discovering new podcasts. This is a beautiful Nifty app with many features, one of which is “Trim Silence” - you can trim silent parts from your podcast so you can finish it even faster. Pocket Cast can be Chromecast from websites in Google Chrome, iOS or Android.

9. Google Photos

Google Photos is a media backup service app that lets you upload, edit and send photos. This app is great for keeping all your photos in one place. It also has an editing set, allowing you to touch on your photos and features that allow you to find specific people, pets and places (although not available with each place and with each account type). 

If you're itching to share a slide show of your vacation photos on the big screen, both iOS and Android support the Google Photos app. You can log in to your computer and cast from your Google Chrome browser. Our article on photo preservation may be readable.

10. Just Dance Now

Need to entertain your kids on a rainy day? Now just download the dance. With dozens of songs to dance to, Just Dance Now is the perfect port for Ubisoft's long-running rhythm game. The magic of Just Dance Now is that it doesn't require any fancy technology to work - all you need is your smartphone and Chromecast (or Apple TV, smart TV, etc.). 

How does it work if you can't actually see how the game is moving? Just Dance Now uses gyroscopic sensors in your smartphone to track your movements. It's a bit vague in practice, but it's still a fantastic, fun, and moderately cheap way to entertain kids (or from the heart). Advertising Just Dance Now is available for free on iOS and Android, although the game uses microtransaction to play multiple songs.

11. RealPlayer Cloud

Many of you are familiar with RealPlayer Media Player now it is also available as a streaming service. Using this app, you can stream videos from your phone or other devices from your TV. The app is a favorite of many users and if you are an Android or iOS user you should try to check it out as the app now supports Android and iOS.

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