7 Best Meme Making Apps for Android [2021]

Memes are the currency of the internet. As long as you haven’t lived under a rock in the last decade, you know that memes are fun pictures or videos with text overlays. Whether you use Reddit, Imgur, or any other social media site, you can join the meme universe. Of course, making memes is easier said than done. Fortunately, a meme-making app can help. Here are our picks for the Best Meme Making Apps for Android

Best Meme Making Apps for Android
Best Meme Making Apps for Android


In the age of the internet, memes are everywhere and you can’t escape them. If you spend any time online, you probably know what a meme is. If you are a little in touch with current internet trends, a meme is just a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied (with a slight difference) and spreads rapidly through Internet users. 

All popular examples of memes that you should look at least in one place. But what if you want to create your own meme to go with something that is happening in your life right now? Or maybe you just want to share it with your friends and family. Don't worry, we've just found some of the best meme maker apps!

Best Meme Making Apps for Android

1. Meme Generator Free

With over 11 million downloads on Google Play, Meme Generator has already made its place in the editor's selection. The app offers over 1000 meme templates that can be used to create fun memes to post on social media and share in person. You can also use any picture from your device if you want to create a personalized meme. 

The meme generator offers lots of fun effects and also provides weekly community updates. Not only that, but the app also gives you over 100 stickers to use in your memes and you can also customize the stickers. You can add multiple captions and create modern and classic memes with over 60 different font styles. You can also create dunk memes and share them on platforms. 

The best thing about meme generator is that it gives you watermarks free memes. In terms of privacy, the app has your back, because it never posts your memes without your permission.


The GATM meme generator offers semi-frequent updates and you can choose from hundreds of popular as well as browsable memes to create and share with your friends. Create a gallery of images or memes using your own images Get live previews when creating memes Quick sharing options and saving SD card option

3. Toolwiz

Toolwiz is similar to Picsart in many ways but offers a different interface with new and interesting filters. You also get a few different tools that allow you to add interesting new effects. And then there are the meme-making tools you've been looking for here. 

Select the meme option and you will be able to add text, add decals, change font type, size, and color, adjust whatever you like, add shadow-like text effects and get a special film mode. Apps like ToolWiz Photos add new and interesting ways to edit existing memes and create new ones from scratch. There are so many ways to edit the image in question that you are limited only by your creativity.

4. Memedroid

MemeDroid is one of the oldest meme generator apps. This includes the usual things. You will find it appropriate to create a bunch of old and new memes. You can upload your own photos and GIFs and even caption them. 

In other words, it provides basic information on what makes the best meme generator apps. Not many extra features. In this case, it's good because it lets you just surf the memes and then make your own. There are some unpleasant ads and the app crashes from time to time. Other than that, it’s pretty good.


Memeto is one of the easiest apps to create your memes in minutes. Quickly customize your memes with meme style, layout, text colors, fonts, and sizes. You can also add over 1000 stickers to make your memes unique. Either choose from photos in your gallery to create a background or use a meme maker to create fun memes. 

With the Memeto app, you can also create troll quotes, inspirational quotes and funny quotes on your phone. Explore your creativity and personality by creating different memes to suit how you feel. You can share them on Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, E-mail or Snapchat. The meme layout is simple and easy to enjoy creating hundreds of memes. You can also use websites to find new and trending memes and add your own style.

6. Mematic

Mematic is the most suitable option for those who want to create memes as soon as possible. With a few clicks, you can add captions and change the overall color scheme of the meme. Despite the app's limited number of features, its user-friendly interface makes it easy to quickly add captions and create custom memes.


This is a modern meme maker app for modern memes. This app helps you to create and edit although this app has a huge library from which you can choose from many templates, stickers and text.


Memes are fun because they make you laugh and be happy. The meme maker app is the best way to create a meme with your own picture, not just from a template. Try the apps above to create fun memes and also learn how to make memes with your own picture. This is a list of our best meme making apps that can be found on the internet! Don't miss your chance to use some of them today!

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