6 Best Medical Store Software [2021]

Free Retail Medical Stores Shops software is used to handle drug stocks, customer transactions, account balances and stock reports. Inventriplus Medical Shop Management Software solves all your problems of managing a medical shop. Our free pharmacy software was used to keep drug records, no more worries about stockpiling, billing, invoicing and other back-end processes of reporting. Inventriplus Medical Store software helps to track expired drugs, remove expired drugs and sell them at bargains. Our free pharmacy medical store software helps detect the availability and scarcity of stock, re-sorting fast-moving drugs before the stock closes. 

Best Medical Store Software
Best Medical Store Software

Billing facilitated using our POS barcode enabled system. It's easy to train new employees to use the app through our InventryPlus simple user-friendly touch screen enabled system.

Managing the pharmacy business is not so easy but our software for pharmacy shops provides you the best features that can help you manage a wide variety of prescriptions, handle medicine effectively and deliver rich software with pharmacy rich function

Easy inventory management. 

The right stock - Most pharmacies face the problem of finding the right balance of stocks in their inventory. With FarmTrader, you never have to worry about that. By using our medical shop management software, you can easily improve the profitability of your business. Not only that, if you are a small business it also works as an excellent pharma inventory software. 

Perfect Tracking - With the best medical billing software, you can expect your business to be incredibly smooth and smart at the same time.

Because we use flawless technology, you can be sure of the numbers like total revenue and profit in your medical shop business. 

Increase sales - This not only helps restore peace in your pharmacy, but actually increases the sales of your medical store using PharmaTrader. We have used the best technology to create our medical billing software that can help increase business growth and efficiency. 

Benefits of using billing software for a pharmacy shop 

Accessibility: - GSTpad Pharmacy Billing Software is an online billing software. You can access it from anywhere and from any device. Whether you are traveling or out of the station. You can access it from your mobile.  

 Optional Units: - You can manage optional units, how many tabs in a bar, how many strips in a carton and how many cartons (tabs, strips, cartons, boxes) in a box. 

Track expired drugs: - Medical store billing software helps to track expired drugs, remove expired drugs and sell at bargain price.  

Enable Touch Screen Software: - GST Pad software is user friendly. It is very easy to train new employees to use this application. It has a touch screen enabled feature.  

Workflow: - It maintains fast workflow with barcode scanner. Which generates bills very quickly with just one click. This creates accurate billing and avoids manual errors.

No more worries about stockpiling drugs: - Our Medical Store Software is used to keep drug records, no more worries about stock drug delivery, bill preparation, invoicing and other final processing of reports.

Best Medical Store Software

1. Gofrugal

GOFRUGAL TECHNOLOGIES has been providing pharma software for the last 15 years and meets all the requirements of pharmacy. GOFRUGAL POS can integrate with e-commerce solutions that allow customers to manage stores and online inventory from a single platform.

GOFRUGAL POS has business apps, personalized on-boarding and 24/7 support. 

2. Visual Chemist

The Visual Chemist Medical Store software is developed by Ahmedabad-based Visual Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. Visual Chemist is easy to use, quick to deploy medical store management software systems that increase visibility and increase control of all medical store management processes. 

3. hCue

Cloud based GST-ready pharmacy software and medical store software. Reliable by over 10 million users in compliance with ISO 27001 and HIPAA. Increase your profits with hCue. hCue Pharmacy Software / Medical Store Software is a SaaS platform designed to facilitate small and medium-sized pharmacy and chain pharmacy operations and processes to help owners reduce costs. 

GST creation, stock management, user management hCue supports both installed and web-based deployments. hCue Pharmacy Software (Point of Sales) supports both web app and Windows operating system

4.Marg Chemist Software

Marg Chemist software is supported by Route Infotech. Marg provides its online as well as onsite services to valued 6+ lakh customers of various trades by supporting them through its 500+ support centers. 

5. LogicPharma

Logic-Pharma is a vertical-specific ERP for the pharmaceutical industry dedicated to better solving business challenges and making operations more profitable. The software helps clients operate effectively and efficiently in a complex pharma industry where a high number of competitors, strict adherence orders and a complex product mix raise concerns for business planners. 

In addition, perishable inventories, large spread networks, and the demands of ups and downs create a high need to incorporate advanced technology, strategizing processes to cope with market pressures over time. 


CBO Infotech is India's leading medical store management software. Along with tools like MIS reports, stock management and online reporting, the software also comes with a mobile-based platform, making it easier for retailers to manage their stock on the go. 


Here is list of Best Medical Store Software to manage medicine information.

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