8 Best Led Tube Lights for Home in India [Buying Guide 2021]

Buy the Best Led Tube Lights. We have selected the most efficient tube lights in the budget and have the most reviews. Check them out now! We have brought you the  8 best led tube lights in india. Are you tired of buying extra bulbs to increase the lighting in your home? Dull lighting can often ruin pictures and even the atmosphere. It is very important to choose the best LED tube light that does justice to your beauty. Dim lighting is important not only for beauty but also for your health. Even working in dim light, reading, studying, and watching television can have a lasting negative effect on your vision. 


Best Led Tube Lights for Home in India
Best Led Tube Lights for Home in India

Choosing the right LED lights for your home becomes essential. LED tube lamps are the most efficient and long lasting. They save energy and last longer than any other LED lamp. They brighten the room evenly, making it perfect for comfortable study and work without putting any strain on the eyes. LED tube lights have increased due to their low maintenance and low energy consumption.

Best Led Tube Lights for Home in India

Factors to Consider when Buying a Led Tube Lights

Input voltage 

The amount of energy supplied to the circuit, and the amount it flows into the system, is the "input voltage". This input voltage comes from the supply voltage. To put it more clearly, the main power supply in your home is "supply energy". The input voltage required for your electrical products is obtained from this supply voltage. There is a device known as a “driver” that is probably built into most electrical products nowadays. This driver takes power from the supply voltage and transmits a specific number of voltages to the device. 

For example; Your supply voltage may give an output of around 100, but your tube only needs 20 units. The driver will send only 20 units to the tube. When buying, you need to choose a hose that requires a minimum input voltage but still has a good output. To balance this, we need to consider the ratio of these two voltages.  

Check energy consumption  

If you are moving from conventional to LED tube lights, check the energy consumption and always buy a light that uses less energy than your previous tube light. 

Lumens for brightness 

A lumen is a unit used to measure the brightness intensity that a tube light can produce. The higher the lumen value, the brighter the light. For home use, you can buy a tube light with a capacity of 1600 lumens. If you are considering buying it for an office or large space, you should purchase a tube light with at least 2000 lumens brightness or more depending on the space.  


Why do you need LED tube light? Is it for study room, office or bedroom? Each room has a different need. Study rooms need bright LED tubes. Similarly, offices also need high bright lights because employees have to read and look at computer screens. However, the bedroom and restroom may not need as much bright light.  


One of the key components and features that must be controlled before purchasing is to check and assure its durability which can be identified by its material design and certification. A good LED light must have a polycarbonate content in its composition as it makes it a durable and inseparable product.  


Always check the life expectancy of the LED. Most brands mention it. It is usually available in hours, e.g. 50000 hours etc. In India, brands like Everyday and Siska are given high status in the life expectancy. Syska's likes are not too high for those. A shorter lifespan means you will have to change your LED every 7 months, which will be a daunting task. 


Installing LED lights can be difficult but not terribly difficult. You do not need to call an engineer to install the LEDs as all the LED companies provide a manual in which all the instructions are given. In addition, LED batons and the necessary metal clamps and screws are usually provided with the package which makes the installation process easier than usual.  


It is very important to check the warranty because if a light is found to be defective or if the light is working for a short period of time, it helps to change or get your money back when the company makes a claim.

Best Led Tube Lights for Home in India

1. Wipro High Lumen 22-Watt LED Batten

At the top is a Wipro LED light. It comes with a joint handle in one piece in the pocket. This makes it very easy to install Wipro Tube Light. It is lightweight and comes in a sleek body and is available in cold daylight. This Wipro lumen light can replace the usual 36 W duct in your room. This tube light stays strong even during electrical changes, which causes discomfort to the eyes. 

This high-performance non-yellow LED light can be installed in bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms Where there are no lights to shine, there are no eyes to see. It can be used effectively in bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. The non-infusion yellow material improves performance and clarifies the atmosphere. This is the perfect change for a traditional bulb. 


Light weight LED baton included 

Energy efficient 


1 year from the date of manufacture

2. Philips Astra Line Plus 24-Watt LED Batten

Philips stands out as a trusted brand in terms of lighting. Astra Line Plus is the right choice to start this list because you probably don't need to look any further! This bright 47 × 127cm LED tube light is perfect for those who want to replace their traditional tube lights. Therefore, the Astra Line Plus manages only 24 watts compared to the traditional one, which can go up to 38 watts. 

The 2400 lm lumen in it proves that it will shine in any room you want. With an average lifespan of 25000 hours, and a 1 year warranty, make sure you don't have to worry about the lights going off too soon. This light is included with the LED baton, which makes the lighting installation more comfortable than usual. 


LED baton included 25000 hours lifespan To reduce glare 


Not ideal for small rooms Not concise

3. Syska T5 18-Watt LED Tubelight

Syska is a brand that guarantees customer satisfaction in some products, as these products are one of a kind and create a different level of productivity. You should look to Syska to get your hands on a product that matches your budget, as well as to match your concerns as a symbol of technology. 

The Syska T5-18 LED Tube Light is a versatile product and will give you the best help possible. It has an input power of 22W and an input voltage between 90-300v AC with 50 Hz. This product has a modern touch that is made in standard measurements of traditional tube light

It incorporates optimal features that must be present in an ideal product and gives you 50000 hours of long-term use, ensuring durability. The company offers a 1 year warranty for this product and can also be obtained at a crazy price by pressing the button below.  


Extremely light weight and easy installation 

Protects you from atmospheric toxins 

The optimal color rendering is distribution 

It is a durable product that offers long term service 


Probably not liked by many customers but this is a product that should not be ignored and should be checked once

4. Eveready 20-Watt LED Batten

Our fourth product comes in a larger size than the others and is perfect for large spacious rooms. This gives you a wider distribution of light at a lower cost level. Each day gives you three color options and you can choose according to your needs. 

It comes with two LED batons which make the installation very easy. They even come with metal, clamps and screws. And it has a 1 year in-house company warranty.  


T5 size design Includes 2 LED batons Long-life armor  

Cons Low lumen

5. Wipro Polycarbonate 22-Watt Led Batten Light

This tube comes with a light clip and a lead baton. This LED tube light comes in two packs. It illuminates the room without any flicker and without any strain on your eyes. The operating voltage of the tube light is 140-280 volts. It comes with a soft sheen and a unique and slim design. It also comes with a warranty. This can be a great option for you considering its budget.  


Available at reasonable rates 

There is a cute and stylish approach to design Gives uniform and optimal output 

Extremely lightweight and easy to use  


As it is an emerging brand, it may have less impact on the customers but it is a style that will be the key to beauty.

6. Philips Ujjwal 20-Watt LED Batten

Philips bright LED tube light is enough if you are not worried about price. These lamps are standard features and are more expensive than products with more features. However, its durability is excellent.  


Easy installation Available in various pack sizes 

Lightweight design 


Expensive than other products with great features 

High blue light brightness

7. Crompton LDDR20-CDL Dazzle Ray 20-Watt LED Batten

The Light Line by Crompton has a thin LED baton. This could be the perfect replacement for past lamp fittings. It is 116.5 cm long and 48 mm wide in width. It weighs 290 grams. Under its long shape, it can light any room easily and in one fell swoop. With a capacity of 20 watts, the Light Linea by Crompton could be an alternative to the old-style fluorescent lamp. It is only available in white and produces cool daylight. And it can produce a gloss-free, ultra-wide and evenly distributed glow. It is covered in a long box made of engineered plastic. 

This gives the LED light a clean and modern look. A look that can enhance the aesthetics of any hall, drawing room, kitchen or bedroom. Lite Linea comes in a package that includes LEB Lite, some tools and an instruction manual. To fix the light, you need to make 2 holes where you want to mount and then fill that hole with clamps. Then you plug in the tube clamps. Mounting accessories with clamps and screws, come with light. Just connect it to a power source that ensures a 220V AC supply.  


Light distribution is even with these LED tube lights 

The bright cold daylight created by Light Linea can illuminate all your rooms 

The light produced by Light Linea is stress-free for the eyes 

For its size, this tube light is very light 


The installation process of light linea can be a bit difficult as it requires drilling the walls 

Effective power consumption is not its plus point and can put stress on your wallet

8. Murphy 20W LED Tube Light

Wide operating voltage, no mercury and lead, environment friendly, excellent CRI up to 80%, operating temperature: -10 degree to 50 dc, fluctuation proof and glitter free tube light 160 ~ 280v ac Long life High brightness and excellent illumination Delivers instant light (without delay) 20 W Length: 4 feet Lumen: 2000 lm Color Temperature: 3000 Kelvin, Pack of 6 1 year on product from date of invoice  


Optimal safety and security measures are taken 

Engaged with drivers maintaining power and usage levels 

Enhanced light and brightness Comes in two packs that are available at an affordable price  


As an emerging brand it may not be considered by many but with features and prices, it should be reviewed once

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