9 Best Diary App for Android [UPDATED 2021]

Research has shown that reducing thoughts, events and routines using the Best Diary App for Android helps you organize your daily routine better. Not only that, but research has also shown that writing down your stress and anxiety can help you feel a little lighter and more relaxed. 

Best Diary App for Android
Best Diary App for Android


You can tell the difference in your mental and physical health by writing about your stressful events found in research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology. This research suggests that writing about your expressions reduces negative thoughts and increases working memory. 

Today we are going to show you the best diary and journal apps that you can use on your Android phone. Keeping a diary of your life is a great way to remember your day, remember the experience and highlight important events on any date. Even though most people tend to have physical notebooks, you can also use your own mobile phone.

Best Diary App for Android

1. Daylio

Daylio allows its users to select and display what they think and what they are doing for each entry in their diary. In addition, it offers features like scheduling and monitoring activities. The app is able to generate statistics based on your entries, along with other users, to inform how its users feel on a daily basis

This gives you the option to back up your notes directly to your personal Google Drive account. In addition, Daylio has password protection to guarantee your privac.

2. Journey

Journey Diary App for Android is focused on making you think positively and stay motivated. It makes you think and provides areas for you to track anything you want to track. However, to experience the full benefits of this app, you really need to upgrade to the Pro version ($4 / month or $30 per year). If you don’t, it still works as a beautiful, functional journal app. 

Critics say customer service is slow to respond, with developers using bots to answer queries. They also say that the app often suggests subscribing. Critics, on the other hand, enjoy customization features and user-friendliness.

3. Day One Journal

Day One Journal app has many features including search, maps, tags and weather. The first day to write in low light also features a unique dark mode. It includes custom reminders and password protection for journal privacy. One of the best diary app android  gives you an unbeatable journaling experience. 

This is because when you write an entry, you'll have the option to customize the number of words, your entries, some of which are tagging, searching for local weather, and location tags. There is also the feature of adding photos and it is said that when you add a photo or audio to a particular entry you can brighten the memories of that moment.

4. Diaro

Diaro is another free app that is just like the first day. Plus, you get a notebook with all your notes, a powerful search, and the ability to access your notes from a browser. You can organize your diary entries using folders, tags and locations and add photos and videos to them. 

Please note that the free version of Diaro includes ads. A paid one without ads costs $4. If you are looking for a simple journal app without many features, Diaro is a great option.

5.Diary Book

Diary Book is another simple but useful diary app. You get the usual classification of features with this. It includes daily reminders, themes, night mode, cloud sync with Google Drive, and a variety of locks. It also boasts of decent rich text support. 

This includes links, colors, bold, italics, and regular skeptics in text format. You also get text to speech and auto lock mode. The UI is a simple content design. There is really nothing to complain about. It’s good for what it does.

6. Penzu

This diary app is available for free and it works as a journal or notepad. The app allows users to write entries in a single journal, set reminders, and lock the journal or the entire app with a password or PIN. There is a web version of this app; That way, you can still view your entries in a web browser. 

The Pro version allows users to create multiple journals with the ability to lock with different passwords and costs $5 / month. This is one of the best diary writing app you can find there.

7. Grid Diary

Based on the grid layout, the grid diary helps to write through questions. It displays a variety of questions as you write to help build your story. It also has built-in tips that will help you whenever you get stuck in writing. Features like password protection and cloud syncing are available if you choose to become a premium member.

8. Daybook

Daybook, one of the Best Diary App for Android , especially for those who enjoy travel blogging. With this app, when you record your travels, you can free the blogger living inside you or record your diary by speaking. This app offers to record your travels with photos, notes and even location tags. The best part? You can use this best diary app offline as well as with its offline feature and share it with your friends.

9. Luci

If you have problems like talking in sleep, dreaming and snoring, Luci is the application for you as it is one of the Best Diary App. Lucy helps record your sleep cycle, tracks sleep, uses filters to record your sleep activity. 

It also comes with a clear feature known as clear dreaming that helps you track your dreams. Lucy's top features include password protected passwords, clear dream tracking, tracking your dreams, intelligent audio filters and recording audio while sleeping.


All these Best Diary App for Android allow you to keep a digital diary with unique features. You can either share the logs with your friends or secure them with a lock!

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