7 Best Comic Reader Apps [2021]

Comics are a lot of fun, but in the modern age, you are more likely to read them on your computer screen without looking at the paper. If you're a fan of comics using Windows, you probably don't know what the options are for a decent, dedicated comic reader. Comic books are now easier than ever. Digital copies of comic books are available at every stage. 

Best Comic Reader Apps
Best Comic Reader Apps

Frankly, many people still prefer physical copies for a number of reasons. Some prefer them for the purpose of collection, others just like to read from a piece of paper. Well, if you don't mind reading the display, we have some Best Comic Reader Apps to talk to you about, some of the best.

Comic Reader Apps

1. EBookDroid

EBookDroid is a very simple and free, designed to read many file types, including typical comic files CBR and CBZ. The application can read data directly from files in the device memory, so it will be our job to choose the best way to organize them. Display options are very limited, but enough. 

Although it includes a very wide range of animations for transitions between pages, the readability of the page viewer is reduced to the possibility of zooming the page, which is very important if it is a small screen like a smartphone. Page load times are faster, even for graphics pages. 

On its side, in terms of technology, we can say that, although it is not a lightweight reader (1.6 MB.) It allows installation on an SD card and is available for all versions of Android from 1.5. So these are a simple and functional phone and tablet recommended for low-end.

2. Simple Comic Viewer

There aren’t really many good comic book readers available for Mac, but Simple Comic enhances the trend by providing a simple interface perfect for reading all your favorite titles. There aren't many features, but that's kind of the point: this app is strictly for reading comic books. 

However, you can still choose your page layout (do you want to view a page once or twice?), Scale pages, rotate pages, take multiple reading sessions, use automatic bookmarking, and view full-screen thumbnail page previews.

3. Perfect Viewer

Perfect Viewer, though in beta, is currently one of the best comic book reader apps on the Play Store. It's completely free without ads. It supports the following file formats: CBZ / ZIP, CBR / RAR,  LZH, CBT /TAR, PDF, HTML and TXT. There are different direction and navigation options with 5 viewing modes. Once the plugin is installed you will get cloud storage and FTP. 

Unlike Amazing Comic Reader, you don't need a separate app to set custom wallpapers. It also has a bookshelf but it's not as good as Comicat. You also get the usual features like adding to favorites, bookmarks and gesture support. There's also cast-to-screen support for Google Chromecast.

4. Comixology

For beginners who have problems with the choice of comics can use this app, as this app is perfect for giving good reading instructions. It has a collection of about 75,000 comics from different publishers like Marvel and DC. 

The app provides this large collection with the option to sync the app with other devices to read it later. This app offers the option to read whatever you want for a nominal subscription fee per month. It provides 30 days free trial for its users.

5. Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited Walt Disney's Marvel Comics is packaged in its digital subscription-based form. It is available as desktop and mobile apps (Android). The platform has been described as 'unlimited' because, with a single subscription, it gives you unlimited access to Marvel Comics impressions. 

That is to say, you can read any of them, anywhere and anytime. You can also download copies for offline reading. More than 28,000 digital copies of this subscription are available, and this number does not include Star Wars comics which is also included in the pack. 

Therefore, one of the reasons why Marvel Unlimited is considered one of the best Android/iOS apps for reading comics is because of its affordability. The subscription goes for around 10 per month or around 70 per year. Then, Marvel offers unlimited Marvel fans a pocket-friendly chance to catch the missing versions from a few decades ago. And, the library keeps growing as new issues are added.

6. ComicScreen

Comicscreen is another great comic book reader. It supports most file types and has a variety of reading customizations. You can also do some neat things like rotating pages with a hardware key. In terms of functionality, the app works well and we had no problems with that. Some have complained about not working with FTP, but it is still a specific use case. Overall this is a great offline reader.

7. Challenger Viewer

The Challenger viewer may not have the most beautiful menu, but it is a solid comics reader that loads comics quickly. When you read a comic, you have a choice of three different viewing options: a single page to show details, a double page like a traditional book, or a "split" double page, which divides all scans into two different pages. The app has different options depending on your experience.


We have what I think of as the Best Comic Reader Apps. With 7 items on the list, I’m sure almost anyone will have what’s best for them in their particular situation. Although we have to help you narrow down your choices by telling you what works best in certain situations in the end the money stays with you. So, my list only serves as a guide.

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