10 Best Logo Maker Software [UPDATED 2021]

Ready to create a logo for your brand but not sure where to start? We’re not saying branding is easy, but the best free logo makers will definitely get you started on your process. There’s a lot to consider when designing a logo, and doing solid research and understanding your client’s needs is clearly the best way. But there are times when you need to move things faster with some quick visual inspiration - and that’s where these logo makers can really help. Here, we have selected the 10 Best Logo Maker Software out there, which will help you get a lot of bright-looking logos in minutes. 

Best Logo Maker Software
Best Logo Maker Software

Many of these options will allow you to download a low-resolution version of the logo for free, but you will have to pay a reasonable fee for the scalable vector version. If you want to keep things at zero price instead, there are many other options on our best free logo designer software post. Also, try to choose our best free graphic design software. 

Instead of relying on a designer or an agency to create your logo, you can crowdsource the work by launching a logo design competition. How does it work? Easy! Briefly submit your logo design and hundreds of professional designers will create the logo just for you. When the deadline expires, choose your favorite design, finalize it, and then it's yours. 

If you decide to use a logo design competition, you will find that one of the most significant advantages is to reduce the number of ideas, not to have any difficulty waiting for a designer to create something that you will like. There are many companies out there that allow you to create a design competition and we have compiled a list of the best companies for you. 

How to choose the best logo maker for you

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the best logo maker for your needs: 

Ease of use - Some logo makers do a lot of work for you, while others require you to create from scratch.

Custom Features - Some logo makers offer a full drag and drop interface and many design elements, while others are more limited.

Price - Some logo makers are 100% free, while others will charge if you want to download a higher-quality version of your logo. 

Best Logo Maker Software

1. Wix Logo Maker

Wix, one of the most famous website builders for small businesses, has recently launched a logo maker tool, which is becoming popular among people who want to make their own logo easy and cheap. 

This tool is a little different from most online logo makers because it does not initially guide you to the logo builder platform. Instead, they ask you some basic questions so that you can understand your needs and, with that in mind, offer you relevant logos to meet your expectations. 

2. DesignEvo

In DesignEvo Logo Maker Software You can add as many graphic elements as you want, and design your own icons from scratch using the Size Library. But don’t worry if you don’t have any design experience - DesignEvo is very easy to use. Instead of a wizard asking you questions, you browse through the searchable library of logo templates and choose your favorite. 

Then, you can customize what you like. What's even more exciting is that you can download the PNG file of your logo for free. Like other services that offer "free" samples, here you can do whatever you like with your free logo - use it professionally as long as you link to DesignEvo from your website. 

3. Square Space

If you really want a simple, easy, and fast tool to bring a logo to your business, Squarespace Logo Creator is a great option. Squarespace is better known as a company providing web hosting and website builder tools, known for their easy-to-use interface. Its logo creation tool is the same and you can create a beautiful-looking logo for your company in a few seconds. 

You can change your logo using a web-based editor, although what it can do is a little limited. You can download your logo for free in low race form (and it's watermarked), or you can purchase the high-race non-watermarked version if you're a Squarespace customer). If you have created your company's website with Squarespace, then its logo creation tool is definitely worth using. 

4. Online LogoMaker

After opening the online logo maker site onlinelogomaker.com, you can start creating the logo as soon as you click on the Start Logo Maker button on the screen. As soon as you press the button, the logo creation will go on the screen. In the menu on the left, you can select "Add Text", "Add Icon", "Upload Image" and more. 

Add text By clicking "Add Text", you can enter the logo text or enter your own brand name. It has a simple and useful text editor that lets you quickly change fonts, colors, sizes, and layers. Upload an image If you have images ready to use in your logo, you can upload them by clicking "Upload Image". JPG, PNG, and other popular image files are supported. 

You can also upload pre-made images with Photoshop, Illustrator, etc., so this is a logo maker that you can use even if you really adhere to the originality! Add symbol Design a logo with a rich combination of symbols! After clicking "Add Symbol", you will see that many categories are listed. You can choose any icon you want to add to the creation of your logo. 

5. Logaster

Like many other input-based logo makers, the strength of Logaster is speed and convenience over design capabilities. After entering your company name and industry type, Logaster suggests a variety of logos with different fonts, colors and symbols. Each suggested logo is customizable with multiple layouts and color options. 

Logos are offered free of charge for, 10 to $ 20 for small, low-quality sizes and large, high-quality sizes. Being able to create a logo so quickly and easily with Logster is a big advantage for those with a busy schedule and minimal design skills. Also, the Logaster design looks a bit unprofessional with the usual fonts and symbols. If you can put more time and energy into your logo, other advanced logo makers may be better at creating a more polished look. 

6. Free Logo Design

FreeLogoDesign is another lucrative tool for small businesses and freelancers. It offers thousands of free logo templates and user-friendly editors. You can edit the colors, sizes, and text of your template and download the logo created in PNG file format. The free version of the logo is great for web use but if you need the logo for print you can download PDF, JPG files, and vector SVG files for 39. 

7. DesignMantic

DesignMantic is another great logo-making software that offers a variety of templates. It lets you choose your logo style, font, and color. You can enter your business name with thirty different categories. This allows you to customize the logo to your liking. 

You can create the logo for free with the site's software but to download the HD quality vector file, you have to pay a nominal fee. The site does not support unlimited download options, so you can only download the created logo once. This is a great site if you are looking for some inspired logo designs with different concepts 

8. LogoSmartz

Logosmartz offers an amazing library of properties and logo designs that can help even novice designers and entrepreneurs create memorable logos. More than 5000 different assets are included in the application with around 2000 prepaid templates to choose from. 

The editor is easy to use and gives you a lot of freedom to edit the finer details of your logo. Users can try out LogoSmartz for free or choose paid versions for 40, 70, or $ 99.95, on which you may want to use other features and tools, including creating your own logo. 

9. Inkscape

The software was created in 2003 as part of an open source project, meaning developers could create new versions or modify code to meet the company's needs. Inkscape's straightforward design and rich capabilities make it a clear winner for free logo design software. Inkscape is one of the few vector editing programs working on Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms. 

If you have previously run graphic design software, Inkscape will be easier to use. However, if you are unfamiliar with various vector editing features, there is a learning curve. But its popularity means you will find a lot of online tutorials to develop your logo. Once you create your design, you can export it in many file formats including SVG, AI, EPS, PDF and PNG. 

Top editing tasks include: Pencils, pens and calligraphy tools Shape tools for rectangles, ellipses, stars, spirals and polygons Text tool for multi-line text and canvas editing Color Selection Tool for RGB, HSL, CMYK, Color Wheel and CMS Palette A gradient editor 

10. Logobee

Assuming your intention is to create a memorable logo, Logobee shows that it is possible to do so. Even if you don’t have a bit of design experience, this won’t be a problem when using this intuitive tool. There are literally thousands of logo design templates waiting for you, as well as numerous options for renaming logos, customizing fonts and easily editing designs. 

That’s why a professional logo is guaranteed and you can be sure that you don’t have to settle for a low quality logo, even if you’re on a tight budget. Moreover, there is also a custom logo design option. Logobi's in-house designers can create custom logos from scratch based on your unique design preferences.


It is important to spend time deciding how you want to create your logo. I have listed a lot of tools for you in this post. They all offer different templates and different customization options. You have to choose the Best Logo Maker Software considering your style and your budget. 

Like many free online favicon generators, there are many great logo design software and logo maker apps available today. These allow you to customize your company logo according to your brand or product. You can also customize the logo to make it more stylish. 

But, to be different, you have to think creatively. Online logo generator sites are useful and flexible. So, make an impression on your potential customers and grow your business with great logo design.

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