8 Best Ecommerce Website Builders [2021]

With everything going on in the world, setting up your business to sell online has never been more important. The good news is that selling online is not difficult. With the right ecommerce platform, you can quickly list your products, make payments, and handle shipping - all without leaving your office. 

Best Ecommerce Website Builders
Best Ecommerce Website Builders


While researching this list, we considered more than 50 e-commerce website builders. Suffice it to say, there are many different options to choose from according to your needs, but for small businesses looking to sell online, these six are the best.

Best Ecommerce Website Builders

1. Shopify

Shopify is a fully fledged e-commerce platform, including hosting. It's popular on the free e-commerce platform and takes care of everything - payments, marketing, shipping and secure checkout, and is easy to set up. 

While there are no completely free plans, you can subscribe to Shopify's free trial for 14 days without submitting credit card details. During your free trial period, you can set up your store and explore features. But before you sell products or services, you have to pay for a plan. 

Shopify is a delight for anyone who wants a hands-on approach to online store setup and maintenance. With a range of plans for every need and type of business, it has something for everyone.  


Drag and drop interface 

Faster website load time 

14 days free trial, no credit card required 


A third-party app is required for international currencies 

Limited free theme 

Additional transaction fees on all non-shopified payments 

2. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an open-source plugin for WordPress-based websites. WooCommerce is completely free to start yourself, but you must already have website hosting and WordPress. You can also expand your online store with paid extensions, integrations and themes for your storefront. 

Like WordPress, WooCommerce has many free themes that you can use to build your online store. Another option is to purchase a premium theme to set up your store without free theme users. You can set up various payment options from major credit cards for integration with PayPal, etc. You can sign up with WooCommerce Payments for no setup fee or monthly fee. 

This allows you to accept a credit or debit card with a charge of 2.9% + 30 of for each transaction with US-issued cards. An additional 1% charge applies to any other card issued outside the US. All inventory management, tax calculations and shipping rate management are in the WordPress interface. You can integrate your WooCommerce store with Google Analytics to track data. 

WooCommerce is a comprehensive support forum that can be your first source of information. Since the platform is mostly free, you are expected to handle things yourself or hire an outside programmer. As a bonus, you have a 30-day money back guarantee with each purchase from the WooCommerce App Store. 


Getting started with WooCommerce is easy. Even if you are a complete novice, you can quickly create an online store. You will host your own website, which gives you full control. Although you will have to pay for WooCommerce hosting, it will not cost much. 

There are plenty of WooCommerce themes (designs) that allow you to create stores that truly reflect your brand. There are thousands of WooCommerce plugins that you can use to add new features and grow your business. 

You can sell any item with WooCommerce, its physical products, digital downloads, subscription plans, dropshipping stores or affiliate products. WooCommerce does not charge you any transaction fees. You only have to pay your payment service provider like PayPal or Stripe or your bank.  


If you're a beginner, WooCommerce is a little harder to get started than some of the other options. For example, you need to buy hosting and a domain name. You will be responsible for maintaining your online store as it grows. This means upgrading your hosting plan or paying for a security plugin for WordPress. 

 3. 3dCart

3dcart offers a variety of different plans that support all types of online stores.

This platform comes with integrated SEO tools and CRM to keep all your necessary data and tools in one place. Allows you to add unlimited products. Automatic shipping rates. Shopping cart savings. Offers single-page checkout. 24/7 online chat and ticket support.  


15 days free trial 

Provides real-time shipping data 

Can accept more than 200 types of payments 


There is no phone support on the startup plan 

Customization features are more limited than other platforms 

 4. Wix

Wix is known as an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop website builder but it's also a powerful ecommerce option. It offers a whole package - tons of creative freedom so you can control your branding, as well as plenty of sales tools to make your store a resounding success. 

You can sell all kinds of products from booking and services to digital goods and there is no transaction fee for any kind of care. 

If you choose Wix's cheapest ecommerce plan, you'll find a good range of basic sales tools, including: Released cart recovery to recover lost customers Multichannel sales on social channels like Facebook and Instagram Online booking so you can connect with customers through your site 

Reservation management to make your life easier Zoom product created in ecommerce template 15+ payment options so you can choose your best fit Wix's features are conveniently focused to help you set up your online store as easily as possible. 

If you upgrade, other features such as subscriptions, sales in multiple currencies, automatic sales tax and sales in other markets will also be available.  


Drag and drop website builder 

Multi-channel sales capability 

14 days free trial  


Only 20GB storage space on Basic Plan 

No free trial Basic planning may not be enough for most businesses 

5. Weebly

Weebly, like Wix, is a website builder looking to improve your ecommerce game. However, there is still some way to go before e-commerce giants or squarespaces are really challenged. With Weebly eCommerce site, you will still be able to use its effective website builder functions. 

This means you can easily create a beautiful looking site. What's more, unlike Wix, Weebly offers a wide range of product import and stock management tools without the use of a third-party app. This will make setting up your ecommerce store much easier. However, Weebly does not support multiple sales channels. 

This means extra work for you, as you will not be able to manage product sales in one central hub. Not only that, except for its two price plans you will get all 3% transaction fee. Weebly also does not give you the ability to customize your checkout or allow guest checkout options. All of these factors will keep you behind in your search for online sales, especially if you are thinking of running a large store.  


Simple user interface and dashboard 

Free plan 

Drag and drop builder  


Limited payment gateway 

No phone support for free or personal plans 

 6. Squarespace

With its cute templates and easy-to-customize layouts, Squarespace eCommerce is a top-of-the-line solution for online store design. It emphasizes products, with a little learning curve, and is built with strong features and a huge inventory system. 

It connects manufacturers, suppliers and exporters, allowing them to market and promote their services and products through the platform. 

The best design option of any ecommerce website builder High quality site features Excellent inventory system and analytical tools Flexible product variants, unlimited products, inventory management, automated email and configured sales are some of the key features.  


14 days free trial, no credit card required 

Drag and drop website builder 

Offers the most attractive design in all platforms  


Limited integration 

Charges additional transaction fees for the payment process 

Phone does not support customers 

 7. Magento

Coding is an integral part of the package. So, if you have a budget for a developer or someone - and really want something customizable and powerful - Magento is a solid choice. 

You can do this and undo until you find the feature-rich online store you want. A large part of the magento is the community. Developers are willing to work on your store for a fee or answer some of your questions for free. There is also a marketplace where you can get extensions and themes to enhance the functionality of your platform. 

Magento is the most widely used free, but paid level for enterprise solutions for large ecommerce businesses. It is expensive; Annual license fees run into the thousands of dollars. It's huge, but it's in the cloud, fast, and comes with additional features, including automatic trigger-based email campaigns and automatic cross / upsell. 

Whatever you choose, you'll enjoy a long list of features that you can expand. Discounts, recurring payments, the ability to grind SEO, adjust content per user, subscription subscriptions, unlimited products and more.  


Open source software is free 

Almost unlimited capacity 

Best for search engine optimization 


Hosted sites are expensive 

Your website needs developer and IT support to get it up and running 

There is no support for open source software 

8. BigCommerce

Big Commerce is another e-commerce based platform suitable for a large number of software industries. In all, more than 60,000 sites are being created, according to information provided by Social Beat on Big Commerce.

You'll be able to easily integrate more than 65 payment gateways provided by BigCommerce. Easy optimization of shopping carts on mobile devices. With the availability of BigCommerce, you can sell on various websites like Amazon, Facebook and eBay. Enhanced search engine optimization tools.  


Supports multi-channel sales 

Can accept international payments 

15 days free trial, no credit card required  


There is a learning curve for non-tech users 

Limited free theme 

More expensive for more sales


So, here we end with our today's tutorial on 8 Best Ecommerce Website Builders. We hope this helps you all choose the right platform for you Online store. If you are looking forward to the custom development of your Magento store, hire a dedicated Magento developer from Magicomp today.

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