8 Best CRM Software for Small Business [2021]

Are you looking for the Best CRM Software for your business? Are you interested in deploying customer relationship management software solutions in your business? If yes, read this post to know more about the top customer relationship management software solution providers currently serving small businesses.  


Best CRM Software for Small Business
Best CRM Software for Small Business

 What is CRM Software? 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy that emphasizes good ongoing relationships with customers.

It is believed that maintaining this relationship increases growth and profitability. 

There are two main components to this customer-centric strategy: 

Introducing an integrated face to customers 

Providing a seamless customer experience 

CRM software can help by synchronizing customer communication across business units. Sales, marketing, and customer service can all be found on a single page. It acts as a system of records for contacts and accounts throughout the customer life cycle. With CRM tools, companies can track, analyze, automate,  and optimize customer interactions. At its core, CRM is a database of contact information and communication history for each individual contact. Multiple departments in an organization may be using CRM. This includes sales, marketing, customer success or service, and possibly other teams.  

How to choose CRM software for your business 

CRM software can be a complex subject. With so many options to choose from, finding the best solution for your business can be overwhelming. To help narrow down your search, here is the recommended procedure at Quick Sprout. I will explain each component in more detail so that you can make a decision according to your needs.  

Team size 

The size of your business and team will have a significant impact on the CRM you choose. Some solutions are good for small businesses, while others are experts in enterprise software. You can only find CRM tools for small teams of one or two people.  


Customer relationship management software is very diverse. It is such a broad term and it is used in many sections and for different purposes. Common CRM categories include Sale Marketing Project management There are other solutions for things like customer service.

Some companies offer all CRM capabilities on a single platform. Others are special in one class over another. CRM solutions are offered as an all-in-one solution. But other times, you have to buy the software separately or bundle it in one package.  


You should find CRM software that integrates with the popular tools you use. This will allow you and your team to manage everything from a single dashboard. If you have to constantly jump back and forth on multiple platforms to manage your leads and customers, it defeats the purpose of using CRM to streamline your process.  


As always, the price will be a key factor in the CRM you choose. In most cases, the price is based on the number of users you have. Depending on the platform, the price can also be based on the number of contacts or storage you need. Be sure to find something in your price range. CRM software costs from 0 to + 300 + per user.

Best CRM Software for Small Business

1. Freshsales – Best CRM software for new businesses

FreshSales is a complete incremental sales force automation solution for sales teams. It provides the seller with everything you need to attract quality leads, engages in contextual conversations, run deals with AI-supported insights, and build customer relationships. 

With built-in email, phone and chat, Freshsales empower sales teams with more time for sales by automating the sales process and increasing efficiency and productivity in their day-to-day operations. Sellers can gain insight into the best deals and what actions to take, along with sales estimates. 

Businesses can take the next step towards Powerful pipeline management with Freshsales. Also, the option to use the original CPQ makes creating and sharing quotes and other important sales assets hassle-free. If you need solutions for your marketing team to organize customer information, personalize and automate email campaigns, and find the right sales opportunity, the FreshSales Suit bill fits. This is an all-in-one solution for sales and marketing teams. It provides sales force automation, marketing automation, chat, and telephony to accomplish your goals in a single solution. 

2. Salesforce – Best CRM software for growing businesses

Companies that need a lot of flexibility in their CRM will have to consider Salesforce Sales Cloud. Between its own customization options and both internal ecosystem and third-party AppExchange, the options for creating a bespoke platform are almost endless. 

Flow Builder lets you build custom process management automation. Click Flow in Settings, and select the type of flow you want to create. For example, a record-triggered stream lets you design what happens when a specific record (like a contact) is created. Using Visual Builder, you can add terms later, for example, contacts created between specific dates will be sent follow-up emails. 

At the page level, Salesforce lets you control who has access to view and edit fields. You can therefore prevent employees from viewing or editing fields in contact records that are not related to their work, depending on their roles. This can be for security reasons and also avoid questions of integrity from employees who do not require specific knowledge. 

Also at the field level, you can create your own help text explaining the meaning of that field. For example, for the discount area, you may have an explanation that says: This is the maximum allowed for this type of account. Any of the above requires the approval of the manager. These suggestions reinforce business practices and are good reminders, especially for new employees. 

AppExchange offers hundreds of third-party integration options for both paid and free apps. You can find available apps based on your software version (commercial, enterprise, etc.), category, price, rating, and language. One thing in particular to check is the app's compatibility with your Salesforce version.

If you collect data points, you can create a report in Salesforce. There are dozens of predefined reports for deals, activities, top accounts, win ratios, conversion rates, and anything else you want to count. And the hassle of sales managers everywhere? Delegates do not update their deals. With Log of Wall of Shame, you will know which delegates are not logged in, without leaving updates. 

 3. SAP CRM Software

SAP CRM is one of the renowned customer relationship platforms that has been developed to support improved work capabilities and also provides you with a better customer interaction experience for better business growth. SAP CRM allows applications to be deployed in the cloud or on-premises as per the needs of the customers. 

It plays an important role in increasing customer engagement, sales, and marketing. It automates and integrates all customer-facing activities. Its integration with ECC and BW is excellent. It provides a wide variety of reports, tools, and views for analysis and forecasting. It provides a decent 360-degree view to all customers. It is with very strong and flexible features. 

4. Oracle CRM

With more than 420,000 customers and deployments in more than 145 countries, Oracle CRM provides a comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications, platform services, and engineered systems. It offers a complete and integrated CRM solution that breaks the silos to provide an uninterrupted customer experience in marketing, services, sales, commerce, social, and configuration, price, and quote. 

5. Zoho CRM

Zoho is considered Best CRM Software for Small Business offer when in fact they have affordable price plans, where the low price is not low quality. They have succeeded in achieving this by staying free from boot-strapped and exit-oriented investors. 

Zoho CRM is a value-focused offer for businesses of all sizes and types. A free version is available for 3 users. 15 days free trial for paid versions. The standard version is $ 15 per user/month, billed annually. The commercial version is $24 per user/month, billed annually. Enterprise version is $40 per user/month, billed annually. The final version is $ 55 per user/month, billed annually. Special 30-day free 

6. Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a popular and robust CRM software. This helps to simplify the process and increase profits in the sales, marketing, and service segments. It helps build a strong bond with customers that meets their expectations and needs. 

It keeps customer centralized information and automates interactions. This is server-client software. A good client interface that is simple and easy to use. Supports both SaaS and on-premises. It provides automatic workflow and thereby reduces manual effort. It offers high customization. 

7. Sage CRM

Providing a great customer experience doesn't end when you close a sale. You need to cultivate your customer relationship and respond quickly if problems arise. CRM's customer service tools can help provide support and monitor resolution to your employees without leaving the CRM platform. 

Team features provide case history and resolution times metrics to help you identify service gaps, and reporting tools allow you to create comprehensive visual charts and reports. CRM includes common problems and central reserves to solve them. You can add solutions on the go, or store reviewed and pre-approved solutions in a knowledge base for consistency and fast case resolution. 

Alternatively, or collectively, you can create a web self-service portal that will help your clients solve their own problems, reducing the burden on your support team. 

8. Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM gives you an overview of the entire customer journey and the relevant intelligence needed to anticipate the overall customer view and opportunity. Create multiple personalized dashboards to suit short-term and long-term goals.  


The Best CRM Software for Small Business in India allows you to store notes, emails, phone calls, and sales pipeline estimates related to client records in your database. This reduces the risk of missing tasks, appointments, and notes, which can jeopardize your sales success. There are many options for finding Best CRM Software Small Business that works best for you and your budget.

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