8 Best Drill Machine in India [2021]

 Finding the right tool for your business is not an easy task. There are many things to consider before buying the best drilling machine for your home or work.You may be looking for a fast or power drill or you may be looking for a lightweight model or power drill that does all this and adapts to your budget. 

Best Drill Machine in India
Best Drill Machine in India


The power drill is a great utility device and should always be handy at home. Whatever your case, we’ve got a selection of the best drills to choose from.

Best Drill Machine in India

1. Bosch 500W Professional Impact Drill 

This tool kit includes 1 combination pier, 5 concrete drill bits, 30 nylon plugs, 1 measuring tape, 1 utility knife, 4 wood and 4 metal drill bits, 1 wrench, 500W hammer drill, 1 cutter, 1 hammer, 1 spirit level Is. , 1 bit holder, 10 screw driver bits and 30 screws. 

This tool kit contains reverse drill bits for wood, metal and walls. The machine has many tools that make it one of the best drill machines in India. The Bosch drill machine for home use weighs 1.5 kg and has a maximum drilling diameter of 10 mm in concrete, 10 mm in brick, 20 mm wood and 8 mm steel. This is weight loss. This tool kit requires general maintenance and repair. 


It has separate drill bits for drilling on metal, woods and concrete and walls. 

It has a magnetic screwdriver with 10 different screw bits that make your work easier and faster. 


It has only four drill bits for wood.

2. Black+Decker 13mm 550W Variable Speed Hammer Drill 

Black & Decker is a well-known and respected brand when it comes to drilling machines. They have been marketing these products for a long time and know what customers want. It comes with a power rating of 550 watts and a chuck capacity of 13mm. 

The impact rate is specified at 600 bpm at 0-07, the velocity is 0-2 at 800 rpm. As far as maximum drilling capacity is concerned, they vary widely for different materials. For example, it is 20mm for wood, 13mm for steel and finally 13mm for porcelain. 

The cable provided with the product is 2 meters long and is rated at 550 watts which is perfectly suitable for the purpose of domestic drilling. The product has a drilling or hammer mode used to extract the strength and speed required for drilling in porcelain, wood or steel. 

There is an essential variable speed feature that facilitates ultimate boat tip control for all types of drilling applications, not just one. There is also a reverse brush system that facilitates overall torque and power in both forward and reverse directions. 

In addition, they have also provided a button that can be used for continuous use. The design of the machine is very ergonomic and also has optimal grip positions and insulated plastic body which is also shock proof. Moreover, when it comes to changing bits and low weight body you are easily connected. 

The material in the package includes a drill machine, 1 depth gauge, a chuck key, four drill bits, wood as well as concrete in the material and an auxiliary handle. Finally, you will also get a 6-month comprehensive guarantee on the product. 


Powerful drill The product supports wood, concrete and metal drilling 

Great potential

Long lasting 

Various equipment 

Lightweight and insulated shock proof plastic body 


It can be difficult to use at first

3. Golden Bullet HI93 Drill Machine 

In addition to the tools accessory, this 13mm drill machine comes with the acclaimed 6 drill bits, a depth gauge, and an extra carbon auxiliary handle and chuck key. It can be operated in both forward and reverse direction which enables work for normal drilling and screw driving. 

There is an alternative to variable speed which allows you to change the speed for faster and slower drilling process. The tool kit is also integrated with safety gear for extra protection.


6 free bits with this drilling machine 2 meter long rope 

Amazing user reviews 


The hammer function in this machine is not very reliable

4. Cheston 10mm Powerful Drill Machine 

This tool is ideal for anchor drilling and making holes in concrete and masonry. Also, it is more suitable for drilling wood, steel, ceramic and screw driving applications. It has three hammer drills for wall, marble, concrete and granite. 

Rotary drill mode is suitable for simple drilling and driving for plexuses. So, the hammer drill mode allows the user to do heavy drilling in porcelain. The Cheston brand is renowned for its high quality and durability. 


Comes with more than 50% discount 

High-quality rope 

Good handling 

Uses very little energy 


5 drill bits 


Not as famous in India as other brands like Bosch and Black + Decker

5. Makita M0801B 16mm Heavy Duty Hammer Drill Machine

 Makita is a Japanese company that has made its brand in the manufacture of electrical equipment. For those who are passionate about creating DIY projects or fixing home furniture, this Makita M0801B drilling machine is a perfect choice. 

Although, it works on a corded energy source but uses less energy and is easier to maintain. It has both reverse and forward modes that allow you to change the clockwise or anti-clockwise direction depending on the type of work. 

This drilling can be done on metals, ceramics, wood, plastics etc. Helps in similar multipurpose work. It has changing speeds so you can control the speed. It is a pistol grip drill machine with a 10mm chuck size. It is a corded power source that requires 250 watts of power to run this power device. 

Its compact design will reduce the hassle of working in small spaces and make overhead work easier. It weighs about 1.2 kilograms, making it easy to hold and use, and long-term stress-free. It offers a good torque value and 0 - 3000 rpm No load speed will make it the best choice for a wide range of applications. 

The capacity of this drill machine is 10mm for steel and 25mm for wood. It comes at reasonable rates and is based on a 6-month warranty service from the date of purchase. 


6 months of manufacturing warranty Suitable for small tasks. Lightweight, robust and portable drilling machine. Easy to keep and operate The value for money Forward and reverse actions 


No additional equipment will be included - just a drill machine.

6. iBELL Electric Drill Machine with Bit Sets – 500Watt  

Ibel Drill Machine for Industrial Use and Home Use: This is a 500 watt cord drill machine with a capacity of 10 mm chuck, its compact ergonomic design allows for comfortable use. It has speed dial to change the speed as required. And its “lock-on” button gives the user the option to keep the machine running continuously while performing repetitive operations. 

It is ideal for piercing metal, wood and plastic. The trigger-sensitive variable speed switch allows the user to drill slowly for accuracy when starting a hole drill. 


This machine is easily affordable 

Light in weight 


The quality of the bits is not good 

The speed regulator is not working properly 

No adapters provided for bit expansion

7. Foster FHD 2-26 DRE 26mm Rotary Hammer Drill Machine 

A quality drill machine at a very affordable price with a handgrip that is easy to bear and hold for a long time. The chuck size of the drill is 10mm which can fit in various drill bits and ensure strong jaw drilling firm. For wood drilling, a 15mm bit works wonders. 

The drill machine has a 450-watt motor, which can successfully drill a concrete wall if required. 2600RPM can effectively drill metal. It has a reverse button to remove the drill if it gets stuck on the surface. 

The Foster Pistol Grip Drill is an excellent drilling machine with excellent overall performance, strong body, cheap price makes it one of the best drilling machines in India. 


Budget friendly 

Anti-slip grip Light and gentle look Reverse speed 


Not for commercial or concrete drills 

Only three months warranty

8. KHADIJA Powerful 10mm Simple Electric Drill Machine 

Is it necessary to buy a drilling machine to do different household? Here is a cheap affordable option from Khadija, which will help you get home repair works and organization. Khadija's range of power tools is intended for commercial and domestic use. 

This combination of a powerful 350W drill machine and high-quality drill bits will allow for extreme convenience and versatility. Being a user-friendly and ergonomically intended grain drill, this power tool from Khadija offers easy curiosity with great efficiency and handling. 

This drilling machine is equipped with a durable copper motor of 350 W - 2600 rpm for smooth and effective drilling performance. Coming with a chuck of 10mm, this makes it an ideal tool for home drilling tasks and allows vents to cool effectively. 


Ergonomically designed 

2600 rpm 

6 months warranty 


Average Quality

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