8 Best Android Games for Offline [2021]

The best Android games transform your phone or tablet portal into an amazing digital world. In these crazy times, we know we're spending more and more time on our phones, especially with friends and family. But there will also be times in the coming months when you just want to get off your couch and relax with a great Android game. 


Best Android Games for Offline
Best Android Games for Offline

 The Google Play Store has a lot of awesome games but the number of games that really fit your time is constantly increasing. If you know where to look, you'll find 100 hours of easy-to-eat puzzlers, satisfying platforms, and RPGs. We have studied all these to bring a list of these gems. Here are 8 best Android games that you can play right now.

Best Android Games for Offline

1. Subway Surfers 

A fun running guy with great graphics and great optimization for any device. The changing locations, the ability to choose characters, and the many gadgets for them do not allow the game to get boring in the first hour. 

Yes, the popularity of this runner has decreased a bit, but this has made the game no less addictive. Many developers are now making cheap copies of Surfer, including popular characters in Simple Mechanic. There is an animated series based on it.

2. Eternium (free) 

For all the old-school role-playing games (RPG) fans out there, Eternium is free to play and you can access it offline through many features. Choose to play as a castle, bounty hunter or warrior, fight in your battle with three magnificent handicraft forts, filled with castles, barns, caves, forests and villages, to explore or learn new abilities of infinite random range. 

Levels generated in heroic game mode tests. Along the way, do battle skeletons, ghosts, dragons and more, or work with your comrades to destroy even more difficult enemies and reward them with rare, epic and legendary gear.

3. Alto’s Adventure  

Alto's Adventure Adventure is one of the most popular Android games that offers hilarious action adventures with the story of Alto and his friends. There is snowboarding on different terrain to give experience in the game. Interactive physics-based gameplay has been dubbed "one of the best Android games" by Verge.

4. Crashlands 

Crashlands is a very well designed game that pushes your hero on a dangerous planet with the aim of building your hero, defeating your enemies and running back into space. The combat mechanism is simple and fun. A streamlined list makes it easy to extract resources and craft your base and goods. The story is light with tongue-in-cheek humor. 

For 6.99 Crashlands offers potentially limitless and addictive gameplay - once you win the game you can create more content with a level editor. Install Crashlands on Google Play

5.Crossy Road 

Crossy Road is the most popular mobile game. This is basically a frogger of the mobile gaming generation. You guide a hen across the road, dragging and various obstacles. The game includes over 150 collectible characters, local and online multiplayer (when you still play online), offline support, Android TV support, and more. This is a family friendly game that is free to play. In-app purchases are mostly for cosmetic ingredients that do not affect the game.

6. Alto’s Odyssey 

Alto's Odyssey is a side-scrolling endless running game that does not require internet connectivity. You can slide down various slopes of the game while collecting coins. The various terrain elements you find create stunt-jump opportunities, which pay more coins. The main attraction of the game is its simple, enjoyable gameplay and excellent color graphics. A free version gets you occasional ads, but you can also pay a one-time fee for the experience without ads.

7. Asphalt 9: Legends 

Asphalt 9: The popular mobile racing game is a famous new entry in the franchise and brings a lot to your favorite Frantic arcade racing action. The Asphalt series always misses out on all expressions of realism - outside of photo-realistic car renders - to provide a great, high-octane experience with all the fixings. Players can perform their tasks in career mode, where they unlock new rides and upgrades for their garage and car, or compete online in multiplayer. Stunningly polished graphics and an outstanding soundtrack make Asphalt 9 that you will not soon forget. Of course, it has the usual gameloft trappings like a stamina meter and lots of micro transacts for things not in the game (including those stamina meter refresh). Still, you can get it without spending any cash, so from that point of view Asphalt 9 is a pretty free game. This is a great game for you if you love cars.

8.Fruit Ninja 

This is a great Android workout game for your fingertips. Fruit Ninja gives players a set of fruits on the screen that they must break or cut to get points. In the meantime run your finger over the fruit line to slice the fruit. The flow of fruit on the screens in the game sometimes increases and decreases at other times. Users need to slice all these fruits one by one to reach different levels. During the fruit the users will be presented with specific explosives which they should watch carefully. Touching these explosives brings the whole level down.

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