10 Best Weather Apps [Android]

Knowing whether it will rain today will save you from the cold. Knowing how hot it is on the street won’t let you wear extra clothes. Knowing how cloudy it will be in the evening will ensure you and your daughter a guaranteed romantic dinner with stars. As you can see, knowledge of weather conditions helps a great deal in survival. And that's why some people watch TV for weather forecasts. In fact, it is now obsolete - the Internet provides almost everything a user needs. And now there is also a smartphone, on which special weather programs can be installed. 

Best Weather Apps Android
Best Weather Apps Android


We have 10 West Weather apps for your phone. They are one of the most popular and well-proven weather services on Android with an elegant interface, detailed, timely information and a lot of functionality. With their help, you will know exactly what the weather is expecting from you in the coming weeks, next weekend and next week.

Best Weather Apps Android

1. 1Weather 

1 Get every accurate weather detail on the weather, it helps you stay up to date with your local weather and navigate your actions. Some of the key features of this app include live local radar with 25-plus levels, 12 week extended forecast, detailed forecast for the next 48 hours, sun and moon tracker, hourly rain forecast and more. This app has over 5 million downloads on the Play Store, get it for your device.

2. Appy Weather 

The biggest reason to use Dark Sky is the combination of features combined with its elegant design. Now that Dark Sky has left the Play Store, it looks like Appy Weather is trying to take cover while relying on Dark Sky (and other services) for its forecast. 

The app even won for its gorgeous design for Google’s “Best of the Day 2019” for everyday necessities. The app is also easy to use with a unique timeline view. There are three options for viewing on the main page, which allow you to change daily between hourly and daily timeline views. However, if you want to unlock the full potential of Appy Weather, you need to sign up for its Plus, Pro or RoPro subscriptions. 

Plus subscriptions remove widgets, notifications, the ability to see the temperature in your status bar, and ads. Meanwhile, Pro Subscription offers some premium weather providers with custom notifications. Eventually, Ropro unlocked all the levels on the various potential maps, including storms, firefighting, electricity, air quality and more. Appy Weather is enough to use without adding another subscription to your list, yet you will definitely need a subscription to unlock full power and versatility.

3. Storm 

Additional features of storm radar like Global Future Radar that can give you hours of animated weather forecasts can easily make it one of the best weather apps. In addition, the app can predict storm paths, or speed, and storm components. Storm radar can help you detect lighting from anywhere in the US up to 100 miles away. 

Moreover, the app is very useful for those who like to capture or chase events like different weather conditions and thunderstorms. Storm radar is a little different than the rest of the apps in the weather. It mainly focuses on hurricanes and many storms. Can get basic weather characteristics like current temperature, weather conditions and more. 

The app is published from the Weather Channel and we assume it's better than other weather apps. Storm Radar is completely free but has ads.

4. Overdrop - Hyperlocal Weather & Storm Radar 

Some weather apps offer no options when choosing a weather source. That's fine for most people, but it's great to find an app that lets you switch between sources, and this will give you an overdrop. From the main page, Overdrop shows you the current weather details, with more information being able to expand with a drop-down arrow. 

The app itself is given a fun design with many themes to choose from during the initial setup. Furthermore, you can choose to use forced notification in your status bar by showing what the current weather conditions are. There is a weather forecast section that shows you the temperature, wind speed and precipitation level for the next 24 hours. 

Overdrop also includes more than 50 different widgets to choose from if you want to see the weather on your home screen. But you need to sign up for Overdrop Pro to unlock the custom options and constant notifications of these widgets. It also unlocks some other themes, so you can really personalize your weather app in every way imaginable.

5. What The Forecast?!! 

There is no better way to break the bad news of a cold day than to give a little ridiculous relief. !! How many carrots weather, guess what? !! Straight-line forecasts directly from Erisweather, daily forecasts for up to 10 days, 48-hour hourly forecast, air quality, current lunar phase.

But the actual title feature is tongue-in-cheek sentences that describe the current weather conditions. The app has over 9,000 sentences to describe the weather, air quality and alertness, but you can also censor the app a bit by removing cursed words and foul language. 

Not only is it interesting but it is also educational, increasing the ignorance we have about the vocabulary of the weather. WTF? !! There is a glossary explaining the weather conditions used and you can also share weather reports on your social media account.

6. YoWindow Weather - Unlimited New generation weather program. 

Yowindow offers you a living landscape that reflects the actual weather If it is raining then Yowindow is also raining, this unique feature keeps us away from our competitors. To keep track of what’s ahead of you that day, it gives you the opportunity to know the upcoming weather forecast, whether it’s sunny, rainy or windy, so you can plan your day accordingly.

7. AccuWeather: Weather alerts & live forecast info 

Accuweather prides itself on the accuracy of its predictions, and the global weather monitoring company's free mobile app manages to pack a lot into each screen. It ranges from a quick read on what the weather is like to a more detailed radar scan showing rain and clouds over a wide area. 

And if you're looking for a minute of information about when the sky will open, get that minutecast: a circular, clock-like forecasting tool that shows you can expect rain in the next 60 minutes. If you’re an Android user mourning the loss of that app, it’s Dark Sky and Esk. 

Beyond sunlight and rain, Accuweather can provide wind speed, solar ultraviolet radiation (UV) levels, humidity, cloud cover, visibility, and more. This is undoubtedly one of the best weather applications out there for the depth and accuracy of its data.

8.Weather Radar & Live Widget: 

The Weather Channel An important weather app for both iOS and Android, the Weather Channel app provides estimates in local hours, daily and weekly, as well as a "feel like" feature to tell you what to prepare when you leave home. Owned by IBM, the app also includes radar with real-time rain alerts and the ability to track seasonal gies allergies, flu risk and Covid-11 cases. 

The app is free to download, but the ads are clearer here than anything else. You can remove them by upgrading to a premium for 10 or 1 month per month. The Weather Channel app, its service provider and its advertising and analytics partners may collect information and share it with third parties in accordance with its privacy policy. 

You can request or delete your usage data. This will happen if you allow the app to collect location information while the app is running in the background. You can turn off location storage directly through your device settings.

9.Weather data & microclimate : Weather Underground 

Weather Underground's simple, intuitive UI looks more like a stock trading platform than a weather forecast app, but that's what makes it great. If you’re looking for no-frills design elements with super detailed reports this app is perfect. 

It not only gives you current temperature and weather forecasts but also measures everything from dew point to humidity, air pressure, wind speed and more. It also allows you to monitor things like air quality and UV exposure, as well as local flu outbreaks. Oops, and it gives you a daily analysis of how you compare each day's data to the same day's history. If you’re more into analysts and less into beautiful pictures, go with it.

10. Windy

Windy is another subscription weather app and you have the option to choose to pay a full for a year or you can choose a monthly subscription that costs 1 for the year. Are done, so the weather map focuses. For widgets, there are three in total. The first is a 4x2 widget that shows a 4 day forecast. The second is a 4x2 widget that provides an hourly forecast chart and the third is a 2x2 widget that displays an animated weather map. All three widgets can be resized, although you can only choose from dark or light themes, so customization is limited.

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