9 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android

Most people have a habit of changing the wallpaper of their smartphone. They like to set a unique wallpaper on their smartphone just to give the smartphone a different look. Wallpapers are an important part of our lives. This is the first thing we see when we unlock our phones. And a lot of people spend a lot of their time searching for wallpapers on the web and more or less keep the image quality and in the worst case they can't find what they were looking for. 


best Wallpaper Apps For Android
Best Wallpaper Apps For Android

So instead of searching and downloading wallpapers one by one, why not use wallpaper apps that can save you a lot of time, storage and change the wallpaper automatically every day. So here is a list of the 10 best wallpaper apps for Android that will make your home screen look beautiful.

Best Wallpaper Apps For Android

1. Backdrops 

If you’re happy to spend a little money on your wallpaper, it’s worth looking at the backdrop and screaming for UI and image sorting in it, but there are also plenty of free wallpapers available. With a now-familiar list of categories you can expect in the wallpaper app, Backdrops provides an 'Explore' panel, a great way to combine images for both free and premium. 

There's also a community tab for images uploaded by other users, and the app provides for ratings and favorite images you'll want to return later.

2. Wallpapers By Google 

Wallpapers by google is Google's official wallpaper app. The app has been released with Pixel Phones and if you have Pixel Launcher installed on your phone, you are already familiar with this wallpaper app. This app has really great categories including real photos of the earth, satellites, landscapes, textures and recently taken Earth, and Google has added two more categories, Art, Life. All in all the app is really cool and worth a try.

3. Muzei Live Wallpaper 

Muzei is a live Android wallpaper app that refreshes the daily lock screen with fresh artwork. The app changes the wallpaper every few hours between the user's favorite photos. The unique thing about my Android Live Wallpaper app is that it is a developer-friendly app.

4. Backgrounds HD 

Backgrounds HD is one of the most popular free wallpaper apps for Android, having been reviewed by over 200,000 people on Google Play. This diverse app includes background videos, pictures, explanations and clocks. Users can upload their own wallpapers and try to sell on the paid version of Background HD.

5. Walli – 4K, HD Wallpapers, And Background 

One of the most feature-packed and ultimate apps for choosing the best wallpapers for Android. This is one of the apps that is regularly updated and has some really solid wallpapers. Walli has one of the best creative and featured unique looking wallpapers that you should try. 

For those who believe in changing wallpapers regularly but do not want to do it manually, the wall also comes with the feature of automatic wallpaper change that can be selected automatically. To use this feature, all you have to do is select a group of wallpapers of your choice and turn on the option. 

In our opinion, Walli has one of the best apps that hosts some of the best high-resolution 4K and even 8K compressed wallpapers for smartphones. Notably, some wallpapers from Walli are also featured on the Google Wallpapers app.

6. Tapet 

Tapet is a unique wallpaper app that can refresh the look of your Android device and help you find the best Android wallpapers. It does not download any wallpapers from the web but generates them into your device via algorithms. 

You can also configure the app to set new wallpapers every day. The generated wallpaper will fit perfectly on the screen of your smartphone. Plus, there’s my support, history of applied and favorite wallpapers, and more.

7. Zedge 

Zedge is one of the oldest apps available for android devices and this means you will find a lot of wallpaper collections in this app then you can get it from anywhere else. You have plenty of categories to choose what kind of wallpaper you want for your device. 

This app is available for free to download but you need to get in the habit of advertising in the app. The Zedge app has a nice feature that gives you the ability to see what your wallpaper looks like without even applying it to your android smartphone. The app lets you view the wallpaper and literally add your timestamp and icon. 

This means that you have no problem changing it to see what the wallpaper looks like and then repeat the process with another. In addition to wallpapers, the android for Zedge app also has ringtones, notification tones and other sounds that you can download and apply to the device for added customization.

8. Wallpapers HD, 4K Backgrounds 

This is another popular Android wallpaper app. Thousands of HD images will give your phone a very fast look. This app mainly shows wallpapers for the younger generation. If you are a Hollywood movie lover, you will find this app so friendly because it brings a lot of Hollywood movie characters as wallpapers. Apart from that there are many other cities and nature-based wallpapers.

9. Wonderwall 

Wonderwall is an excellent source of beautiful landscape wallpapers with hand-selected nature photography. Content is updated daily, and the app automatically downloads and sets up your wallpaper for you. Wonderwall is easy to use and has excellent design quality. The choice of image is small but great if you like nature that helps calm and relax.

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