9 Best Stock Market Apps India

The Stock Trading app allows you to control your finances and investments using anything other than your phone and tablet. All we do is include our smart devices, realizing that the stock market is embracing this new trend. Stock trading apps make trading easier for people who find it difficult to enter the industry. 

Best Stock Market Apps India
Best Stock Market Apps India


For those who have a business acumen, these apps allow you to pursue your hobby and create a new stream of income.

Best Stock Market Apps India

1 – Money Control 

This is best mobile app for stock market news and updates. If you are thinking of having only one stock market app in your smartphone then I highly recommend giving this to you. The Money Control app is simple, yet they have a lot of information and news. 

You can keep track of the latest updates in the Indian and global financial markets on your smartphone with MoneyControl with PASH. It covers a wide range of assets on the BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX exchanges, so that you can easily track indices (Sensex and Nifty), stocks, futures, options, mutual funds, commodities and currencies.

2 – Yahoo Finance 

The Yahoo Finance app offers a large amount of financial coverage. Once you download the app, it will ask you to select a region / country so that you get all the relevant quotes. It includes a wide range of indices and almost all the information, be it commodity prices or the latest finance-related news. 

The app offers daily market summaries and news, keeps track of the tickers that matter to you, and lets you add or remove stocks from the watchlist. You can also view your Yahoo Finance profile from PC. UI neatly organizes stocks and lets you track them by offering data in real-time and after hours. In fact, you can go beyond stocks because the app allows you to track industry, goods, and more. The app can be downloaded on Android.

3 – Investing.com 

This mobile app has earned billions of users and the number of users of this app is increasing by minutes. This is the highest ranking after the stock market app. Here are the various features provided in this stock market app: This app is highly functional and allows the user to achieve maximum performance. 

The app provides real-time data and a financial calendar to track all financial events throughout the year. The customer can track global indices, stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies and interest rates from around the world. The app also has a voice notification setting that helps customers alert about business deal analysis, news report analysis, financial instruments or any financial event. 

The Investing.com app has been installed by 209,589 users by 2021. The app has an average rating of 4.5 on the Google Play Store. App reviews only include praise from around the world. There are compliments based on appearance, performance and accuracy of the app. Any customer who downloads this app is happy and it is full of appreciation only for the app and related company.

4 – Stock Edge 

There is an advantage to providing this app Backup and restore changes They are made Application before Stocks and Gets alerts and notifications If the price rises or falls Or any stocks in the portfolio In your watch list It also details the stock Merchant or key information Looking for an investor and that too About the World Index It also details the profits and losses of the BSE and focuses on global currencies and commodity prices.

5 – Robinhood 

Robinhood is an app that lets you buy and sell stocks for free. Users can buy or sell stocks at market prices. The app allows you to place limit orders and also stop loss orders. This is a lot of functionality unless you are an active trader. Also, the app comes with a clean user interface and basic research tools. Most serious investors should combine Robinhood with one or more free research tools. 

This will help them develop a more systematic approach to investing. That being said, you can’t beat Robinhood’s free trade, but the shortcoming of that is the third here. They also allow options, fractional shares and cryptocurrency investments, but are also limited. The shortcomings are really limited, but the biggest thing is that the platform has become unreliable in recent months, which is largely affecting investors. 

If you’re curious how Robinhood makes money, it’s through Robinhood Gold. Robinhood Gold is a margin account that allows you to buy and sell after a few hours. Buying at a margin means doubling the income you expect. This means you also double your expected loss. The result means that trading at a margin tends to your principals.

6 – Acrons  

Acrons are designed for investors who don't want to be too active and have never invested before. With round-up savings and Robo-Advisors, Acrons offers a very mobile-friendly option to invest your money in a slowly growing nest. An easy-to-use app with very little investment cost 0 accounts minimum A robot-advisor model designed for beginners with no investment experience Automatically invests additional changes to maximize your savings Free management available for college students

7 – Stock Twist 

With a powerful combination of social media and stock trading information, StockTwits is one of the most comprehensive Android apps. It prides itself on commercially curated stocklists with real-time data and many charts for technical analysis to help traders evaluate the market. 

The app also has a section for forex and cryptocurrencies. Users can also share valuable insights with the community and use the earnings calendar to prepare for upcoming events

8 – Economics Time (ET) 

This is one of the best stock market apps. ET Market app to read market news and updates as they are given the best breaking news. Moreover, the stock detail feature on this app is always neatly arranged. To track the BSE Sensex, make the NSE Nifty chart live and get share prices with advanced technical charting. 

Follow real time stock quotes, get advice on intra day trading, stock futures, commodities, forex markets, ETFs on the go. Mutual Fund News, NAV, Portfolio Updates, Fund Analysis, One Stop Destination for SIP Calculator Easy swipe to create, manage and access your portfolio; Get customized news, analysis and data of Indian stock market Create your watchlist and keep track of them regularly Get to know the analysis/expert opinions delivered to you, participate in discussions/conversations through comments

9 – JStock 

Jstock combines functions to create a stock market news app and personal portfolio tracker. The app organizes various stock market and business news throughout the day to help you decide your best strategy, and also lists new content related to specific companies and their stock sales. 

The app has a number of features, some of which are only available to present easy-to-understand graphs and charts based on the overall value of your portfolio, price fluctuations, and dividend performance, such as US stocks (like an analytics company’s earnings).

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