8 Best Health Apps Free

In this modern age, healthcare apps play an important role in maintaining your health by providing digital care to specialist emergency people across India. The smartphone is a substance that offers you everything from online shopping, food orders, digital transactions and doctor's consultations, door-to-door laboratory tests and in-door delivery of your medicines in the shortest possible time. 

Best Health Apps Free
Best Health Apps Free


 All of these things will come under one application. If you have downloaded the best healthcare services for Android devices designed by Indian app developers, you are ready to take care of all digital health when needed.

Best Health Apps Free

1. Epocrates, the best medical app for patients 

The free version of Apocrites is considered by many to bean essential reference. Features such as a two-pill identifier, a multimedia calculator and a drug interaction checker make Apocrates a favorite of clinicians and students. Of notes, Apocrates recently announced support for a premium conversion of the Apocrites Android platform. Apart from the popular and new Android apps, Apocryphs are not available for Android user suite holder operating system.

2. PEPID, the top medical app for doctors 

If there's anyone who can understand a doctor's mysterious handwriting, it's a pharmacist. Almost everyone is given a doctor’s medical prescription medication by a pharmacist. What if this medical genius went digital? There will be an app for patients that allows users to easily communicate with their pharmacist about various medications, medical articles and prescribe refills and procedures through the mobile app. 

PEPID serves all of these functions in one mobile app. Their goal is to make medical information easier by helping pharmacists go digital. The app includes cloud storage and digital solutions for pharmacies, while PEPID also builds mobile apps for pharmacies. These custom applications help pharmacists communicate with their customers while making the prescription fill process more convenient for everyone.

3. UpToDate, best healthcare mobile app 

A powerful platform for doctors and medical students. It provides easy access to its functions from many devices like smartphones, desktop computers and tablets. The solution has up-to-date professional information resources on almost every field of healthcare, which has been shared among doctors and clinics without any problems. Proven recommendations from the best experts in the world are likely to come from doctors all over the world. Explore the Overview of the Update app in the video.

4. Telehealth, the Best online medical app 

TeleHealth App is one of the top healthcare apps that provides the best quality healthcare at your doorstep. This medical app offers a wide range of telemedicine services 24x7 online without doctor examination and consultation. The app uses AI and machine learning tools to help you get a quality healthcare experience online. It will ask you a series of questions based on your health condition and prescribe the best medications without the need for health insurance.

5. AirStrip, the best mobile healthcare app 

Airstrip provides a mobile, interoperable platform that allows care coordination between multiple devices and multiple care settings. Data on electronic health records, health information exchanges, medical devices and other monitoring solutions can be accessed through smartphones, tablets and computers in hospitals, intensive care centers and community-based care institutions. Airstrip provides platform providers with a tool to compact across all platforms that can be accessed via telemedicine and integrated into other vendor systems.

6. Doctor On Demand, the top mobile app for healthcare 

This video consultation app allows users to interact with either their doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist, regardless of whether they have insurance or not. App distributors can be licensed physicians, psychiatrists and psychologists. The doctor can check the history and symptoms of your case and proceed with the investigation to prescribe the necessary treatment or medication. 

The app has done well in terms of revenue and soon became popular in the region for its advanced and highly interactive features. Patients can make the best use of this app in ‘Non-Emergency Healthcare Problems’ which do not require common cold, eye problems, acne, general renewal refill requests and muscle or sports injury imaging services. This is undoubtedly the best health tracker app.

7. Better Help – Online Counseling 

This mobile healthcare app is a trailblazer for counseling. BetterHelp will give patients quick, inexpensive and easy access to mental health professionals. BetterHelp is an easy way to get professional help from online licensed therapists and counselors. With over 14,000 positive reviews, patients receive personalized private care via video chat and messaging. 

The reviews highlight patients who feel more satisfied with their online therapy sessions than with previous personal therapy experiences. Online counseling provides a safe place for everyone. There are more than 3000 trained, experienced and accredited counselors covering a wide area - from depression and anxiety to family and couple therapy.

 This mobile healthcare app personalizes the experience and connects patients with counselors who best meet their needs. They also have a group webinar offering community and patient support.

8. Generis: DNA & Nutrition, top medical app 

There is a growing number of dieticians on the idea that diets can be tailored to your genetic makeup to help you lose weight or manage the situation. Scientists are divided on the issue, but some studies have noted its benefits. Generis analyzes your data to provide meal planners and recommendations for exercise and supplements

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