9 Best Cooking Apps

Cooking is an integral part of life. Staying away from family due to study, raising your family is an important area of life where you need to apply your cooking skills to survive. But like most people, cooking can be a daunting task. No need to worry about the fact that you can always learn cooking like Pro from the cooking apps. 


Best Cooking Apps
Best Cooking Apps

Here are 10 apps to give you some great tips, as well as some helpful advice along the way.

Best Cooking Apps

1. SideChef 

SideChef is an app that speaks back, with recipe dictation and a handsfree option that lets you speak on the app if your hands are dirty. These were the most useful features of any app I tried; While scrolling through the list of ingredients, I had no idea how many times I put chicken grease on my phone screen. 

Each action gives you the option to swipe through each step while pausing to play a dictation or watch a video. (The app looks especially great on tablets.) Timers are also created on each page as needed. Need to change the serving size of recipes? The application will automatically adjust the components.

2. BigOven 

BigOven has become one of the most popular recipe websites on the internet and its various mobile versions have been downloaded more than 13 million times so far. There are over 350,000 recipes available for Big Oven users to study through their smartphones. With a simple tap you can turn any action into a convenient grocery list or see step-by-step instructions on how to create it. 

If you enjoy sharing your culinary accomplishments, you'll love that BigOven lets you add snapshots of your own recipes and share them with everyone you know. You can create your own recipes and upload them to that service. There is also the option to create a grocery list according to the recipes you want to make. The app is also a social platform where you can find and share recipes with your family, friends and favorite chefs. You can download Big Oven for iOS and Android devices.

3. Kitchen Stories 

Ever wanted recipes that came with short video tutorials and lots of step-by-step pictures? This is basically the idea behind Kitchen Stories, the main point of which is that your food should look good and, we would dare to say that it is worthy of Pinterest. Of course, if you like visual cues when making something, Kitchen Stories is also a big help there.

4. Yummly Recipes 

Yammly is undoubtedly one of the most used cooking apps for Android and there is a good reason for that too. The app is very user friendly and offers a lot when trying to discover and try new things. If you are new to cooking, App will find some really basic and easy to follow recipes for you. The thing is that Yummy doesn’t host any recipes herself but searches the internet for the best ones.

5. Forks Over Knives 

This app is relatively new in its segment but already has gained a certain amount of popularity. The overall library here includes around 400 recipes. It is not that many compared to other apps, but this actually could be an advantage fo this one. 

Thus you will never get confused with a too wide choice and will spend less time thinking. All the recipes are explained step by step, with pictures and, of course, a list of necessary ingredients. Around 50 prominent chefs took part in the creation of this app, and this is another sign that you will definitely have a good meal.

6. Tasty 

Tasty is a simple cooking app that includes all the necessary bells and whistles. It includes step-by-step instructions for the 3000 recipes included in the app. This allows you to filter the action by factor. Vegetarian? No matter, you can easily filter all related recipes with this app for recipes. It includes all the basic features like marking a favorite of recipes based on your preferences, meal recommendations. Tasty is an amazing recipe app and free to use and therefore worth a try.

7. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner 

Finding super delicious recipes for cooking at home won’t make much of a difference when you have an Allresips dinner spinner. It’s basically a food-focused social app where home cooks share their own stories and tips for home cooking. Therefore, if you like homemade food, chances are you will like everything about Allresips Dinner Spinner.

8. Paprika Recipe Manager 

Remember the Cookmate Recipe Manager app? If for some reason you don't like it, the Paprika Recipe Manager app is your alternative. Paprika is a recipe book style app for cooking. You can add your favorite recipes to that app to check later. This allows you to download your favorite recipes from your favorite website and therefore there is no limit on the number of recipes you can manage. Also, you are not forced to like the recipes on the app, you can add from your own or from a website you trust. The Pantrika Recipe Manager also has a pantry to keep track of the ingredients in your home and they are about to expire and so on. It also has a meal planner. So, in a way it is a versatile app for cooking.

9. ChefTap 

 ChefTap is an easy to use and great recipe app. It includes unlimited recipes and, therefore, is a very streamlined app as we can easily find recipes using tags, recipes and titles. Also, there is a special feature of creating a menu of items that you often cook (this can be a recipe or a personal item). You can also make duplicate recipes, i.e. make a copy of the recipe to try out new variations. The pantry organizer feature is very useful as it keeps track of everything you have. It's easy to put your recipes here because you can keep them handy. The best part is that the recipes here can also be easily clipped. You can make everything more organized by keeping grocery lists for separate events.

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