8 Best Camera Apps on Android [Free]

While the cameras in today's Android phones have improved a lot and multiple lenses and large image sensors have become mainstream in flagship devices, the stock camera app that comes with your Android phone is not enough to discover the full potential of your phone's camera. 


Best Camera Apps on Android
Best Camera Apps on Android

Thankfully, Android has a lot of third-party camera apps that are better alternatives to the stock camera app on your device, and it has more features and options that will help you capture the best photos and videos using your Android phone. So, here are the best camera apps for Android that will change the look of your images.

Best Camera Apps on Android

1. Camera MX  

Camera MX is a relatively old app, but it is constantly being updated. The interface is simple and easy to use. This app doesn't have a ton of super powerful features. One great thing is the ability to make GIFs. It also has a built-in photo editor so you don't have to export to other apps.

2. Open Camera 

Mobile app development companies try to push their limits by developing applications with advanced features and a high level of customer satisfaction. The open camera is the result of such an effort. The app is intuitive, unique and available for free in the Play Store. 

Remote capture and auto stabilization are some of the features that promise high quality and professional level images when using an open camera. DRO and HDR modes are also available to emphasize further picture quality. The list of features of the open camera includes manual controls, slow motion, etc. There are a few other additions.

3. Camera360 

Camera 360 is becoming one of the best Android camera apps for the year 2021. It is among the top camera apps with the best features in Android. This trending camera app for Android still has 800 million users. 

The main reason for choosing this Android camera app is that with its new features and updates, it stood out as the best app on Google Play. Camera 360 is a selfie photo editor with funny stickers. This is a free-downloaded Android camera app that helps users to decorate their selfies creatively. The user can use the lens-filter system before taking a snap. 

The reason for using this feature is that the picture will come with filter-de-ons. It has professional editing tools and includes a variety of themes of fun stickers. It also provides motion stickers, filters, video effects and photo templates.

4. Footej Camera 2 

The Footej Camera is a featured Android camera that offers a variety of shot modes and settings on the free tire. The premium version unlocks more capabilities for seekers and photography enthusiasts. The app takes advantage of Camera 2 API and new hardware to provide manual ISO control, focus settings, shutter speed controls and the ability to set focus and exposure at different points of the image. 

You'll also enjoy features like burst mode, slow motion recording. Premium upgrades add more tweaks and options like reducing breast mode shot intervals and photo histograms.

5. Adobe Photoshop 

Express Adobe currently offers two of the best Android phone camera apps: Adobe Photoshop Express and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Both are good in their own eyes. The main difference is that this is a one stop fix for mobile photographers that allows users to import, edit and share images in the app. 

On the other hand, to get the full range of functionality in Photoshop Lightroom you need to have a desktop version of Lightroom. Now, which of these is right for you depends on your needs. For most people, Photoshop Express is likely to be more convenient and useful, while for others, the ability to sync mobile images with desktop is invaluable. 

Either way, both camera apps for Android phones include functionality and a good collection of digital filters. In addition, both Adobe apps are fully compatible. DNG raw files are also created by smartphones.

6. Cymera 

Cymera is a photo-editing mobile application that allows people to edit and decorate their pictures and add fun effects. The app is available in the Google Play Store and App Store, and features both ads and in-app purchases. Cymera is ranked for users of all generations. This app is safe for older teens.

7. Candy Camera 

Candy Camera is one of the best free camera Android apps that helps you take great selfies. It has many filters and beauty functions including makeup tools, face slimming effects, stickers and more. You can also take silent selfies and snapshots and create a collage of multiple photos. It is not the desired application for the serious photographer. However, it is enough to satisfy the selfie lover. It is available for free and contains advertisements.

8. Snapchat 

Aside from being a fantastic and viral social media platform for young people you may have heard of Snapchat, people use wonderful social apps to share moments and more. What you may not know is that Snapchat thrives on your camera and uses AI and regularly updated, advanced stickers and sometimes live features to enhance your photos. 

It’s aimed at young people who want to take great photos with amazing filters applied instantly, the way it works, you open the app and it will instantly open your camera, tap your face on the app to scan and show you what’s available. Filters that you can use instantly and for free. What you may or may not know is that these filters go viral and change regularly, with new ones added every day, except of course the default stickers. If you want to take good photos with your phone, this is a must try.

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