6 Best Video Player Apps For Android

The functionality of the standard video players on our smartphones is limited.In the past we had to convert video in low-quality format to watch it in our mobile devices, where nowadays every modern smart device comes with its own video player. However, if you want to find the best one for you, this article will help you more in this regard. 


Best Video Player Apps For Android
Best Video Player Apps For Android

I've created a shortlist of reputable video player apps for Android that will definitely enhance your video viewing experience.

Best Video Player Apps For Android

1. KMPlayer 

KMPlayer supports a variety of video file formats, as well as additional offers like library viewer and cloud storage support. It includes a wide range of file formats such as MP4 and MKV, support for subtitles, playback speed controls to increase or decrease video playback speed, and a library view with various sorting options. KMPlayer users can view videos as well as content stored in Google Drive in window mode.

2. VLC 

VLC Player is an offline media player application that is the best and must have an app. The overall look and UI of this app may not be up to date, but the app is simple and easy to use. It offers you a lot of features that you can't get with various premium media player apps on Android. 

Also read: The best apps for Android and iOS to help you work from home Also, you'll only be able to stream video with its URL, and DVD supports ISO and many other video formats. There is also support for additional media plugins that can enhance the overall user experience of this media player application.

3. AirPlayer 

Out of all the best video players for iOS, AirPlayer shines to stream high-definition videos *, music *, photos wirelessly from UPNP/DLNA media servers to your iPhone / iPhone / iPod / iPad. This is the best offline video player for iPhone that supports a variety of tests. You can transfer videos from your computer to your mobile with sharing. It's easy to operate and you'll be able to easily playback in many different formats. No video conversion required.

4. MX Player: Video Player, Movies, Songs & Games App 

The MX Player is something to consider if you want the right use and convenience of powerful features. The Android Video Player app supports more formats and offers features like hardware accelerated playback and hardware decoding. For pinch-to-zoom and various swipe gestures, subtitle gestures, multi-core decoding, and variable aspect ratios, the viewer viewer is simple and unobtrusive. MX Player also has a kids lock so your kids don't see any inappropriate content.

5. FX Player - video player & converter, Chromecast 

FX Player is a popular video player that focuses more on mobile UX than the classic media player. It has useful features like supporting all video formats, subtitles, screen mirroring, navigating and enhancing. Enjoy uninterrupted HD and 4K videos here. Get an attractive, consistent and smooth interface. You can use other apps at the same time while watching any video. You can resize the video playing screen and access or control playback as a floating window.

6. BSPlayer 

Despite not being popular, BSP Player is still one of the best options for media playback. Compared to other video player apps for Android, BSP Player has more features. These include multi-core hardware decoding, hardware-accelerated playback, network streaming, and more. There are also some advanced features like when it comes to file format support, BSP Player performs all major video and audio formats.

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