10 Best Screenshot Apps For Android

Nowadays screen capture is a common method among mobile users. Every smartphone has a screenshot option to take screenshots, but for lack of editing options and features we need to use third-party screenshot apps, which will help you take screenshots faster and provide more editing options. In this article we are going to present some of the best screenshot apps for Android that have screenshot options as well as recording feature so that it will help you take videos. 


Best Screenshot Apps For Android
Best Screenshot Apps For Android

The screenshot app in mobile phones is a useful feature, but not all phones come with a built-in screen capture app. You may have several reasons for taking a screenshot, such as our desire to move on to your friend, or we may be stuck with some piece of information that we want to pass on for some useful reason. That way we can download free screen capture apps from the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Best Screenshot Apps For Android

1. AZ Screen Recorder 

This is primarily a screen recorder app for Android. You can record activity on your phone screen and save it as a video. However, it also has a screen capture option. And most importantly, it does not require a rooted device. So, you can easily take high-quality screenshots on your device. 

It also meets two criteria in an Android app, as you can record high-quality videos up to 1080p without any limitations.

2. Firefox ScreenshotGo Beta 

This app is still in early access. However, due to its distinctive features, it is already facing stiff competition for its options. Firefox ScreenshotGo enables buttons that run on your mobile screen after beta installation. 

You can take a screenshot by clicking on that button and it will be saved in your device. In addition, this great screenshot app for Android also saves your screenshot by indexing the text in the screenshot. Finding just the text makes it easy to find screenshots.

3. Screenshot Touch 

This app is the best screenshot app Android 2021 and this app will capture or record the screen with just a single touch. With this app, you can also record screen cast video to MP4 with many options like resolution, frame rate, bit rate and audio. 

This app can capture the entire scroll of a webpage. This app also features a photo viewer and image cropper. You can draw on captured images like pens, text, rectangles, circles, stamps, opacity and more. You also have the option to share your screenshot with other installed applications. This application also does not require native equipment.

4. Screen Master  

Screen Master is another powerful screenshot app. It offers more features than stock performance and is also the cheapest of the bar. Some of the features include various image annotation methods, full webpage capture, a floating button for quick access and more. 

You can also capture the entire webpage by copying and pasting the URL into the app. There are also some more fun things to do to snatch your device from the screen. The Pro version removes ads and adds some other small features.

5. Assistive Easy Touch 

This is a free screenshot capture app from the Assistive Touch team, which does more for your phone than capturing screenshots. You can capture screenshots on phones with Android version 5.0 and above and access them from the quick settings on your phone. You can use the app to record screens in phones with Android version 5.0 and above. 

You can record in HD as well as FullHD. Customize app icons. This tool includes quick-touch settings and virtual home buttons, virtual volume buttons,virtual back buttons,  etc. on your phone screen. Provides a floating panel with. You also have the one-touch RAM booster feature.

6. Screenshot Capture 

This app is fast and beautifully designed, so full development to those front developers. It brings you various triggers such as overlay button, notification shed button and shake to capture. Once you click the "Start Service" button, the app runs in the background and detects the screenshot you're taking. Once a screenshot is taken, Screenshot Capture lets you crop, draw, rotate, reverse, add text, and more. 

These include Boost, Gamma, Hugh, Grayscale, Vignette etc. Brings numerous filters like. Ability to save screenshots in PNG or JPG image format. In addition, the app brings you themes and you can choose the color you like to personalize the app. The free version of Capture Screenshot packs a lot of features, while the "Pro" version removes ads and brings in more filters.

7. Firefox ScreenshotsGo Beta 

Here is a unique and different featured screenshot app for Android (Firefox Screenshot Go) where the big problem of finding screenshots from the gallery is solved, using Firefox screenshot you will be able to find screenshots by text with it, meaning it captures text Gives a search bar, besides you can easily take a screenshot with just one tap floating button and it will organize your screenshot perfectly in the archive or do a specific search by typing keywords.

8. Mobizen Screen Recorder 

This 100% free app to use lets you record your mobile game or screen 60 fps or less. The app has many features to offer. You can use MobiZen Screen Recorder to create 1080p screen capture videos. Additionally, you can edit videos in this app to change their intro, outro, music. You can also add text to recorded videos. It does not leave a watermark on your content. 

You can record screens, capture screenshots, and edit without paying. The Pro version can remove ads with a one-time payment. Will remain accessible without providing all features. This allows you to trim videos within the app.

9. Touchshot 

This screenshot app lets you capture a screen by touching it. Features and Benefits: All you have to do with this app is take screenshots as well as record screens. You have the option to see the camera preview function when capturing your screen. You can also edit and share screenshots.

10. Screen Crop

You can do a variety of things with this app, such as setting up a screenshot would be right for you. You can easily take screenshots and share them with your friends in just a few simple steps. After taking a screenshot, you'll get two to either save or share the screenshot. You can share your screenshot on various social media websites.

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