9 Best Learning Apps in India

These great Learning Apps are being used for learning language, science, competitive exams and many more. A single tap will open the world of knowledge in front of you in a few seconds. And the best part about these top learning apps is that there is no age limit. 

Best Learning Apps in India
Best Learning Apps in India


Now you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to learn. You just have to have one of the best apps on your smartphone and you better go.

Best Learning Apps in India

1. EdX 

Like Corsera, EDX aims to connect you with teachers from highly prestigious universities. If you don't want to risk learning from someone with less experience than you, then EDX is for you. Here you can learn about computer science, language, statistics, and even humanity from organizations like Harvard, Stanford, and MIT.

2. Google Play Books 

Google Play Books is a digital library designed for Android devices. These best educational apps have a huge database full of books of different genres. Not only learning, this app offers books according to your different tastes like thriller, romance, mystery etc. The app is free to install. However, the prices of books vary according to different factors. You can buy learning books in digital format and read them on the go.

3. Quizlet 

Quizlet is a great app that makes it easy to use. The main focus of this app is to use flashcards. The study technique may be old-fashioned but the upgraded platform integrates text, images and audio. You can use the app and website to help you with the test or as a sequential study guide for the entire semester. 

There is also an interactive forum where you can collaborate with fellow classmates by exchanging feedback about testing and assignments.

4. SoloLearn 

The scope of coding and programming is wider than ever.  Sololearn is basically a paradise for coding enthusiasts. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, SoloLearn can flow your coding juice through a plentiful collection of free coding tutorials in Java, JavaScript, Python,  PHP, C ++, Swift, HTML, CSS, etc. App development is an area where there is a constant demand for coders. These languages are the foundation of many mobile app development frameworks. So if you manage to learn them, job opportunities will come in all directions.

5. Khan Academy 

It is a completely non-profit application and its sole purpose is to provide better learning tools to the students. The app has over 10,000 video lectures on various academic topics focusing on mathematics and science. He has partnered with organizations like NASA, MIT, Modern Museum of Modern Art for specialized materials to enable out-of-class students.

6. MyScript Calculator 2

This calculator app is one of the rare top educational apps that supports gesture typing. In other words, you can use your device as a piece of paper in this app. You can write in it with the help of gestures and do real-time calculations. The app is able to save your calculations to phone memory so you can review them later.

7. Udemy 

Udemy is an online service that offers a wide range of courses on every subject from web development to personal development. Want to know how to play the guitar? Whether you are a beginner or a virtuoso, there are dozens of courses available to help an entrepreneur. How to start your own business? Yes, they got it too. 

In fact, the subject you can think of is likely to be taught by an expert in the industry. The Udemy app allows you to access videos and learning materials of all your courses on the go through your mobile device. Just remember, while the Udemy app is free to download itself, you have to pay for each course you take. Some courses are larger than others and therefore more expensive.

8. Duolingo 

In recent months, the Duolingo (app's mascot and icon) has become popular on social media as a meme, so your high schooler knows what Duolingo is. Download the app to take it one step further and download the app so that they can learn different languages. They can practice through audio, word recognition and oral exercises for more than 30 languages - a great way for your child to hone their language-learning skills over the summer. P.S .: Parents can also use this app!

9. YouTube 

The biggest thing that has ever happened is learning apps on Android devices. The service is usually for viral videos, music videos, news and entertainment. YouTube is a great source for adventure. YouTube can be a powerful Android app for learning video classes. Class-qualified videos on YouTube should not be replaced for your lessons; They should add to the wonderful lessons we have already taught.

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