10 Best Antivirus App For Mobile [UPDATED 2022]

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Mobile devices are often the target of malicious attacks, be they viruses, ransomware, spyware, and all other types of malware and unwanted content. Android devices are no exception. Unsafe public networks, malicious apps or infected websites - they are exposed to threats from a variety of sources. 

Best Antivirus App For Mobile
Best Antivirus App For Mobile


For this reason, it is recommended that you install a good antivirus on your Android device. Android antivirus App is used to prevent and identify malware and viruses. It helps you speed up your phone and protect your important data and privacy. Many such devices can block Wi-Fi network security and apps with threats.

Features of the best antivirus for Android 

When you're looking for an antivirus for your Android device, here are a few things to consider when choosing the best app for you: 

Android app 

You need to make sure that the service has an app for Android. And even if it does, that doesn't mean you should pull the trigger right away, check if their Android app is at the same quality level as the rest of the pack. 

Customer Support

If you're having trouble, it's always good to know someone will help you. Good customer support ensures that there is always someone to rely on. 

Malware Lab Score

Make sure the service you choose is good at removing malware. Most independent malware labs run monthly tests and publish their results. 


You can live without the extra features, but they never hurt. Some premium suites include a VPN, password manager, and web filter that might justify getting a more expensive package. 


It's easy to overpay if you're not sure what you're getting. Be smart about your purchases and don't waste your money on bad antivirus services.

Best Antivirus App For Mobile

1. Norton Security and Antivirus 

Norton is perhaps best known for its Windows security programming, but the company also has some high-quality mobile apps, and Norton Security and Antivirus for Android do a great job of keeping your device free of malware, so we've added our best to Android. 

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The core of the application is based on Norton's mobile insights, a versatile service that regularly analyzes the best of many devices and captures a large number of new applications. Portable Insight not only monitors for known malware, it uses different testing strategies to identify new hazards and potential protection potential for plastics in real applications, and Norton Security and Antivirus use this data to warn of dangerous applications to bring about any problems.

2. Trend Micro Mobile Security and Antivirus 

This is a decent antivirus for Android mobile. It brings the usual features like device scanning, checking other apps. The biggest features of it are malicious apps, web security functions, restricting the most common public WiFi checkers for your financial transactions. 

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This antivirus is very different from other Android apps. You can also use these antivirus apps for Android tablets. These trends micro antivirus apps have some functions available for free but premium versions are available in 2 variants. Rs. 400 to Rs. 1500 per year is one of the best antivirus apps for android in our list. It protects your data from any kind of virus. This protects the email server from spam and other harmful emails.

3. McAfee Mobile Security 

McAfee is the biggest name in antivirus apps. McAfee has won several notable awards since its release. Advanced features like anti-theft features, security lock, Wi-Fi security, battery optimizer, memory cleaner, etc. are available in the free version of the Android antivirus app. 

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The UI is old and it doesn't look very good. In addition to the antivirus scanner itself, the free antivirus app features include tracking a lost device as well as locking and wiping remotely. In addition, if your device is stolen, they can record your potential phone thief, location on the cloud before the phone is turned off, and take more useful content. McAfee also has a variety of standalone apps for other things.

4. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: AppLock & Web Security 

This app blocks phishing schemes in both email and text messages. Kaspersky also locks information about you and your contacts, so if someone steals your phone, no one will have access to it. This antivirus solution locks apps, filter calls and text, and blocks malware with ransomware. 

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus also includes a number of anti-theft tools, including phone locators and locks, to ensure that no one can access sensitive information. Its app lock feature locks photos or messages and other apps with a secret code that you or anyone else needs to access. 

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Although Kaspersky is simply one of my favorite antivirus programs, even for desktops, it is accused of swiping sensitive information from federal employees and department devices and providing this information to the Russian government.

5. Avira Security App 

Avira Antivirus has created the best free antivirus android apps. Installing this app is not a bad idea for users who are looking for an easy to use app with its features. Avira Antivirus App protects everything you have and everything you have. 

The app provides all the basic security you can expect from an antivirus app. With just one click, the app scans, detects malware, and then works to make your device virus free. It runs quietly in the background, making sure the app doesn't distract users while on the screen. In addition, it takes up very little space for storage.

6. Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus 

Despite its simple appearance and minimal features, BitDefender is truly a great free antivirus app for smartphones. Has an excellent track record of following the security industry for the latest discoveries and uses cloud scanning technology to protect your device from the latest threats. The autopilot feature automatically scans all new apps and downloads in real-time. In our experience, this is the perfect free antivirus app that works very well without using resources to reduce battery life or performance.

7. Avast Antivirus Antivirus monster 

Avast has created another quality app that goes beyond being a mundane scanner and beyond, though it is said that it does a good job of scanning viruses and is highly rated by independent testing labs. Avast Mobile Security's Nifty features include an anti-theft system that allows you to track and remotely lock (or erase) your Android device if it's stolen or lost. 

There are also some interesting functionality enhanced features including a junk cleaner to empty the storage and a ‘RAM boost’ aimed at speeding up your device. The app used to be paid for but now it's free, even supported by ads. Even if advertisers are bothered, you can pay a small monthly or annual premium to remove them. 

Another very useful premium feature is ‘in-app locking’ which allows your app to ask for a PIN before opening certain apps. This malware prevents apps like Internet Banking from launching automatically.

8. AVG AntiVirus 

AVG Antivirus Free is another high-quality app to secure your Android device, and it provides effective protection at no charge. In fact, it uses the same well-liked antivirus engine as Avast above. However, it is still built around a very strong core antivirus protection, as well as anti-theft features that allow you to find, lock or wipe a stolen (or lost) phone. 

Like Avast, this app is ad-supported, but you can get rid of those ads by upgrading to the premium version. The Paid Pro version of AVG comes with full enhancements with additional features, including enhanced anti-theft capabilities, blocking Photo Vault, App Lock, Wi-Fi Security Scanner and Caller to secure your photos. Additional privacy settings to do. 

There are also other features such as performance enhanced solution, which aims to eliminate unnecessary processes, remove battery removal settings, as well as delete junk files commonly found in temp and cache folders.

9. K7 Mobile Security 

K7 Mobile Security ensures that your smartphones are completely secure and your information is completely protected. Product features like antivirus, anti-theft option, SMS/Call Blocker and SIM Alert help protect your device from digital fraud, data loss and harmful viruses. These features are built on innovative and lightweight platforms that guarantee total security without interrupting mobile usage or ending battery life.

10. Sophos Mobile Security 

Sophos Mobile Security is a great free antivirus app for Android that does not display any ads and is characteristic. This antivirus app includes all the basics like malware protection, virus scanner, web filtering, app protection, theft protection, Wi-Fi security and all kinds of other stuff. It does all this for free without ads and doesn't include any garbage booster functions that don't actually work.

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