7 Best Cab Booking Apps [Updated List 2022]

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The growing population has made it difficult to travel on public transport in India. Gone are the days when people were waiting for rickshaws to get inside the city, now globalization has changed the face of Indian business. In recent years, taxi service has become the main mode of transportation in many cities.

Best Cab Booking Apps
Best Cab Booking Apps

Cab Booking Apps are making billions in India which is listed as a major growth industry. As technology grows in almost every field, mobile development makes the app online for taxi booking and makes it easier for their customers. By installing these apps, users will be able to find the location via GPS and cab via mobile. Here are the best cab booking apps in India.  

Advantages of booking a cab 

The customer has the opportunity to choose the right vendor to book the cab. Public transport in some cities is not very good. Booking a taxi makes traveling easy. You can book a cab from your home or through the app at your convenience. The customer does not have to wait at the taxi stand or on the street. 

The driver will pick you up from the location you added and drop you off at the location you entered. When a passenger books a cab, they indicate the exact time of arrival at the destination. It helps customers and makes them feel safe. As soon as you book a cab through the app, there are several payment options that you can choose from. 

You can pay by card, cash, paytm or online transfer. The cab booked is GPS enabled to track the route. This also facilitates customers who do not know the exact route to their location. As there are many cab providers in the market, they offer many discounts to attract customers. To avoid cash transactions, they provide several cashback and gift vouchers. 

The digital payment mode also provides separate cash back to promote their interface and the benefits are passed on to the customers. These are all the best cab booking app in india. They are safe to ride and provide a good ride with a great feel. They also regularly offer many discounts that attract customers. I hope the information we shared will help you choose the best brand for your next cab ride. The apps of all the above brands are very user friendly and will provide complete information about the cab and driver.

Best Cab Booking Apps

1. Uber Cab booking Apps

Contrary to the popularity of Uber as the first best taxi booking app, Taxi Magic really took the lead in this type of app. However, the decision to expand to different countries made Uber more popular around the world. Uber is the official ride-sharing app. Just tap to request a trip and the drivers will pick you up and take you to your destination. Also, all you need to do is register with the app and include your credit card information. And then the charge will be deducted automatically after the trip. 

The app has a simple interface that shows you exactly what model your vehicle is and who your driver is. After the trip, you can also give feedback so that others can learn from your experience. So get accessible features and enjoy a cashless ride with Uber. Global leader for taxi booking app, Uber is a major player in the Indian subcontinent and one of the top taxi apps in India. Renowned Taxi Healing Company started its operations in India operations and is successfully operating in all major cities including Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad and more. 

2. Ola Cab booking Apps

Similar to Uber, wet rent is estimated according to the time and distance algorithm to bring an affordable price. It is the fastest growing app in the market after Uber in the form of taxi booking app in 2010. Ola is an Indian-based cab booking that offers a variety of services including ride healing services, peer-to-peer ridesharing, food delivery and taxi orders. 

Currently, these services are available in more than 250 cities, including cab and auto rickshaw services. The services are no longer limited to the Indian market but have spread to the UK, New Zealand and Australian markets. Ola services include a variety of services such as luxury, luxury SUVs, bikes, auto-rickshaws and minis making it one of the taxi apps like Uber. 

3. Meru Cab booking Apps

Meru Cabs outside Mumbai provides taxi services to Mumbai, Delhi and many other cities. Founded in 2007, Meru Cabs provides taxis for customers using the call service, and the company later launched its app on the Android and iOS platforms, following the rapid development of technology. 

Meru Cabs is the Best Cab Booking App in Delhi even before Ola and Uber services reach Indian cities. Cab services provided by Meru include open range of hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs. The company has also built the French taxi service app 'Taxis G7' for global taxi operations in various countries. 

4. Carzonrent Cab booking Apps

Carzonrent has been around for almost two decades. The company started its service in 2000. It is an Indian company based in New Delhi. It provides services in many big cities including Mumbai. They offer short and long term rental options. 

Earlier, booking or its services were used on-call basis but recently it has launched a mobile app for the convenience of the customers. IRCTC is cooperating and providing taxi services to railway customers. This company has been named Easy Cab. 

5. Fasttrack Cab booking Apps

The Chennai-based taxi booking service was first launched in 2001 but remained offline for the first few years. However, recognizing the growth that mobile apps have brought to the business, they launched their apps on Android and iOS. The taxi app is currently making life easier in Pune, Hyderabad, Madurai, Trivandrum, Tirunelveli, Chennai, Tirupati and Vellore. 

The most exciting features the app has to offer are: quick alert in case of emergency and return of items if you accidentally leave them behind. The 24 * 7 available service offers you various payment methods to choose from.

6. Lyft 

Based in San Francisco Lyft is the most popular cab-sharing app currently operating in more than 640 cities in the United States and 9 cities across Canada. Known as the largest ride-sharing company in the US with a 2% market share, this taxi app is an Uber option and offers advanced taxi service at an affordable price. With just a single tap of a button, the rider can book a trip with the elevator and pick up the nearest driver, who will take him to his destination right away. 

So, instead of waiting for a bus or shouting a taxi in the middle of the road, download the elevator and book a ride from high-rated drivers. Here are some key features of this taxi app: Book a ride with just a simple tap on the screen Real-time tracking of driver with approximate arrival time Payment gateway integration directly from the app Professional and high-rated drivers to ride with

7. Cabify 

Cabify is one of the leading taxi booking apps in Spain. Today, Cabify is available in 12 countries and 90+ cities in Europe and South America. Cabify has the most transparent price model to date. It offers a fixed price without any hidden charges. It is considered to be an ideal cab booking service provider for corporate travel. It offers features like invoice, multiple account support, account manager, multiple payment options, cab booking for someone else.


Most of the cab booking apps mentioned above are clones of Uber as it was one of the first successful ride-hailing service providers. Every country has ride-hailing service providers. If you want to become a successful ride-hailing service provider in your country or just want to create an Uber-like app, contact our mobile app development experts for a free consultation.

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