9 Best News Reading Apps [UPDATED 2023]

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For some, the news is something of an addiction! They spend a lot of time listening to the news from around the world and consider it up to date with daily happenings. We cannot oppose this idea, because a person addicted to news helps us to have an attitude not only about society but also about other things. 

Best News Reading Apps
Best News Reading Apps


Now, smartphones and tablets with internet connections are probably the best companions to do this. Here we will give you a list of Best News Reader Apps for 'smartphones that you can use to listen to your favorite news. Some of these apps are news curator apps while some are from official news like other newspapers.

Best News Reading Apps

1. Dailyhunt News App

It is an Indian news content compiler with over 330 million active monthly active users. The DailyHunt Verse application is owned by Word Innovation. Content is available in 16+ regional languages. With a large pool of local newsmen and trusted sources, Dailyhunt updates you with the latest regional trending news.

2. Google News App

Newly updated over the last few months, Google News (iOS, Android, Web) is now better at gathering news than ever before, no matter what your preferences. Specific notes are full coverage panels, available on larger stories - they also give you a source range on Breaking Story as well as a timeline showing how related tweets and videos and events unfolded. 

On top of that you can follow the news sources on the topics you are most interested in and give personal stories a thumbs up or thumbs down, all of which means you’ll get more relevant news next time. While this isn’t the most important consideration, the modern-looking app interface will definitely help you, pointing you quickly to the main meat of a story.

3.UC News App

UC News is one of the Best News Apps on Android with over 50 million loyal users. You can read news in 15 local languages in this Android News app. The app not only shows you Indian news but also brings news in Hindi and many other languages from around the world. 

So, you can stay up to date with all the happenings around the world with the UC News app! And, best of all, you can get a dose of entertainment and fun to kill your time with interesting images, GIFs, funny jokes (in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and other languages) and viral memes.

4. Times of India News App

The Times of India is the official Android app that brings you the latest English news, breaking news headlines, live news from Bollywood news and updates on photos,  business, travel, cricket, gadgets, education and city news. India and around the world. 

Lets enjoy articles in short and crisp format for those who can't afford to read long stories. With many great features, it also comes with offline mode for reading news without internet. This allows you to bookmark articles for later reading for free. Not only that, you can watch live coverage of all the breaking news on Times Now, ET Now and Zoom Live TV.

5. News360 News App

News360 is one of the Best News Apps for Android. The app looks great, it is very straightforward and offers rich content. The way it allows you to find your favorite topic or specific news site is just like a Flipboard and it works. 

It not only offers integration with iMessage, but also the Apple Watch app for iOS users. You can connect the app to your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to share news, and it supports Pocket, InstaPaper and Evernote integration. It also allows you to save the story, so you can read it later.

6. NewsPoint News App

Newspoint is a Best Local News Apps. And provides the latest news from around the world. You can get news alerts in different fields like Business, Bollywood, sports, entertainment, politics, technology and automobile. And along with the news, it also shows you daily viral videos to watch.

7. SmartNews News App

Smart News is one of the newest news apps. It works like most of its competitors like News Republic, News 360 and other news readers. It basically looks at a ton of news sources and recommends top trending topics. Yes, there is one of them. 

The good news is that we get the news everyone is talking about. The bad news is that it's not as configurable as we would like it to be. In addition, it tends to be on opinion blogs rather than news sites for many topics, and we don't like that at all. This is good for some, bad for others. However, this is just as good for news sites right now.

8. Flipboard News App

When it comes to style and aesthetics, Flipboard stands out among the Best News Apps Android. The print-style page layout makes the news interesting to read and easy to navigate. This app analyzes the news you visit frequently and offers similar stories. 

If you don't have time right now, you can add a news article to a custom-made magazine on Flipboard. Additional features include "See fewer new stories like this" and "Silent sites" to see less stories from news sources. One of the major disadvantages of Flipboard's news app is that you can't get rid of similar news in news feeds.

9. Feedly News App

Feedly is one of the Best news apps. It is an RSS reader. This means you can pull from a variety of sites and sources. The goal is to build your own news network from places you trust. It comes with integrations with Facebook, IFTTT, Twitter, Evernote, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others. 

Additionally, you can access your feed with their website on your mobile phone or your computer. It's a rock-solid option with a total of 40 million feeds. The only downside is advertising. It's a little heavy unless you pay the membership price.


This was the list of 9 best news apps india. Personally, I use Daily hunt News App as my daily driver, and now you tell me which news app you're going to install from this list. I would love to hear.

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