7 Best Leather Shoes Brand India [2021]

There are some styles of shoes that everyone should own - a great oxford, lace-up boots, a leather sneaker. These timeless options are the foundation of any great outfit. Fortunately, there are some trusted brands that make all these elite, even better. They have taken those essential styles, perfected them and then re-planted them for modern man. 


Best Leather Shoes Brand India
Best Leather Shoes Brand India

With this brand, you will buy once and wear it for the rest of your life. Are you looking for some of the best shoe brands in the world to buy the perfect shoes? If so, check out the top 10 leather shoes brands india. If you want to get the best leather shoes you need to know which brand to choose. When it comes to leather shoes, there are many different shoe brands to choose from. 

Deciding what you want to make with your leather wallet, belt and suit can be a daunting task. If you add your wardrobe improperly, you can destroy the feeling of luxury you are trying to get. By understanding the top brands of leather shoes in the world, we will help you find the right shoes for the right look. Here are the Best Leather Shoes Brand India that you can go to.

Best Leather Shoes Brand India

1. Bata 

Bata is one of the brands that shines in terms of footwear and they really deserve it for reasons like comfort, spaciousness, breathability, flexibility and the list goes on. Bata makes versatile shoes for men such as these Stark formal shoes that you can pair at weddings, birthday parties, farewells, travels and more. 

You can pair this pair with a white shirt or a blue suit with black jeans/pants that will make the whole. Also, if you have a blue shirt, it goes really well.This shoe is a versatile shoe that you can wear in formal as well as casual wear. So now you don't have to worry about having more than one pair in your wardrobe. 


Best fit for casual and formal 

Best for parties and other occasions 

Very comfortable shoes 

Gives a good walking experience 


No major shortcomings 

2. Hush Puppies 

Hush Puppies, a leading name in the Indian formal shoes market, has excelled in traditional formal shoes and boots. When it comes to formal shoes - Hush Puppies is just an amazing company. Quality, comfort, style has recently been enhanced from the ceiling. Hush puppies bring a bundle of things to the table - that giving them a pigeonhole in a category is a kind of difficult thing. It is safe to say that - its formal range tends towards the practical side of the spectrum. 

3. Louis Phillipe 

Louis Philippe is a brand owned by Madura Fashion and Lifestyle and the Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle division of the Aditya Birla Group. In addition to clothing, this brand is also known for good quality footwear. While there is already a great selection for all types of formal shoes, it is only natural for us to include Louis Philippe in our list of the best leather shoes for men. Made from genuine leather, Louis Philippe Men's leather formal shoes is a fashion statement. When you pair this exotic pair with brown shoes, give your formal outfit a boost without any effort. The 180-day warranty is another reason to choose leather shoes. 

4. Woodland 

Founded in 1992, Woodland is described as adventurous. The brand offers a wide range of footwear, performance clothing and outdoor gear. Comfortable and snug, woodland leather shoes are a must have in every rock man’s wardrobe. Woodland’s footwear is perfectly suited for outerwear and can also be worn for semi-formal occasions. 

5. Red Tape  

Red Tape is a brand famous for its unparalleled comfort, international style and whimsy. It is a brand of high-fashion and lifestyle, due to its incomparable quality, skilled craftsmanship and trendy products. , Red Tape has become India's favorite premium lifestyle brand. Emerging as a leader in the high-end fashion footwear segment, the footwear range is designed in our in-house design studios in the UK and Italy, with their quality and materials produced to international standards. 

6. Ruosh 

Ruosh is a male-style brand of Sara Suole Private Limited's home. Ltd. Sara Suole is headquartered in Bangalore and manufactures shoes, soles and leather goods such as belts, wallets and handbags, of which RUOSH is a part. Since they are in the leather industry and they know very well what we want as an Indian brand because they have been in this industry for a long time and to keep all this in mind Rush makes shoes for Indian customers and they provide excellent quality formal shoes that are comfortable and high quality Create. The Louis Philippe range of formal shoes has some great designs. 

7. Lee Cooper  

Lee Cooper is one of the leading footwear brands in India, introduced by M&B Footwear (P) Ltd. in 1995 and 1995 in, specially known for providing high-quality leather shoes for men and women. Their goal is to provide the best products without compromising on quality. So, Lee Cooper’s shoes are exceptionally out-class for premium quality materials, comfort and durability.

If you want to give your formal dressing a royal look, then this pair of Lee Cooper formal shoes can make your wish come true. This stylish pair of formal shoes is made of high-quality leather with lace-up design and has a rubber sole that provides extremely durable functionality to ensure a comfortable fitting on your feet. 

The tan-color upper finish with the classic design of this shoe gives it a beautiful look that goes well with formal wear as well as professional wear (suits and blazers). So, this is one of the budget friendly leather formal shoes for men in India that you can consider buying for yourself or gift it to your loved one.

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