8 Best Bicycle Brands in India

Two-wheelers are the most used vehicles in the world and many still want to drive them. In addition to being the most widely used, they are also easier to use and relatively inexpensive compared to other types of vehicles. Two-wheelers can be used as a means of transportation, for relaxation or for exercise to keep the river healthy. 

Best Bicycle Brands in India
Best Bicycle Brands in India


There are many brands and models in the market. These are available at all people's prices. The most modern brands are stylish, fashionable and elegant. 

To choose the best bike, you need to consider their style, your budget, their strength or durability, and ultimately their aesthetics, even if you like their color.

Best Bicycle Brands in India With Price

1. Hero 

Based in Punjab, it not only exports to more than 70 countries but has been operating in India for many decades with many models. Known as  ‘Cycle of Life’, this will not disappoint you.


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2. Hercules 


Birmingham Small Arms Company is a leading player in two-wheeler, two-wheeler, gun and steel casting manufacturing. The company was established in 1 long611 and started its operation in India in 1949; The bicycle business in India is managed by TI Cycle and Murugappa Group. Its major bicycle products include the BSA and Hercules brands.

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3. Mach City 

With the dream of allowing consumers to ‘rediscover cycling’, Match City bikes are progressive and agile. Whether it’s for a short-distance trip or a city-wide family trip across the city-square, Mach City wins.

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4. Firefox Bikes 

Since its founding in 1974 in a garage in Southern California, Mongoose has crossed the line to provide the best bicycles. Mongoose uses lightweight alloys and magnesium to make most of the models under the category of mountain bicycles, street bicycles and BMX. Such frame-works guarantee high tensile strength and damp capacity. 

These bicycles are extremely resistant to wear and tear. You can grind it on the ground and still ride. Although they are known for their simplicity and durability, many also engage in advanced technology to explore unconventional designs. Alloy enhances rim safety. The pedals are also strong. Mongoose bicycles are budget-friendly for all bicycle-lovers and this is the primary reason to appeal to him. It’s hard to find similar features in the same price range in other bikes. You may need to upgrade the part over time but that is a good investment.


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5. Kross 

The Kross brand has been around for a while and he is better known for his sports and mountain bikes. However, the Cross also has some gorgeous bikes for everyday use in the Roadster series. Practical, no-frills cycles, these are ideal for everyday travel and general use. The Drona DX22 is an excellent daily used no frill bicycle with oval tube frame and roller brakes.


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6. Atlas 

The brand was founded in 1950. If you are a person born in the 1960s/70s, this is a brand that you will remember very well. Mr. Janaki Das Kapoor founded this company to cater to the needs of the common man. The need for low cost transportation.


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7. Avon 

Founded in 1951, Avon Cycle Limited is part of the Avon Group. Avon distributes its products through 2000 authorized dealers and 12000 sub-distributors in the country. It has a secondary bicycle manufacturing plant in Ludhiana, Punjab.


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8. BSA Ladybird 

One of the most famous brands for women's bicycles, BSA Ladybird has a wide range of cheap, comfortable and stylish bicycles for customers to choose from. The BSA Ladybird Breeze is very popular among young girls aged 8 to 11 years.


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