6 Best Badminton Shoes Brand

Badminton shoes belong to the category of indoor court footwear, which puts them very close to volleyball coaches, basketball shoes and some soccer cleats.


Best Badminton Shoes Brand
Best Badminton Shoes Brand

 Even if you don’t have a problem using any of these shoes for occasional sports, we recommend finding a dedicated badminton shoe if you are serious about the sport.

Best Badminton Shoes Brand

1. Yonex 

Yonex Company is a well-known sports brand company. Yonex is the biggest name in terms of badminton equipment such as: badminton rackets, shoes, bags, shuttlecocks and other equipment. Yonex Badminton Shoes are made from PU leather with excellent quality stitching and all Yonex footwear feature a power pillow that provides you shock absorption that transfers comfort and ease in the next movement. Yonex Badminton Shoe provides you with better court covering, faster response times and efficient energy transfer. The Yonex Collection gives you the right experience and comfort for badminton players. Top players in the world like: Lee Chong Wei is proud to play with Yonex Footwear.

 2. ASICS 

ASICS is another Japanese sports gear manufacturer that manufactures a large number of sports gears. Their products cater to men, women and even children. They make shoes for all kinds of sports, from running, wrestling, volleyball, tennis and badminton. They make a variety of sportswear for both men and women. Their badminton shoe collection mainly targets the pre-premium segment with prices ranging from 3,000 range to more premium sub 10,000 price points. The badminton shoes made by this company cover a variety of surfaces and provide excellent grip, stability and shock absorption among other excellent features. ASICS is a brand you can trust to find your next badminton shoe. 

3. Li-Ning 

Li Ning is the most famous and demanding brand in the field of badminton. LI Ning badminton shoes provide you with good control, flexibility and especially the right padding. Li-ning badminton shoes will give you all-round performance and great feeling. All Li-Ning badminton shoes provide high impact cushion technology and protect from any heel injuries and give you good shock absorbing ability. This shoe helps in jumping and it gives you more comfort, lighter weight and control. This shoe sole is very soft and gives you excellent comfort and durability. 

4. Puma 

Puma is another famous German sports manufacturer, which manufactures high-quality apparel, footwear, and other sports equipment. They make a variety of shoes for different sports. These range from cricket, badminton, football to basketball and ballerinas as well. Their badminton shoe collection targets the budget-friendly segment of sub 1,000 price points. They also cater to the mid-tier market. These include shoes priced at below Rs. 3,000. Puma makes badminton shoes that you can use both on wooden and synthetic surfaces. They have excellent options for men, women and children. You can be sure to find a pair of shoes that fit your specific requirements. 

5. Adidas 

Adidas is a well-known sports brand company. The performance of the Adidas shoes is excellent and their bags at all levels help them reach their full potential. Adidas badminton shoes have a soft EVA absorbent shock that provides you with an excellent cushion and helps reduce the effects on the ankle joints and knees. Adidas Badminton Shoe is a highly responsive EVA to keep foot props to give your game speed with all-round performance and great comfort. Adidas Badminton Shoe gives you incredible and durable performance. 

6. Nivia 

Nivia is a famous Indian sports manufacturer that manufactures a wide variety of sports gear. They make everything from team uniforms to items for football, basketball, volleyball and badminton. Their badminton shoe collection mainly targets the budget-friendly segment with a price point in the sub-1,500 price segment. They offer great products for men, women and children. Shoes also have excellent grip and shock absorption. Add badminton to suit your needs you are sure.


Buyer's Guide: 

How to choose the right badminton shoes

Buying the right pair of shoes is always a problem and a turbulent situation and definitely requires a lot of research before opting for the final purchase. However, you already know the tricks and tricks of buying the right pair of badminton shoes for your gameplay, but more information is needed for complete information on how to buy and what to check when buying any type of sports accessories accessories. 

Here are some key points that will help you do just that. Look for the comfort that shoes provide. It is very important to choose the right pair of shoes that will not cause unnecessary hassle and annoyance while you are really playing the game. Budget is another factor to consider when searching for such products online. 

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