6 Best Online Trading Apps in India

Mobile apps became very popular. They make your life so much easier. Now there is an app for everything. You can buy flight tickets, book a hotel or trade on a stock exchange. There are lots of trading apps out there, so to save your time we have chosen the best free trading apps for you. 


Best Online Trading Apps in India
Best Online Trading Apps in India

Apps that offer free stock and ETF trading are becoming popular, so if you don't want to spend a fortune on your trading fees, it's worth paying attention! What to look for in an app Good apps enhance your trading experience, helping you make accurate and informed trading decisions. 

Below are some essentials you need to find out from your app: 

Features - You need an app that provides you with all the information you need. So check that you get market updates, charts, trends, news updates as well as general stock price tickers. 

Convenience of use - Every second counts when you're an intraday trader, so make sure the app is easy to navigate. You need to quickly identify and enable key information. 

Concise - Great apps provide enough information to get you to the right business, but without bombarding you with so much information that will put pressure on you to make the most important decisions. 

Reliability - The app doesn't want to crash when you enter or exit a location. Check out the reviews first to make sure they're functional, reliable and up to date. 

Price - Many brokers offer free apps. So, if the broker charges you for using the app, check that you are getting beneficial additional features. That said, a free app should not be the deciding factor when choosing a broker. For more information on choosing a broker. 

Security - Trading apps have millions of users and process billions of pounds. This makes them an attractive proposition to hackers. The security firm Ioactive tested one of the most popular apps and found that four were vulnerable to hackers. You don’t want to lose your hard-earned capital, so check out the reviews for safety information first.

Best Online Trading Apps in India

1. Angel Broking 

Angel Broking has been in the broking industry for over 30+ years.They offer their clients a variety of services such as brokers, insurance and mutual funds. 


Integrated ARQ tool Access to consultant calls and research reports Intuitive interface 


Only 40 indicators and limited coverage Cannot invest in IPOs and bonds

2. Edelweiss 

Trading App One of the most highly valued applications, the installation and features are among the most reputable advisors in stock. 


Direct flow of stock prices Single touch biometric login Google. Ratings on the Google Play Store 


Only 17 technical indicators 153.2 MB large file size for iPhone

3. Stock Edge 

StockAge is one of the best online trading apps in India with a strong focus on research and analysis. Stock Edge is the fastest growing stock market app in India that helps traders and investors to analyze the stock market in depth and make better decisions.

4. IIFL Markets 

IIFL Mobile App launched by India Infoline Services. With the confirmation feature with just one click and swipe, ordering happens quickly and this quality makes it unique in itself. The app is built in 38.2MB size. Customers can easily apply for IPO and OFS. There is also a guest login feature for users who want to understand the basic features of the mobile app. The stock watch feature allows the user to place the selected stock in front of the main screen. It has multiple stock watch lists. 


Option to invest in an IPO Intelligent dual stock watch 17MB Lite Android App 


3.6 rating on 6 Pal Store 178 MB large app size for iPhone


5. Sharekhan Mobile Trading App Review 

Sherkhan trading app helps you in smart trading with live charts with multiple time frames (1 minute to 1 year). The app has a sample finder for new business ideas. You can access the Sharing Online Trading TCadmi course right from the app. 

The app has a black and white theme to enhance your business and viewing experience. The app keeps you logged in even when you close the app so you don't have to log in every time. However, there are customer complaints (reviews) that ask the app to change passwords frequently. 


1 minute to 1-year chart 

The app stays logged in even after closing Black and white theme 


Keeps logged in even after closing app 

Apple store ratings are low


6. Upstox Pro Share Trading App 

It is one of the leading discount brokers in India and after the web-based portal, it has also been introduced in the mobile version. It has some features like - It has different chart types which are customizable i.e. user can set annotations, colors etc. as per his liking. 

You can also access data from the last 10 years and easily analyze it. Alerts and notifications are also pushed to the user's mobile screen, depending on the preferences set by the user. 


Trading is easy with a clean interface 

Option to trade directly from the chart Can set unlimited price alerts and custom watchlists 


IOS 11 and above compatible



Mobile trading application is one of the most important part of stock trading industry. With the help of this app, business investors or investors do not have to wait for a newspaper or television update. They can check the status at any time with the help of this app. 

There is no doubt that trading app can make trading easy and simple. Most stockbroking houses have now launched mobile apps that are available in Play Store and App Store. You need to download it to get the features of this app. So, the discussion above will help you find the best trading app. When choosing a top 10 mobile trading app, you need to consider the 5 features mentioned above.

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