7 Best Online Shopping Sites For Electronics in India [2022]

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The best websites for shopping on the internet offer an unparalleled experience. It means having great products or giving a unique experience. Each site on this list is popular in their own space which keeps them away from competitors. So, if you are thinking of buying a little internet, you will find at least some new websites to check in this list. So, let's buy! 


Best Online Shopping Sites For Electronics in India
Best Online Shopping Sites For Electronics in India

This article will tell you all about Best Online Shopping Sites For Electronics in India and give you some useful tips. Shopping has always been a term that has amazed everyone and when it comes to electronics shopping, India is one of the leading markets to find some great products. You have so many sites around the world and some of what you want and buy has now become a less busy job. 

A few points to keep in mind for a safe purchase 

Product review 

Always check the product rating and customers’ reviews before buying any product. The customers’ review section discloses many things and will give you a fair idea about whether you should buy the product or not. Also, check the review of those who are “Verified Buyers”, which implies that the person has actually bought the product, and it’s not any fake review.  

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Return policy 

Before you settle on some sites it is best to check the price and return policy of the product you want to purchase in some sites. Compare them and see which site is offering the best deal and grab it. 

Guarantee details 

Another important factor is the guarantee. Check the warranty period and especially what is covered under warranty for any electronic products. Also, check that it is the manufacturer's guarantee or the seller's guarantee. If the manufacturer's warranty is always preferable, you can go directly to the brand's service center. But the seller's guarantee is that you have to go to the seller if you have any problem.

Best Online Shopping Sites For Electronics in India


Like Reliance, Tata has launched its online retail portal Tata CLIQ. It offers products from India's top brands as well as some of the best international brands. The thing I love about this platform is the clean and simple design, it's so much fun to navigate and find our favorite products. 

Tata CLIQ has some unique services like Real Stores, through this service you can place brand merchandise and your order will be delivered to you from the nearest brand store. This gives you a much faster delivery and you can return the product the same way. This platform is the best shopping platform like Flipkart and Amazon Mazon and you will get a great experience if you try its new fast delivery service. Be sure to visit Tata CLQ when you want to make your next purchase online.

2. GearBest 

Another popular name in other parts of the world, including USA and India, GearBest offers a wide range of electronics at the most sensitive prices. If you are looking for products manufactured in China, this website can be an ideal location.

3. Paytm Mall 

Paytm first launched as a mobile recharge app in 2010 and has since gradually expanded its services. Then in 2017 Paytm started Paytm Mall. Like other online shopping sites here, you will find electronic products, home and kitchen appliances, personal care products, auto appliances and more. 

The feature of this site is that you will get cashback if you buy from Paytm Mall and you can use it for further cashback or for Paytm services like mobile recharge, bill payment etc. It is the cheapest online shopping site in India.

4. AliExpress 

AliExpress is the website of Alibaba Group, a Chinese ecommerce B2C, B2B and C2C company. On AliExpress you will find a variety of electronic gadgets to buy, but mostly they are not branded and not so expensive. You can buy many good branded products from China at wholesale prices. We all know that Chinese products are very reasonable in terms of the prices they charge for their products. And the wholesale price looks more attractive.

5. ShopClues 

ShopClues is another Indian online shopping site founded by Sanjay Sethi, Sandeep Agarwal and Radhika Agarwal in July 2011. They are especially popular in Tier II and Tier III cities in the states of Punjab, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Assam etc. It provides electronics, smartphones, home and kitchen appliances and many other daily necessities.

6. Paytm.com 

Launched just like the mobile recharge app, Paytm has now become the Indian Alibaba. Provides a variety of services including a variety of services like mobile recharge, bill payments, tickets etc. Paytm offers cashback with discounts, which makes it different from other shopping sites. Sometimes such cashback makes a big difference and saves you extra money. 

Paytm has now launched Paytm Mall which is on par with Amazon Mazon and Flipkart. You can go to Paytm Mall and buy anything. Paytm Mall offers electronic goods, shoes, bags, home decor, clothing for men and women, and many other products that are 100% authentic. Once you make a purchase from Paytm Mall you will get cashback, this cashback can then be used to process mobile recharges, pay bills and other content.

7. Croma 

Croma and Reliance Digital have more or less the same design but Chroma was launched in 2006 before Reliance Digital. It also has physical retail stores with online portals of all brands of all kinds of home electronic products, digital gadgets, etc. It is a subsidiary of the Tata Group. It operates in 32 cities in India.


I hope that these online shopping sites will be useful for your future electronics shopping. I personally tried all of these online stores to buy my electronic content and had multi-diverse experiences. So I decided to share my experience with you.

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