7 Best Hotel Booking Site For India

Nowadays hotel booking is very easy in India with new and existing online booking websites. Now, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of travel agents or waiting a few days. With a few clicks you can book the best hotels in India. 


Best Hotel Booking Site For India
Best Hotel Booking Site For India

No matter which part of India you are traveling to, you can easily book accommodation in your hobby and budget. There are many hotel booking sites in India, but few offer great deals. From fab hotel coupons to last minute booking deals, here are the top 5 hotel booking sites in India:

Best Hotel Booking Site For India

1. OYO 

OYO Rooms has spread its long-distance network to around 230 cities across the country. This unique platform has also revolutionized the type of online hotel booking. Oyo Rooms is the largest hotel and accommodation chain in India. 

It provides users with many hotels and accommodation options across the country. It has managed to grow surprisingly fast in India in a very short period of time. This website is the most popular and probably the best hotel booking site in India. You can compare hotel prices and choose a priced hotel. 

You can also check the rating of the hotel on Oyo. There are many options available for hotel booking on this website. Oyo Wizard subscription offers cheap booking rates. This gives you a great opportunity to choose your desired entertainment choices from a myriad of hotels. 

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The easy to use portal of Oyorooms portal offers many facilities for end users to check out Holiday Packages, OYOS's special business packages for business trips of India. Oyo in Malaysia and many other offers. OYO Rooms is truly a reliable hotel booking site. Get fresh Oyo room coupons today and get great deals on your next Oyo hotel booking.

2. Agoda 

You may be wondering what their name is. This is not the meaning of the word. But don’t go by strange names as they are a leading portal that allows you to book the best accommodation at attractive prices on your trip. 

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Here, too, you will find people who help you choose the right one for you, sharing reviews of their stay in different hotels. They have over 16,000,000 reviews from people around the world! They guarantee the best rates and are happy to make a difference if you offer something cheaper on any other portal. Their customer service is available in 17 languages and can be availed 24 × 7!

3. Cleartrip 

Cleartrip was founded in 2006 by Hrush Bhatt, Matthew Spassi and Stuart Craton as hotel and airggggregators. Seeing the pieces that exist in the Indian travel and hospitality sector, travelers decided to enter the online travel space with a view to facilitate travel. 

Cleartrip is a global online travel company headquartered in Mumbai. The company operates an online travel aggregator website for flights and flight tickets, hotel reservations and activities in India and the Middle East. It has offices in India, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. 

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It later added new services, such as cookies, for last minute deals for hotel bookings and other travel planning services. Similarly, WebCleartrip.com has a country rating of 36,361, a bounce rate of 22.25% and a monthly visit score of 12.M meters.

4. MakeMyTrip 

Your journey can be nothing more comfortable than planned by expert organizers. Make way for MakeMyTrip, which offers not only a hotel booking site but also world-class benefits with exceptional offers. You will enjoy the personalized journey planned as their customer. 

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Significant numbers are quite promising as 1 in 6 travelers in India use MakeMyTrip to plan their vacation tour. Setting up your entire schedule, including meals, tourist destinations and travel, makes package deals very attractive so you can save your important time from worrying about less important things.

5. Goibibo 

Goibibo is one of the largest online hotel booking engines in the country and one of the leading airline groups. Goibibo is one of the Best Hotel Booking Site For India. Also, the service is very popular. Since they are advertised on TV and on different platforms. 

Moreover, almost everyone knows about them. In addition, Goibibo is not only a hotel booking site, it also allows you to book flights, buses, trains and some other tickets. Also, you can use Goibibo to book hotel rooms not only in hotels but also internationally. Overall, booking rooms with Goibibo can be done with a few clicks. And it also gives you a great experience.

6. Booking.com 

While keeping your options open, Booking.com returns the most select search results ever with a healthy mix of hotels, apartments and hostels. But whether it is good or bad depends entirely on your preferences. 

If you’re not a fan of hostels, for example, hotel search results mean you have to filter them out, creating an extra step that other hotel booking sites don’t need. That said, Booking.com offers something for everyone. 

And its easy hotel search engine would be useful when comparing cheap prices like hotel combined (excluding taxes) showing the total price; Being able to see the total hotel cost up front helps you quickly determine which hotels actually fit into your budget.

7. Easemytrip 

Easemytrip is an Indian online travel company founded in May 2008 by Nishant Pitti and Rikant Pitti. Headquartered in New Delhi, the company provides hotel bookings, air tickets, holiday packages, bus bookings and white label services. Cheap deals on budget and luxury hotels are available on Easemytrip

Due to the huge crowd of tourists in India, Easemytrip offers them a wide range of luxury, deluxe and budget hotels. Choose to stay in luxury and comfort at the big discounts available on hotel bookings. The Easemytrip on our site includes some of the most attractive budget hotels and some of the major international hotel chains in India including Oberoi Group, Taj Group, ITC Group, and many more. 

From class hotels to luxury beach resorts, every hotel on our site offers you an unforgettable stay. Along with deluxe, budget and luxury hotels, Easemytrip  also shows you several heritage hotels for a royal stay. Enjoy cheap hotel booking deals for any destination with big savings.

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