Top 10 Egg Boiler in India

Eggs are considered one of the strongest sources of protein with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The egg boiler will help to boil the eggs so that there is no discomfort and the nutritional value remains intact. To boil eggs using an egg boiler, they do not need to be placed in a pot filled with water. 

Top 10 Egg Boiler in India
Top 10 Egg Boiler in India


Furthermore, this device can lay about 5 to 7 eggs at a time to serve the whole family. In addition, egg boilers coming with a compact design are user-friendly and can be easily stored in any cabinet after use. There is a variety of egg boilers on the market, which is why we have listed the top models to make shopping relatively hassle free.

Top 10 Egg Boiler in India

1. Kent Instant Egg Boiler 360-Watt Kent Instant Egg Boiler 

The best egg boiler in India tops our list of performance because of that performance it is available at very low rates. The Kent egg boiler is a new device with a flat heating plate that helps boil eggs faster. It is ideal for your homes, hostels as well as hotel rooms. 

It has 3 boiling modes that allow you to boil eggs in 3 different modes - hard, medium and soft. The egg boiler comes with a stainless steel body and a flat heating plate which helps to boil 7 eggs at a time in a few minutes. 

One of the things we love about this egg boiler is that the compact size of this egg boiler makes it very portable. For the convenience of the user, the device comes with advanced safety functions like auto power off and overheating protection. 


3 boiling mode. Automatic operations. 

Overheating protection 1 year warranty 


Care must be taken when cleaning the plate.


2. Goodway Electric Egg Boiler (5 Egg, White Orange) 

This egg boiler is made by goodway and is white Orange in color. It has a power of 200 watts. Eklegant design made from stainless steel is one of the best part about this egg boiler. It is compact in design and can be easily carried. 


Elegant design with stainless steel body 

Can be compact and easily carried 

There is an automatic switch off function 

There is a touch operation system


Only 5 eggs can be boiled at a time


3. CurioCity EGGPOACH-1 Compact Stylish Electric Egg Cooker 

This egg boiler is made from stainless steel. It can cook 7 eggs at a time. It has a crystal clear lid that enables you to check if the eggs are cooked, without opening the lid. This egg can also double as a boiler steamer when you want to boil the eggs. You can use the cooker to steam the vegetables and have a healthy meal. 


Can be used as a food steamer 

Easy to operate 

Very durable Automatic shut-off 


The power cable is short. 

Steel plates can sometimes rust.


4. Skyline Stainless Steel Electric Egg Boiler, Silver 

This is another great egg boiler from Skyline that you would love to add to your kitchen. Most importantly, they are amazingly stylish, compact and lightweight design floats in high-quality black plastic and high-quality steel that greatly curb your kitchen. 

Using only 350 watts of energy, it can boil seven eggs at a time. Its heating plate is made of steel and its egg rack is made of plastic. Its lid is also made from steel and opaque. You can cook soft, medium and hard boiled eggs to your liking. 

It has on/off button and an indicator light. Once the egg is boiled it gives a buzzer alarm to let you know. On the flip side, it has no auto-off feature. That’s why you need to be careful, or your eggs will burn. It also takes about 10-15 minutes for the eggs to boil. 

This is much higher than our previous models. It lacks any non-stick coating and its plastic egg trays are not very durable. But with a one-year warranty, it comes at a very reasonable price. Given that you can easily adjust to its constraints and make your egg boil boring, a sip with this tool.


It has auto-off mechanism with alarm after boiling eggs 

This egg boiler can cook seven eggs at a time within 15 minutes

It is durable It uses less energy

It's easy to clean and easy to use

The product is compact 


The power cord is too short


5. Stvin Double Layer Electric Egg Cooker, Poacher and Milk Boiler 

Stvin’s egg boiler or egg hunter is one of the best egg hunters available on the market because it is compact and has the capacity to boil 14 eggs at a time. It comes with a useful measuring glass and has a design that has a really beautiful look and can even be visited by any friend or relative. It has a crystal clear top cover on the front so you can monitor the boiling process. 


The very compact design Food grade ingredients Crystal clear top cover 


pre-boiling process very difficult


6. Prestige Egg Boiler - PEGB - 01 

Prestige is a brand that is known to all in India. Their kitchen appliances are excellent built-in time-tested. The egg boiler in Prestige exhibits the same quality, durability and performance as shown by all other products of this brand. It can boil 7 eggs at a time, which is the right amount for a family of 3 to 5 people. 

Also, this egg cooker will be very useful for office gear, bachelor and gym frequenters as it can make boiled eggs in less than 10 minutes. The lid of this egg boiler is made of plastic which allows you to see the eggs while cooking. Its stainless-steel body guarantees durability. 

The measuring cup of this cooker is indispensable for its function as it contains the right amount of water required for cooking to make the eggs consistent. It comes with three settings of course, hard, medium and soft for compatibility. 

To get the texture right, just measure the required amount of water and pour into the pan. Place the egg in the slot, close the lid and plug it in. After the eggs are cooked, wait a few minutes until the machine shuts down automatically. Don’t forget to drill a hole along the wide side of the egg before you place the slot. 

This is an important step that ensures that the eggs do not crack during cooking. Refer to the manual to know the exact amount of water. Reputation egg boiler has one-touch operation and is easy and simple to use. But since its energy is small, you need to keep it near the energy socket. The warranty of this egg cooker is 1 year. So, if something goes wrong, you can easily fix it without spending extra money. 


Simple one touch operation 

Durable stainless steel body 1 year warranty 

Automatic shutdown 


Short power cable


7. Russell Hobbs REG300 300-Watt Fully Automatic Egg Cooker 

This is a UK based company most of us are not familiar with this Russell Hobbs company. But this company is known in the Indian market for its innovative and reliable products. Uniquely, this electric egg boiler machine has 2 egg packing pans with egg racks. 

This single egg rack is capable of holding 6 eggs at a time. It has 3 boiling options for boiling eggs with 3 different levels of measurement reduction. A transparent lid when boiling will give a perforated view over the eggs. 

The smart egg boiler operates on total automation, where it shuts off automatically after the boiling process. It has Dry Run Protector which protects the surrounding objects/humans from the empty pan. 


The single rack contains 6 eggs 

Dry boil preservatives

Easy to clean 


It takes 7-8 minutes to boil 

A little expensive

8. Inalsa Chic Instant Egg Boiler, 360 Watts

Insasa Ogi is just exemplary engineering. A perfect blend of high-quality materials and modern technology, this product from Inalsa never fails to attract buyers looking for top quality products within 1300 I.N.R. With an average power consumption of only 360 watts, the Insasa Ogi ensures that you don’t put too much stress in the buyer’s pocket. 

The power-pack combination of stainless-steel plate and high-quality fiber body gives this product a premium look. Inasa boiler egg cooker Check out the price Amazon Removable egg tray and easy to remove steel lid are some of the unique features of this product that make it a go-dub deal in every case. 

In addition, the package is filled with measuring cups and egg piercings. It has the ability to boil seven eggs at the same time in just minutes, and it never fails to meet the needs of the user even in an emergency. Another feature of this product is the on or off switch with indicator light which helps it to outperform all other products in its segment. 


Low power (360 watts) The value for money 1 year manufacturer's guarantee on the product Extensive distribution and service network Convenience to use 

Low maintenance costs 

Top quality components and excellent construction quality 


The egg must be punctured Small in size 

Slightly higher price


9. Tormeti Egg Boiler Electric Automatic Off 3 Layer 21 Egg Poacher for Steaming, Cooking, Boiling and Frying, Multicolour 

Tormeti has lived up to its promise of home improvement with a string of everyday use equipment, yet not all of those products have everything with the unique features found in any other company. Tormeti is a double layer 2-in-1 egg boiler and will be a valuable addition to any kitchen, especially for egg-lovers. 

Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions. Its physical design is based on high-quality ABS, making it safe and durable. It has an amazing capacity of 14 eggs and can be operated very easily. 

This 2-in-1 boiler can tailor your utility to your needs; Whether you like your eggs hard-boiled or soft, flawless or omelette. It is perfect for a busy family and is a perfect device for a quick meal. It can meet your demands in about 8 to 12 minutes. 

This egg cooker comes with a food-grade steam rack, a measuring cup and 2 egg trays featuring a double-box. Eggs can be drilled using holes in the base of the measuring cup. The amount of water added directs the boiler to boil the eggs accordingly. 

The number of eggs you need to make the omelette or the cooked eggs will need to be cracked in the omelette tray and the cooker will do the rest and notify you once with the buzzer. The heating plate is made of stainless steel and can be easily cleaned. It has 7 detachable boiled egg trays and 2 detachable omelettes and a hunting tray. It is operating at 350W power. 


Cooking time: 10 minutes One touch operation 

Automatic cut off Multipurpose (2 in 1 boiler) 


The material combination consists of plastic


10. Simxen Egg Boiler Electric Automatic Off 7 Egg Poacher for Steaming, Cooking, Boiling and Frying, Multicolour 

The Simpson Egg Boiler ranks third on our list of best egg boilers. It is amazing that egg boilers costing less than Rs 400 perform excellently. Don't assume that it won't have the features of other high cost boilers, it comes with automatic on and off feature. 

This egg boiler takes only 10 minutes to cook the eggs. It is made with high-quality ABS material, is safe and durable but the overall built-in quality is at least average so you should compromise looking at the price. The main feature of this boiler is that it can cook 7 eggs at a time. The boiler does not come with a warranty. 


Electric automatic shutdown. 

Value for money. 

7 eggs at a time. 


No guarantee. Average built-in quality


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