Top 10 Best Plywood Brands In India

In our daily lives, plywood houses, offices, construction, furniture etc. Has an important role to play in the creation. We have a great selection of plywood brands that are the best choices among the professionals in this field and the most reliable. These products are verified and certified by standards bodies such as ISO, BIS , OHSAS . Get rid of fancy advertising and be aware of the high risk of property damage. By examining the following plywood brand selection criteria. 

Top 10 Best Plywood Brands In India
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When India first imported its goods in 1906, the history of the plywood industry in India dates back to the early 1900s. Two plywood factories were started in Assam with increasing demand. By making the situation successful, many discoveries and experiments showed that the quality of India-made plywood. 

It was decided that the quality of plywood wood veneer surface is as decent as in other countries. Finally, orders were issued to start plywood factories at various places in India. Nowadays it is believed that the first two factories made remarkable progress in the country’s plywood industry to become enterprising entrepreneurs and reach the current difficult stage. In this article, we would like to set the list of Top 10 Best Plywood Brands In India. You can contract with them according to your needs.

Top 10 Best Plywood Brands In India

1. Kitply 

Kitply Industries Limited was established in 1982. Plywood, natural veneers, blockboards, doors etc. Creator of. Kitply has 5 modern factories across the country and exports to the Middle East, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan. Kitpally has received the prestigious Indira Priyadarshini Vrikshamitra Award for her contribution in the field of forestry and waste land development. 

 2. Archidply 

Archidply Industries Limited is a leading business group with a different name. Orchidply has been a major player in the Indian plywood, decorative veneer and wood paneling market for nearly four decades. Orchidply in the north-eastern state began as a small seal mill. Today it is one of the reputed manufacturers of wood panel products and decorative surfacing products. Products include Marine Plywood, Fire Retardant Plywood, Shuttering Plywood, Densified Film Faced Plywood, BWR & MR Plywood, Lamply & Lamy Boards, Block Boards & Flush Doors - BWR & MR Grade, Pre-Laminated Boards - Simple Products included. Particle boards both interior and exterior range, decorative laminates and decorative veneer, teak, natural exterior veneer, reorganized veneer, engineering veneer and painted veneer 

 3. CenturyPly 

Century Plywood, India's leading plywood manufacturer brand Joe Sajjan Bhajanka and Sanjay Agarwalin came into existence in India in 1986. This is an incredible preference of architects and interior designers - they suggest our products to express one’s personality for the design of our steel and concrete. As a market leader, Century Ply enjoys a distinct brand name, which is considered an industry benchmark. It is equipped with seven thousand one hundred and sixteen employees and has its roots spread over about three thousand retailers and retailers in twenty countries. 

They represent a steady growth rate over the years, five times in a row in 200 construction years, and the construction world is one of the most authoritative publications, promising to be the "fastest growing organization with the highest turnover". 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. March 26, 2005 was an important event in the glorious history of Century Ply. The then Hon'ble Chief Minister of West Bengal, Shri Buddhadev Bhattacharya started the Pre-Lam Particle Project.

It is certified with ISO 9002 (Company Level Certification provided by the company) for quality assurance of installation, product and service provision. Sentry ply zircon, A fiber cement solutions are also subject to this brand which has a long list of benefits. Traditional building materials. The brand has a 49% stake in Hussulin Wood Processing Factory Company Limited.

4. Sarda Plywood 

You will see the name Sarda Plywood in this list and you will wonder why you have never heard this name before. Is this company vague? The reason why you haven’t heard the name of the company is their product you know them. Duro is considered to be one of the most eye-catching plywood in the Indian market today. Made of Sarda plywood, it is known for its rigidity and versatility. In the years following the debut, Duro's other products joined the family, such as Duro Flex, Duro Marine, and Duro Dynama.  

 5. National Plywood Industries Includes 

National Plywood Industries Was born in and today it exists all over India. The company manufactures high-quality products that are known for their durability and affordability. Some of its products include plywood, flush doors, block boards, decorative laminate products.    

6. Greenply 

Greenply Industries Limited is a well known name in the field of plywood manufacturing. In 1994 S. P. Was established by The company's turnover Rs. 2000 crores. Today, Greenply operates around 47 branches across the country, headquartered in Kolkata and New Delhi. Some of the products offered by the company include decorative veneers, toilet cubicles, decorative laminates and medium density fiber boards.    

7. Mayur Ply 

When we hear the word ‘Mayur Ply’, we think of elegance, beauty and mesmerizing grace. And Mayur Ply doesn’t disappoint that expectation. In fact, it is more than that. Plywood made of Mayur ply is not only consistent in their excellent quality, they can be considered almost a work of art. Mayur Ply has got ISO 1001, ISO 100001 and ISI Mayur ply certificates. Mayur Ply also demanded European CE certification. Because they comply with European plywood standards. This really makes Mayur Ply an international brand, but with a sensibility that is completely Indian.   

8. Bansal Sales Corporation Pvt Ltd 

Founded in India in 1963 by Anil Bansal. Bansal Sales Corporation is one of the leading plywood manufacturers in India. His in-depth production experience and strong professional skills enable us to stay ahead of the competition. Their entire collection is known for excellent quality and excellent loyalty of their customers. Their products are being used for a variety of commercial and residential applications. These products are functionally advanced and they are used in different industrial applications. It is staffed by over thirty-six to fifty employees and has four thousand five hundred retailers spread across India. 

9. Merino Laminates 

A company of the Merino Group, has been making plywood for various applications since 1974. The company ranks among the leaders in the plywood business in India. Merino plywood is a leader in India's furniture, construction and industrial markets. High-quality furniture is made using Merino brand plywood boards. In addition, Merino also produces excellent quality laminate for plywood and other products. Merino plywood and related products are available at all leading wood vendors across India. 

10. Krishna Plywood  

Krishna Plywood is one of the best plywood headquartered in Tamil Nadu. It is the manufacturer, exporter and supplier of plywood, hardwood plywood, flush door, panel door, skin door, checked plywood, standard hardboard, pre-laminated particle board, pre-laminated MDF particle board, HDF wood flooring. Mr. G. Vishnu Prasad recognized this company as the sole owner in 1 ... Today Krishna Plywoods is said to have 50 employees. The 25,000-square-foot company is based in an urban area of Tamil Nadu. However, the company's business is not known.

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