7 Best Running Shoes in India Under 2000 [2023]

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It is difficult to buy running shoes online. We're here to make it easier. It’s hard to find the best running shoes because there isn’t one running best shoe for all people. There are a number of factors that can help you decide which shoes are best for you under 2000. 


Best Running Shoes in India Under 2000
Best Running Shoes in India Under 2000

While new runners prefer more design and pillows than runners considering setting a new 5K record, someone going out for an evening jog will want a more fit than a fast performer. Similarly, choosing an average running shoe for foot runners poses a difficulty in the technical role, and track stars require built-in spikes for top-end speed.

Best Running Shoes in India Under 2000

1. Puma Men's Seawalk Idp Running Shoes '

When it comes to sports / running shoes for men, Puma shoes cannot be forgotten as it is the most prominent sports apparel brand with a wide collection of men's shoes at various prices. Similarly, you can expect high built-in and durable performance in these Puma Sivak IDP Running Shoes which is available for men for less than Rs 2000 to buy online in India. 

Made with a perfect balance of breathable mesh top, soft insole and rubber outsole, this shoe is very lightweight, fits perfectly and prevents any kind of injury and potential accidents that could cause damage. However, due to the flat sole design, this shoe is not recommended for use on wet surfaces, avoiding long-term use and not being durable for outdoor sports activities. 


Very light shoes

Flexible in running Proper fitting in your fingers

Perfect grip 


No such disadvanteges



2. Reebok Men's Dart Runner Running Shoes 

Reebok is a brand that makes excellent quality shoes. This Reebok shoe is one that you should definitely go with in this budget. It works as a cheap affordable shoe. It has a stylish design with gorgeous colors. The shoe is very comfortable to wear and carry. It keeps a light bottom as well as excellent sol. Its heel has extra heat and its exterior is made of thin rubber.


3. Campus Men's Peris Running Shoes  

Built in a stylish casual design with attractive color scheme, these Campus Men's Running Shoes are another great addition to running shoes that are perfect for both beginners and experts alike. The shoe is made of durable mesh that is breathable and keeps your feet smelly and thus provides adequate ventilation. Its cushioned footbed provides custom support and comfort to your feet. 

Also, its outsole features unique shock absorption and has a textured grip that provides a secure grip on the multi-surface during running, exercise and high-intensity workouts. These are the lightest running shoes in India that are perfect for any occasion, be it sports, casual or everyday life they use three ways. 


The perfect pair for any occasion 

Decent weight shoes Maintains its shape automatically 

Use the gym for high-intensity exercise 


Not for the purpose of the Sports



4. Puma Men's Running Shoe 

These shoes are great for running. But to change, just look at their appearance! With an upper mesh for the whole body, these shoes breathe more than the others on this list. The rubber sole also makes the boots comfortable for runners and they are cheaper under 2000


5. Adidas Men's Throb M Running Shoes 

Another pair of adidas in the house is light running shoes. So, if you want to complete your running and workout comfortably, you need to add this running shoe to your shoe collection. Dynamically designed for sports-minded people, these walking breathable shoes feature lightly woven synthetic upper mesh to provide breathability and durability from above. 

The shoe comes with a highly durable IMEVA sole that is quite lightweight and makes this shoe comfortable for long periods of time and provides safe stability between running and high-intensity workouts. 

This shoe has a fully delayed insole that provides versatile support and protects your feet from any possible shocks and injuries. With lace-up closures for excellent adjustable fitting, this shoe has a stylish casual design that enables you to create this shoe with your various casual and sportswear. 


Durable and lightweight outsole

The value for money 


No major shortcomings


6. Puma Men's Lazer Evo IDP Sneakers 

Puma Manners Laser Evo IDP Running Shoes Designed in a lace-up closure with a breathable upper mesh and engineered with a cushioned footbed insole with a flexible rubber outsole of textured pattern, this running boot will provide maximum lazy comfort and support around your feet. 

Whether you are an amateur or a professional runner, thanks to its lightweight design it makes you the perfect pair of shoes that can be used for long stretches without any discomfort and heavy feeling. One of the advantages of this pair is that these running shoes are made in a casual look that you can easily combine with your casual oterwear. So, it can go with both, be it a sports event or an occasion. 


Very comfortable attire 

Best Gift Purpose (Fitness Freak) 

Perfect and light on the feet 

Flawless during exercise Attractive colors


No major shortcomings


7. Puma Men's Voyager IDP Running Shoes 

Puma Men's Voyager IDP is a budget-friendly shoe for men under 2,000 in India. These blue and white boots look stylish, reliable in functionality and affordable which will give you the potential value of the investment money. 

These running shoes are suitable for activities such as running, jogging and workout but are not recommended for sports such as cricket, football, tennis and basketball. Also, you can pair it with your casual dress like denim, t-shirt, trousers when you go out with your friends. However, this running shoe has a slim design, so it is perfect for a man with flat feet.


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