10 Best Dog Food Brands in India

Feeding your dog the best dog food is a priority for your pet’s parents, but sometimes you have to rely on packaged foods to make sure your dogs are getting the right and optimal nutrients they need for their growth. The pet food industry has seen huge growth in the last few years. Compensation for dog eating options to choose from in the market is now available. 


However, the most popular dog food brands available in the Indian market may not be the best dog food option for your pup. When it comes to dog food, we often have advertisements for the dog food industry. They look great in their ads, but do they deserve your dog? Are they giving proper nutrition to even the best dog food in India? What are some essential/unnecessary ingredients in dog food? Don't worry, all your questions will be answered in this article!

Best Dog Food Brands in India

1. Taste of the wild 

Next you have a wild taste to eat the best grain-free dog food Although many dogs can digest whole grain carbohydrate grains but some dogs have the ability to increase food allergy or sensitivity. Dog-free dog food should contain digestible carbohydrates such as legumes, fruits and vegetables, but always focus on high-quality sources of protein. 

The forest flavor offers nine dry food and five wet food formulas that are rich in protein and grain-free. The dog understands that dogs love natural flavors so each of his recipes is built around real roasted meat such as venison bison and lamb real meat is the first ingredient in every recipe although most recipes contain many sources of animal protein. 

All of these brand products are also supplemented with highly digestible carbohydrates that have pro biotic support for energy and fiber dried fermentation products and related minerals for maximum nutrient absorption. While the top dog tips of the name don’t even taste like a wild selection of dog food, there are about 10,000 reviews on this brand on their brand for their most popular recipe.

The brand also received a huge number one rating for a grain free dog food brand. What sets this brand apart is the use of novelty proteins such as bison and venison which are less likely to trigger food allergies and dogs and are a thinner source of protein than commercially grown meats. 


Strengthens the immune system 

Improves digestion 

Improves overall growth and well-being 

Tasty treats 


Low humidity


2. Arden Grange 

This is another "highly recommended" dog food brand. Being a European brand, its components are clearly mentioned. Rich in meat dishes and fresh meat, this brand has only 30 percent grain in dog food, mainly rice is better than wheat or corn. Other healthy things like eggs, beet pulp, fish oil etc. are also low in fat which makes it a suitable and healthy option for your dog. 

It may be a little expensive, but it can be a great product for your pussy. So if budget is not a big issue then you should definitely go for it. Your pool will definitely love the natural ingredients and great taste. You can buy the best Arden Grange Dog Food without any hassle on Amazon & Flipkart. Just choose the right product and you're done! 


Good protein content 

Great for sensitive stomachs 

Healthy grain content 


The filler has a small amount



The next product in our list of the best dog food brands in India is Acana. Acana is an award-winning pet food. This brand is popular for biologically suitable dog and cat food made from fresh regional ingredients. Aquana dog food includes free-run-poultry, wild-caught fish, nesting eggs as well as meat containing pet meat. The brand offers premium-quality dog food in India. 


Alternative to Origin 

High protein 

Good nutritional value 


High price 

Not ideal for passive dogs


4. Farmina’s N & D 

This product has never been recalled for any type of issue. It is one of the best dog food companies in the world. The exact breakdown of the ingredients on the product label is an Italian brand. It contains only 20% oats and other healthy alternatives. 

It contains rice which is easier to digest than corn. It contains 60% fresh chicken compared to other products on the list we have mentioned so far. It also contains 35% crude protein, which is a higher product than dog food. 


Gluten free 

Not gaining too much weight 

Effects on enhanced digestion 


Not every pet can adapt to the digestive system


5. Hill’s Pet Nutrition 

The best option for those looking for a middle class budget dog food. The product contains omega-6 fatty acid seeds which is good for a healthy coat for dogs. Although they claim that your dog's coat will improve in just 30 days after eating this food. Many reports say that dogs love taste, so if your dog likes it, you can definitely go for Hill's Science Plan. 


Good value for money 



Average quality


6. Drools Focus 

Dog food products supplied by Drules are all quality. It is the cheapest dog food in India. The firm has caught the attention of dog lovers by emphasizing the importance of clean and quality food. The reason behind their immense success and popularity is that they use a clean combination of meat and skin in their products and make no compromises in terms of quality. 

They understand that the nutritional needs of dogs are very different from those of humans, so they have created a unique recipe that can meet the needs of all breeds of dog. They thoroughly inspect the raw materials used in the production process to ensure that each dog gets the optimal quality of food. To learn more about Drols Dog Food, check out the reviews online or check out the seekers listed below. It is the best brand for dog food in India. 


Helps build lean muscle body shape 

Improves pet digestive system

Bones and teeth become stronger

Helps maintain healthy skin 


Low humidity


7. Orijen 

This dog food is made according to the natural diet of his dog's wild breed. Origin dog foods are rich in meat and protein. It contains 38% crude protein by volume. It also contains non-grain carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables which are useful for easy digestion. Origin Dog Food is made with 100% fresh meat ingredients and no additional fillers are added. Original Dog Food is suitable for dog breeds, sizes and ages. 


Contains concentrated protein 

Results in good stool consistency 

Improves energy levels 


Short shelf life


8. Royal Canin 

Dog foods are high in calcium and phosphorus. These ingredients promote bone growth and healthy joints. It is ideal for large breeds. The brand has a wide variety of food for your pet. The main ingredients include whole grain sorghum, cornmeal chicken by-products, dried beet pulp and whole grain barley. 


Improves the digestive system 

Strengthens the natural defenses of puppies 

Meets energy requirements 


Low humidity


9. Pedigree 

Wet Dog Food This product is mainly made from lamb chops with gravy. It provides essential nutrients for the dog, normal bone and muscle growth, and is ideal for all breeds of dog. The texture is wet, which takes care of hydration and makes the food excellent and is optimized for dog bone and muscle growth. It comes in a set of pouches. Its main disadvantage is the relatively high price. 


Equivalent to a full meal Strengthens the immune system of dogs 

Digestion is easy 

Helps to develop strong teeth and bones 




10. Himalaya Dog Food

Himalaya dog food is slightly better than pedigree when it comes to protein content. The product also claims to supply meat (for adults) and chicken (for chicks). However, the quality of the chicken / meat is not specified in the label. 

The product, as its name implies, proudly claims that they are using various herbal plants like gilloy to boost immunity.  There are also other herbs that are good for metabolism and liver health, so this product makes the best dog food in India. 


There are various herbs to boost the immune system  

Animal based nutrients 


There is corn called filler 

Too much processed grain (rice) can cause obesity


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