10 Best Dark Chocolate Brands in India

Love of chocolate does not discriminate. It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you are from, how much money you have or what your social status is, but there is some kind of chocolate that you can’t deny. There’s a reason why people around the world love chocolate - it really causes a chemical reaction in the brain that can make you happy. 

Best Dark Chocolate Brands in India
Best Dark Chocolate Brands in India


Chocolate stimulates the feelings of excitement, attraction and anxiety associated with you falling in love, and it acts as a resistor when dopamine accumulates in the brain. Some believe it is aphrodisiac, which is why the Aztec emperor Montezuma used it as his own personal Viagra stash.

Best Dark Chocolate Brands in India

1. Cadbury Chocolate brand 

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate is the chocolate company's British brand and the world's largest brand for chocolate. Cadbury is the top chocolate brand in India. Today, India Cadbury has production facilities and cocoa cultivation in India, leading the Indian chocolate market with brands such as Bournevita, Dairy Milk, Oreo Biscuits and Bourneville. 

The brand is known for bringing products such as Chocolate Cadbury Dairy Milk Blocks, Cadbury Dark Milk, Bars and Blocks, Chocolate Bars, Boxing Chocolates, Coco Range, Cream Eggs, Cadbury Lolly, Biscuits, Drinking Chocolates and more. 

The brand below makes the famous chocolate in India. The brand is known for bringing items such as Cadbury Dairy Milk Blocks, Cadbury Dark Milk, Bars and Blocks, Chocolate Bars, Boxed Chocolates, Cocoa Range, Cream Eggs, Cadbury Lallis, Biscuits, Bitesize, Alcoholic Chocolates and more.

2. Nestle Chocolate brand 

Nestle is Cadbury's biggest competitor in the Indian chocolate market. Originally from Switzerland, the company first started selling its products in India in the 1860s. The brand has a market share of 18% and is priced slightly lower than other Nestle dark chocolate brands. 

Being from Switzerland, however, the quality and taste of their varieties is excellent there. Wafers Crispy Bar- Kitkat is the most popular type for Nestle. Census Dark and Sense's Milk is their latest version which is tasty and loved by many.

3. Amul Chocolate brand 

Amul is an Indian company and was established in Gujarat in 1955. It is the largest dairy company in India, producing packaged milk and dairy products; Among them is Amul Chocolate. Due to its particle size and delicate shape, it is rich in milk, which makes this chocolate a delicacy. Amul only makes two chocolate products, one is dark chocolate and the other is green tea extract chocolate.


4. Mars Chocolate brand 

If you expect nuts in your chocolate bar, what are some crunchy peanuts that are slightly salty but very creamy and have that fragrant cocoa? All this fickleness is in the tasty chocolate layer which is enthusiastically enthusiastic. 

We are referring to all the gorgeous sneakers bars on Tuesday. That is why sneakers for all occasions are the best selling chocolate in India. Satisfying the appetite of chocophilic Indians Mars is an American company known for its confectionery products, such as Mars bars, Milky Way bars, M&M, skits, sneakers and tweaks. Like other American brands, Mars launched its chocolate range one by one and continued to expand its portfolio. 

They have M&M bite-sized sherbel chocolates that are in close competition with Cadburis gems and are a favorite for peanut variants that don’t offer gems. Their best-selling chocolates in India are sneakers, peanuts, chocolates and caramel bars that are sold as high-calorie calories, while Bounty prefers their coconut-filled chocolate for its unique taste. Their best-selling chocolates include Galaxy, Sneakers, Bounty, Mars and M&M.


5. Ferrero Rocher Chocolate brand 

Ferrero Candy Company is an American subsidiary of the Ferrero Group, responsible for the creation of the world-famous chocolate ball Ferrero Rocher. Based in Chicago, Illinois, Ferrero makes a variety of desserts based on candy and fruit. 

They make candy from both the Ferrero Pan and the Farley and Sutherland brands. Some of their offers include At Tomic Fireball, Red Hots, Black Forest, Bobs Candies, Brach, Chuckles, Juicy Fruits, Now and then, Boston Baked Beans, Jaw Busters, Lemon Heads, Fruit Strips, Nerds, Super Bubbles, Troy- Blow If you are looking for sweet and sour fruit candy, your search will end here. 

There are many other chocolate and candy brands in the USA, and each brand produces different varieties of delicious candy. Let us know what your favorite is!

6. Hershey Chocolate brand 

Hershey is another well-known American company and the largest chocolate producer in the world. Hershey's Brookside Dark Chocolate brand is available in India and is known for its unique taste and flavor. It makes the best white chocolate in India with a seductive taste. 

The brand produces bars and mini, candy, syrups and toppings and many other products for every occasion. There are some great chocolate bars under Hershey for you. Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar Hershey's white cream with almond bar Hershey's dark chocolate


7. Ghirardelli Chocolate brand 

The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, named after Italian chocolate connoisseur Domingo Ghirardelli, is an American division of the Swiss dessert Lindt and Sprungli and is probably the most prestigious chocolate brand in the world. 12 Founded in 1852, it is the third largest chocolate company in the state. Sold in bar versions or small single squares, these types include milk chocolate, peanut butter chocolate and mint chocolate.


8. LINDT Chocolate brand 

Lindt commonly known as Lindt was founded in 1845 in the center of chocolate in Switzerland. The brand uses excellent raw materials and high quality ingredients during production to make tasty chocolate found all over the world. 

The milk nut was his first chocolate and since then his chocolate has never looked like a boring moment. It is believed that soon Lindt & Springley will launch another retail outlet in India which will further enhance the market position.


9. Pacari Chocolate brand 

Pacari-World's first biodynamic chocolate brand Not only the world's first certified biodynamic chocolate company, but also the most award-winning chocolate brand at the International Chocolate Awards. 

It is manufactured entirely in Ecuador and uses only the best certified organic ariba national cacao in the South American region, as well as other exotic organic ingredients. This premium chocolate is brought to the Indian coast by Mandara Orchard especially for chocolate connoisseurs which is the staple food in India.

Some of the best selling chocolates are Pakri 100% Cocoa, Pakri Lemongrass Organic Dark Chocolate, Pakri Andian Rose Organic Dark Chocolate and Pakri Chili Organic Dark Chocolate. We believe that chocolate is an integral part of our lives, regardless of our age. That effect of cocoa is on us! So, while we are taking in calories, let’s choose to take the best with the best chocolate.

10. Toblerone Chocolate brand 

Toberoron is a Swiss company founded by Jacobs Suchard in 1908 and is now owned by the American confectionery company Mondetze International Inc. It is different from other chocolates because of its unique type and delicious taste. 

It is a chocolate company more than a hundred years old and the word ‘tobler’ means the last name of Theodore and ‘taron’ means honey and almond in Italian. This expensive brand of chocolate contains sugar, milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa, honey and almonds.


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