5 Best Gaming Keyboards Under 2000 [Buyers Guide 2021]

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A keyboard is a must if you ever use a desktop computer. While many computers come with keyboards, they may not be comfortable or have the features you need. Whether you need a Gaming Keyboard, a mechanical keyboard, or a wireless keyboard, our list of the best keyboards is an ideal choice for everyone. Continue reading to find a keyboard that suits your needs.

Best Keyboards Under 2000
Best Keyboards Under 2000

Choosing the right Gaming Keyboard can be difficult, especially given how many options you have on the market today.

Any gamer will know that the right gaming keyboard can make or break your gaming experience. 

Consider Buying a Gaming Keyboard: 

With a low budget, you should expect some features on the gaming keyboard to purchase. Features like integrated media controller, Windows lock, laser aggregation key, and water resistance should be included in your gaming keyboard.  

Build quality

We must first acknowledge that the budget for gaming keyboards is a bit low. But don’t worry about this budget. You will find a keyboard with a plastic body or a built-in aluminum top and plastic base. We suggest you go for aluminum tops and plastic bottoms as they will be durable.

If you plan to buy a keyboard with a plastic body, it should be made of ASB plastic. 

Anti-ghosting feature 

The anti-ghosting feature is an excellent and most useful feature for FPS or any fast-paced gaming when we try to press several keys at once. If we use any standard keyboard, due to hardware limitations, it will not respond or recognize all keystrokes when you press them together. 

However, for anti-ghosting keyboards, this problem is solved. Now you can press more than one key as quickly as possible and each key pressure on your system will be noticed accurately. This will improve the gaming performance you want. Multiple keys must be pressed for multiple gaming titles. Games have complex controls for performing certain tasks or performing certain tasks.  


 Many gaming keyboards in this category come with a backlight feature. Although performance lighting is of no use, there is reason to give this keyboard an attractive look. So, always check for proper backlighting before buying your keyboard.  

RGB lighting 

RGB lighting provides a real gaming experience. Every time I look at an RGB lighting keyboard, it looks better than any normal keyboard without backlighting or RGB lighting features. This RGB lighting behind the keys also ensures that the keys will look better for you even if your room is not well lit. 

Cables and connectors

The gaming keyboard must have good cable length, braided material, gold plated rust-free USB connector.  

Key switch

When you buy a keyboard for any purpose you need to have a mechanical keyboard if you do not have a budget problem. Mechanical keyboards have many advantages over screen keyboards. Except for the mechanical keyboard. 

This is a shopping guide for the best gaming keyboards under 2000 so we have to say that it is difficult for you to get a pure mechanical gaming keyboard in this budget. But some of our listed keyboards come with mechanical type switches that provide the same functionality as mechanical key switches.

Best Keyboards Under 2000

1. ZEBRONICS Gaming Multimedia USB Keyboard & USB Mouse Combo -Transformer 

Zebronics was founded in 1997 as an IT and gaming company, which also sells mobile accessories, surveillance at affordable prices. They have a great design and they are easy in your pocket. This Transformer version is a combo for USB based keyboard and mouse. 

The USB connector is designed with high quality for a better user experience. This is the best gaming keyboard and mouse combo under 2000. It has all keys disabled and all key-enabled functions. It has multicolor LED lights with four modes, three lights, one-off mode. 

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This product comes with an aluminum body. This is a 1-year warranty. This is the best budget gaming keyboard. This gaming keyboard has a braided cable and a high-quality USB connector.


Integrated media buttons Braided cable Well-spaced keys  


Keys are a bit noisy

2. Redragon Asura K501 USB Gaming Keyboard, 7 Color Backlight Illumination, 116 Standard Keys 

The keyboard is 3.3 inches long, 1 inch wide, and 1.2 inches high. It weighs 1.8 pounds. The keys are a rubber-like relief. The lock button lets you lock the Windows key so you don't have to press it while gaming is on. 

The keyboard contains all the function keys. F1-F8 are media keys. The F9-F12 is the product key. 7 different backlights blue, red, green, yellow, aqua, white, and no backlight. You can also adjust the brightness level with the brightness speed. 

There are four keys on each side of the keyboard. The bottom of the keyboard has four rubber legs and the top has two flip-out keyboard legs that lift the keyboard. The main parts of the keyboard are glossy and say matte. Holes in the back of the keyboard drained water from the keyboard. 

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The red dragon logo flashes when the light is turned on. The control backlight is a knock-on brightness. The quality of the keyboard is good for the list.


3. Cosmic Byte Dark Matter Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo, 3 Color LED Backlight, Upto 2400 DPI 5 Button LED Mouse

This cosmic byte keyboard and mouse combo provide the best gaming experience. The keyboard in the combo has an inbuilt media control button to play music while playing the game.

This is the best gaming keyboard and mouse combo for game lovers. 

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This product is the perfect addition for every gamer and it offers a 1-year warranty for product defects. It comes with a high-quality screen for the keyboard and 19 anti-ghost keys. Awesome design for game lovers with a backlit keyboard and keys. Very easy to install and use.


4. Redgear Manta MT21 Gaming Keyboard and Gaming Mouse Combo 

Redgear is a well-known company that makes the best quality gaming gadgets in an affordable price range. If you want to secure a great quality experience with quality service then you can just go with this super effective product. 

Yes, this product is amazing because here you will find customizable key features, LED backlight features, and many more spelling features. Hence it's overall rating on Amazon. It comes with an extra mouse. So, with this, you experience excellent quality service.

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This will definitely enhance your gaming experience. That’s why we strongly recommend our readers to go with this super impressive model. 


Build quality is very impressive. Here, you will find an impressive backlighting feature.

 It also comes with an impressive look. 


It's heavy.


5. Logitech MK215 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Windows, 2.4 GHz Wireless, Compact Design, 2-Year Battery Life(Keyboard),5 Month Battery Life(Mouse) PC/Laptop- 

Logitech is a very famous brand in the world of computer accessories. The company was founded in May 1988. The company also designs products and markets products on digital platforms. These MK215 wireless keyboard and mouse combo are incomparable in the market. 

Two years of life for the keyboard and five months of battery backup for a mouse with an AAA battery is very good. This combo product is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 8. 

This is the best wireless keyboard and mouse for combo gaming. It comes with a reliable Logitech wireless technology with a 2.4 GHz wireless keyboard. The setup is straightforward; All you have to do is a plugin and play via the USB port on your laptop or PC. 

It comes with an inbuilt media hotkey at your fingertips. The mouse comes with high definition optical and you will love its good response. It has a 2-year battery life warranty so it has an excellent battery.


The keyboard is spill-proof, which ensures the durability of the product. 

Function keys provide easy access to media controls such as mute, volume control, play, pause, etc. 

The keys sound less whispering. 


No keyboard backlight.


So here is our list of the top 5 Best Gaming Keyboards Under 2000 India that you can use for PC, Laptop, Mac, OS, PS4, etc. Gaming will be required above. Hopefully, this is useful for you, so be sure to share it on your social media group. Your little contribution keeps us going.

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