5 Best Home Theater Under 10000 [2021]

The inbuilt speakers on the TV will give you only decent audio, but our first recommendation you should buy a home theater system is to feel the thrill of a cinema-like experience. With this system, you are bound to have excellent sound experience as it has a combination of speakers, subwoofer, and receiver. 


Best Home Theater Under 10000

Now, are you looking for one of the best home theater systems under 10000 budget? If so, you've come to the right place. Our team of professionals has selected a list of the top 5 models of home theater systems that have taken the Indian market by storm. Read below to know the device in detail.

Best Home Theater Under 10000

1. Ibell 2058 5.1 Channel Home Theatre Multimedia Speaker with Bluetooth, FM Stereo & Remote 

This Ibell which lists the best 5.1 home theaters under 10000 years in India. The iBell 2058 has a caliber of 5.1 channels of ambient sound and 140W of sound output to enliven any environment. 

It also has a fully functional remote control through which you can easily access the sound system. In addition, the FM stereo radio acts as an icing on the cake and so you can listen to music or news on your favorite radio station. 

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Speaking of connectivity, you can easily connect multiple media devices via Bluetooth, USB, X, and MMC and maybe play your favorite music instantly. On top of that, it has a very stylish design that is really eye-catching. It has a 6.5-inch subwoofer and 5 satellite speakers that you can place in any way. Finally, it offers an 18-month warranty and thus easily lasts for a long period of time.



2. Philips in-SPA 5190B/94 Multimedia Speaker System


Philips In-SPA 5190B/94 has a multimedia speaker system. This is not the only home theater Philips has to offer, as there are many beautiful products in the same category. 

You can have the 20 Hz -20 kHz frequency range in the SPA 5190b as well as it has five speakers which makes it a multimedia speaker system. You can get one on the right, two on the left, as well as a center speaker. 

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It has an output setting of 2.1 to 5.1, which is convenient with its small weight as its total weight is only 9.5 kg. The maximum output power of the speaker connected to this home theater is 90W. On the other hand, it uses a total voltage of 230 volts, which also helps you save your power and bill. With all these features, less than 10000 products have made this product the best home theater.


3. Jack Martin JM X-5 2.1 Channel Home Theatre System 

With innovation in our modern world, the Jack Martin company brings together this cutting-edge technology and design The Jack Martin X5 2.1 Channel Home Theater System works with the speaker's Bluetooth, FM, SD card, and USB. 

Speakers with a total output power of 126 W, ohm with the impedance of Ohm and subwoofer impedance of satellite speaker, Frequency Response 20 kHz - 1 K khz. The 6.5-inch subwoofer produces 90 watts, which gives it enough volume. 

This speaker system supports multiple connectivity options - in addition to Bluetooth, it also supports USB, SD card, and FM. All of these options provide you with an almost constant opportunity to listen to music. 

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The best speakers not only sound great - they also look great. Contrasting yellow and black colors with futuristic designs are pleasing to the eye. This dynamic combination of satellite speakers with an output of 60W per inch size as well as the main subwoofer output of the sub-W, like the others in its range, packs a powerful punch of pure sound as a rhythmic response to loud music. 

In addition, it has 8 hams and a subwoofer Om 4 and a wide frequency range of 170 Hz to 20,000 Hz satellite responses. With it, you can listen to your new songs on a whole new level. So tune out in volume and plugin and style. 

However, the sound quality of your favorite soundtrack can be just as good as the speaker system played by it. The design of this home theater system takes into account important aspects of audio such as real-time audio reproduction, balanced sound, and stereo isolation. 

There is no disturbance in any of its frequency ranges, thus you give the crystal a clear and distinct sound in its covered frequency range. In terms of connectivity options, the system supports many connectivity options like FM, SD card, USB, and of course Bluetooth. All of these connectivity options give you an almost unlimited opportunity to listen to your favorite soundtrack.


4. Sony SA-D40 4.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System with Bluetooth 

For the best experience at a slightly lower price point, the Sony SA-D40CE12 4.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System can get you in the middle of the most suitable and affordable. This product is definitely available at a low price point with the 4.1 system which can definitely give you an ambient sound feature as well. 

The design is simple and offers excellent and rich bass with audio output quality interface delivery. This is an optimal choice for buyers who care about great design and effective built-in quality. From the design to the usable elements you get a lot of features to enhance your movie-watching experience. 

The only point is, you don't have five speakers, but it's easy to cover this shortcoming by keeping all the speakers in the right position. Although, most people do not know how to place the speakers properly.



5. Philips SPA8000B/94 5.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers System

Well, if we talk about less than 10000 home theater systems, the Philips SPA 8000B 5.1 Surround Sound Multimedia Speakers are one of the best selling products. Well, talking about the elements in it so that you get Bluetooth connectivity to connect your mobile and computer so that you can play your favorite songs live and watch movies. 

The total weight of  SPA80000B is 12 kg, so users do not have to worry about moving it from one place to another. It also comes with a USB port with FM features for better connectivity. If you think with a lot of features it will take more energy then wait a moment as it only takes 50 watts for full power consumption. 

On the other hand, to give you Uber sound so far, its total audio usage is 120 watts. So, just buy one of the best home theaters from Philips for a lifetime of experience and enjoyment.


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