6 Best Brand of Kitchen Chimney [2021]

You can easily protect yourself against odors or watery eyes by using the best kitchen Chimney. The kitchen Chimney is useful as a great tool to rid the kitchen of harmful gases and heat. The kitchen Chimney makes a healthy air in the kitchen and it stays healthy. The chimneys are placed on top of the stove for quick evaporation. It then expels the outside vapor. This is why chimneys are installed in most modern kitchens these days.

Best Brand of Kitchen Chimney
Best Brand of Kitchen Chimney

However, these chimneys use a very high energy blower which is well-ventilated and provides fresh air in the kitchen. If you are ready to buy the best kitchen Chimney in India online, here is a perfect guide for you to learn more about. Go through the Guide to the Top 6 Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India to Find the Right Match in Your Kitchen!

Best Brand of Kitchen Chimney

1. Hindware 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

The perfect combination of smart technology and vision ideas is very useful product, Nevio. The Chimney allows comfortable cooking with your extraordinary suction power. The push button in the controlling area reduces this a bit, but its messy filter layering overtakes competitors.

Hindware comes in the category of wall mounted fireplace. Backed by a powerful motor, it cleanses all the dust and tiny oily particles that you can't see with open eyes.  

The fireplace is perfect for those who want a stylish blend in a very clean and modern kitchen. An added benefit of this is the electrical efficiency that saves money spent on electricity bills. There is a powerful motor with power saving feature.

2. Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney with Free Installation Kit

The Elica Kitchen Chimney is designed in such a way that it reduces cleaning time. Elica is one of the best chimney companies in India. Depending on the use, the intestine of the oil collector needs to be washed once a month. No extra effort is needed to clean the oil collectors. This kitchen fireplace enhances the look of the entire kitchen due to its elegant design.

It also comes with a trendy push-button control panel. This ensures easy access to all the features of the kitchen fireplace. This kitchen stays clean and fresh because it is easy to use. The Elika Kitchen Chimney blends in with excellent working value as well as in any kitchen style.

It provides continuous service without occupying a lot of space in the kitchen. Elica is strong. Due to its powerful performance, this device significantly discourages consumers. The suction capacity of this kitchen chimney is 1100 m ^ 3 / h. This kitchen chimney is energy efficient, less noisy as well as low maintenance. The 2 inbuilt LED lights of this kitchen appliance use 3 watts of convenient power.
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These lamps will be an issue when cooking. This durable kitchen is best served by the perfect design of the fireplace. It consumes less energy than other competitors. The manufacturer offers a 1 year warranty on this product as well as a 5 year warranty on the parts. This is the best chimney for Indian cooking.

3. Faber 60cm 1000 m3/hr Chimney (Hood Tratto Plus BK LTW 60, 2 Triple Layer Baffle

When it comes to the advancement of kitchen appliance technology, the Faber brand is a well-known brand worldwide. The Trattop Plus chimney's 3-way suction technology can free up dust in your kitchen forever.

Triple layer baffle filters are the cherries on the cake if you want to buy this fireplace with one of the best chimneys in the kitchen. 1000m3 is its suction power produced by a strong motor. The motor is also efficient at saving energy so with this chimney you are not only pollution free in your kitchen but also contributing to the energy cycle.
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Buffal filters are also suitable for removing oily and greasy particles, which is a common problem in Indian kitchens. Indian kitchens have a variety of spices that create this kind of dust and your kitchen can look messy. But the company offers three layers of filters that also reduce the frequency of chimney cleaning.

4. SUNFLAME 60cm 1100 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

The fireplace is functional to make the kitchen smokeless, and when the company is Sunflame, you get the stars embedded in the beauty of your kitchen. Its combination of charcoal and buffalo filters make it one of India's best chimneys.

Whether you're cooking soft food or helping with heavy frying or grilling, a chimney with suction power of 1000 cubic meters per hour will serve you well in any case. The company is trying to make things easier for us by getting touch control in the chimney.

In addition to the chimney, there are many other features that fall into the category of good or bad chimneys in terms of efficiency. If you are expecting to be a buyer for this chimney, you need to know about these issues. This does not mean that you will be entertained only by amusing words, you will be given illegal testimony.

5. Prestige 60cm 850 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Reputation, no doubt, is a trusted brand in all Indian homes. So when it comes to the Prestige kitchen chimney brand, it's no exception. Their range of kitchen hoods is designed to suit your kitchen needs. The AKH 600 CB-B series roof comes in a stylish high-quality heat resistant tempered glass and a fail-proof front panel. The U-section is made of high-quality mirror-finish that covers the suction pipe and housing. Feather touch controls add a stylish modern touch with digital display.

The turbo suction capacity of 850m ^ 3 / hour eliminates confusion, stains, whispers. The kitchen hood is fitted with stainless steel baffle filters for maximum airflow and noise-free functioning. Overall, the Establishment of AK600 CB-B has all the stand-out features and functional chimney functions you need for a great kitchen experience. The Prestige AK CB-B series is a top choice for creating a list of the best kitchen fireplace for you. Reputation, Best Chimney Brands offer a 2-year warranty on product and lifetime warranty on the motor.

6. Glen 60cm, 1000 m3/h Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

For over two decades, GLEN has been transforming kitchen appliances in India with innovative products and thoughtful features. Glen Hood Chimney 6071 E.C. Contains a black hard glass that not only ensures durability, safety, but also enhances the interior of your kitchen.

This product has a next-generation baffle filter that provides dynamic airflow and high performance. Advanced design ensures that the residue is stored separately without kneading the filter, which improves air flow. Power saving LED lamps are provided to illuminate the area of the gas stove for easy cooking.

Push button control helps you choose between three speeds and a hob light. This product has a powerful suction of 1000 m3 / hr which will remove all traces of smoke and fog within seconds.

All the materials used in this product are high quality as the motor has a thermal overload protector, housing, fan and all wiring flames are made of retardant plastic. This ensures utmost safety and long life. Unlike most kitchen chimney brands, Glen offers 1 year general and 7 year motor warranties.

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