8 Best Chrome Extensions For Productivity [SECURE INFORMATION]

Browser extensions can enhance your web browsing experience in many ways, from improving your online security to changing how the website you visit looks and feels.
Best Chrome Extensions For Productivity
Best Chrome Extensions For Productivity

They can improve your productivity, help you save money on purchases, or fix Chrome or Chrome issues that you visit regularly using a browser.

Extensions are grouped and links are provided so you can go directly to the category you are interested in.

Screenshots and descriptions are provided for each Chrome extension.

Google's Chrome browser has many powerful extensions to enhance and secure your browsing experience. If Chrome is your default browser, you should install the following four extensions to protect your online privacy:

Best Chrome Extensions For Productivity

1. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is a multipurpose extension and one of the most-rated screen video recorder and image commentary tools with over 2 million users in the Chrome Web Store. To ensure easy communication with your images, they offer premium features completely free of charge.

You can capture or record any selected area or all visible parts or the entire page; Comment any image with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines; Cut them, obscure them; Copy the screenshot and paste it on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter. And finally save to local, get a shareable link, one-click to upload with Google Drive support.

Free Download: Awesome Screenshot

2. Blur

Password Manager is required to ensure that all your login credentials are secure. There are many tools available to manage passwords available online, but the added security features make them seem the most secure. It does a perfect job of saving and managing your online passwords in an encrypted environment.

It also masks your credit card and billing information on the shopping site and allows you to make purchases online without providing your actual credit card or information. The spot tracking protection feature blocks all types of trackers. Notably, it also blocks trackers that do not rely on cookies, making them a better option than unsafe browsing.

Free Download : Blur

3. AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate is a free open source ad blocker that does not target corporate sponsors or vendors. As a result, it doesn't offer whitelisted or "acceptable" ads. The add-on banner removes ads, such as videos and pop-ups, while also blocking various online tracking tools. Users do not have the option to whitelist selected websites whose ads they want to support.

Free Download : AdBlocker Ultimate

4. SimilarSites

Find more relevant websites for your research and save time from Google
Open any site and click on the similarity extension that you will find in the list of all related sites and you can select and open in a new tab/window.
Example: It works according to YouTube's recommendations
Free and easy to use

Free Download: SimilarSites

5. Bitly

We all know how difficult it is to remember and share long URLs. Avoid this conflict a bit by optimizing for a while and more reasonable things in the URL.

This extension makes URLs much easier to share and remember. The Beatle extension allows you to do this all from your browser - without even going to their website.

There is Chrome's best add-on extension for slimming URLs. Bitly's Google Chrome extension is synced with your Bitly account. It makes it convenient for you to save content from your browser to your Bitly account.

Generate Bitly links and check Bitly Analytics to see how many people clicked on Bitly links with this add-on.

Free Download: Bitly

6. AdBlock

AdBlock does just as its name suggests, blocking annoying ads, popups, autoplay videos. It is an online ad-blocker that protects your privacy by blocking trackers. AdBlockis one of the best adblocking extensions for Chrome.

In addition, it improves page load speed by saving memory. AdBlock is the perfect extension for a hassle-free internet browsing experience.

Free Download: AdBlock

7. Speed Test

Check your internet speed (openspeedtest.com)
Get your ping time instant, download speed and speed up in seconds
Provides webspeed- “How fast websites load” very good service in seconds

Free Download: Speed Test

8. PureVPN

PureVPN protects your Internet security and privacy by hiding your IP address and masking your location. Using a VPN ensures that you can access any site on the web, regardless of any censorship or geo-restrictions on your site.

Free Download: PureVPN

Conclusion :
While these Chrome extensions are best for security and privacy, I still advise you not to download files, applications, software from any unknown source. Never save your credit card details in your browser even if they claim to be over-secure. So you can use this Chrome extension for security and privacy.

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